Can FreedomCare improve your quality of life?

Hear it from the people who are living it.

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Why FreedomCare?

Your loved one needs support to take care of you.

That’s where we come in.

What FreedomCare Patients are saying…


“I’m comfortable”

Tania Hernandez

Bronx, NY

I was unhappy with the service I was getting from my home attendant. Now I’ve got a family member helping me, and I am so comfortable!


“Best program ever”

Patricia Charles

New York, NY

I’ve had aides in the past, but it always ended badly. This is one of the best programs ever. I’m so happy that my niece is helping me.


“A blessing”

Dorothy Zuniga

Brooklyn, NY

I have multiple sclerosis. After my second hospitalization, I realized I needed help. To have my best friend be here for me is a blessing. My caseworker, Ashley, is very helpful — I feel comfortable calling anytime. And having someone I trust work for me keeps my mind at ease.


"I’m gonna make 90"

Roberta Salley

Brooklyn, NY

I didn’t want an aide; I don’t get along well with strangers. My daughter knows me and loves me; she looks right past my attitude. With her as my aide, I think I’m gonna hit 90. You watch. I’m gonna be the first one in my family to make 90.

What FreedomCare Caregivers are saying…


“Her face lit up”

Nancy Reyes

Bronx, NY

I was in between jobs, looking for a new one. I thought: ‘What’s going to happen to my mom while I️’m at work all day? When I told her I’d be caring for her every day, her face lit up. It was a thrilling moment for me.


“Mom is getting stronger, and it feels so good”

Richard Branker

Long Island, NY

We brought in a couple of aides for my mother, but I could tell she wasn’t happy. Now I get to care for Mom daily — and she’s smiling and laughing. I feel really good, knowing she’s getting stronger each day.


“Returning the love”

Elizabeth Lajara

Brooklyn, NY

I’m returning all the love that my grandmother has given me for years.


“The smile on her face”

Veronica Candelaria

Brooklyn, NY

I see a smile on my mom’s face because she has a loved one taking care of her. It’s amazing how happy I can make someone feel.

“I don’t know if I have Medicaid, but I want in-home care. What should I do?”

Call 718-650-6611 now to reach a partner vendor who is committed to helping you get Medicaid. If all the intake reps are tied up, leave a voicemail — you’ll get a callback shortly.