Feel better, heal better, live better — at home

Consumer-Directed Care that’s making a (measurable) difference

Healthier Patients

Fewer Hospitalizations

Lower Healthcare Costs

*Only 8.63% of FreedomCare consumers over 65 are hospitalized — compared to 43.2% nationwide.

(National Health Statistics Reports, 2015)

Patients feel better at home. We help them get better care at home.

Consumer-Directed Care is a Medicaid-funded program that allows consumers to hire their own caregivers: a daughter, son, relative, or previously hired aide.

Who we help:

Medicaid and Medicare patients who fall under chronic care management.

How we help:

Accessing this program is hard. We help families enroll quickly and easily, and get maximum support throughout.


hospitalization rate
(compared to 43.2%* nationally)


rehospitalization rate
(compared to 12.9%* nationally)


average days in a year
FreedomCare patients spend at home

We envision a world where strategically applied technology allows nearly every ill patient to stay home — while still getting outstanding medical care.

Our Vision

A world where chronically ill people enjoy a high quality of life — at home

The data is clear: hospitalizations are inextricably linked to poor health outcomes. And post-COVID, families have discovered this too: their loved ones stay healthiest at home.

We envision a world where vulnerable people don’t have to choose…

between health and happiness

between expertise and warmth

between positive health outcomes…and care from the people who love them most

To a great extent, our dream is already coming true.

The FreedomCare Reality 

Instant, hospital-grade medical support — 24/7/365

At the touch of a button, FreedomCare patients can meet with a board-certified geriatrician any time, any day on their phone — in 3.5 minutes or less.

No endless emergency room waits.

No generalist doctors or interns.

No needless exposure to germs.

Expert doctors — even if you’re far out

FreedomCare patients enjoy zero barriers to care:

No long commutes.

No ill-advised delays.

No lags or lapses in care.

Just instant access to experts.

Our model removes all geographical restrictions — changing the lives of rural-area (and less mobile) patients across the country.

Small problems are caught and treated faster…before they become big, costly problems.

Proactive Hospitalization Prevention

FreedomCare Actively Prevents Hospitalizations Through…

Comprehensive caregiver training

Because empowered caregivers give better care (and prevent serious health issues).

Engaging, easy-to-watch videos

Condition-specific training: dementia, wound management, diabetes, & more

Robust caregiver benefits

Because adverse socioeconomic conditions have been proven to impact care.

Our plethora of benefits lead to better care

The result:

  • fewer hospitalizations
  • lower costs

Patients love FreedomCare

because they get quality care from people who love them.

(No other agency in the US has more 5 star ratings.)

Insurance companies love FreedomCare

because their members get better care, stay healthier, and drive lower spending.

(In 2019 alone, we prevented 1,012 hospitalizations.)

We’re changing healthcare… and changing lives

For Patients:

  • Improved at-home care
  • Improved comfort & quality of life
  • Improved health and fewer complications

For Providers & Health Plans:

  • Improved STAR measures, CAHPS, & government reimbursement rates
  • Improved member experience & customer retention
  • Reduced downstream healthcare costs

We are changing the face of healthcare – and creating a better world in the process. 

Let’s keep the good work going, together.