Caregivers are hard-working people who have big hearts. They pour out compassion, empathy, and care on a daily basis and rarely receive the same level of care in return. If you have a caregiver in your life, chances are you’ve noticed their hard work, and you want to give something back to them to show them how much you appreciate their efforts!

Below are popular and unique gift items to show your caregiver how grateful you are for their long hours of care:

20 Gift Ideas for Caregivers

1. Stress Management Cards

Managing stress as a caregiver can be difficult, especially if the caregiver isn’t trained to handle stressful situations or if they are caring for a loved one. If you notice that a caregiver in your life is struggling with stress, a gift of stress management cards are a great way to show your support!

There are many different ways to cope with stress, and as experienced, long-term caregivers know, one of the most important skills they must have is the ability to manage stress. Stress management cards, such as these Stress Less cards, give caregivers a simple, quick resource for self-care. Because they’re compact, the Stress Less cards can easily be taken anywhere and are easy to use! Just pick a card or read through the entire pack to get more ideas for relaxation, coping with stressful events, and managing worries.

2. Full Body Portable & Cordless Massager

Caregivers often expend a lot of time and energy on the people they care for. They often forget to take care of themselves too. After they put all their heart into providing the best care for their clients, they often don’t have the energy to spend a lot of time on themselves too. With a full body portable and cordless massager, caregivers can easily take a little time during the day to work out any kinks or sore muscles, even while still making themselves available to care for their clients.

If a full body portable massager isn’t within your budget, something smaller like a pillow massager may be more manageable. Nevertheless, since caregivers get aches and pains too from all their hours of hard work, this is a compassionate gift for the caregiver in your life!

3. Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm

Organizing and distributing medicines for a client is one of the most important tasks a caregiver provides, but it’s also one of the most time-consuming and stressful. Because medication schedules can be complicated and they’re also essential, anything that can be done to support a caregiver’s ability to provide the right medicines to the patient at the right time is a valuable, stress-relieving gift.

An automatic pill dispenser not only dispenses pills at particular caregiver-set times, but it also has a built in alarm that notifies caregivers and clients that it’s time for medication. In addition, a good automatic pill dispenser has a safety lock to prevent accidents. This makes it safer not only for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, but also for young children who may be visiting.

4. Stress Balls

Though stress balls aren’t for everyone, many caregivers attest to the value of a stress ball in keeping them calm and focused during the day. Plus, it’s a great way to show a caregiver that you appreciate them and notice their effort, even if you have a very tight budget! Investing in something a bit more, like this stress ball that uses a bracelet-type string to make it easier to hold onto, will show that you put thought into the gift as well.

Stress balls are designed to help people work off stress, worry, anger, and other strong emotions that they may not be able to express in the moment. For caregivers, this is a particularly useful gift, since a caregiver often must refrain from active expressions of emotions like frustration or serious concern for a loved one.

5. Tote Bag

Plenty of caregivers, especially those with a tight budget, lack a good, reliable tote bag that can hold all their essentials (and then some). Getting the caregiver in your life a tote bag that is well-constructed and that has an inspiring caregiver message or design demonstrates to them that you notice and appreciate their hard work and that you want to support them as much as possible.

This tote bag is affordable and has a sound design. It also has an inspiring quote that is sure to warm the heart of the caregiver in your life!

6. Care Packages

Are you having trouble deciding on the perfect gift? Why not bundle together a group of things into a care package! There are pre-made care packages to choose from, or you can make your own that incorporates anything from delicious foods like popcorn, chocolates, and dried fruits and nuts to helpful personal care items like lotion or a stress ball. The options are nearly infinite when it comes to creating a thoughtful care package, so be creative and show your support!

Pre-packaged care packages like this vegan, health-conscious one that feature tasty foods are sure to be a fun treat for anyone, but especially for a caregiver after a long day!

7. Cozy and Functional Slippers

Slippers are underrated. No matter whether a person is lounging on the weekend during a movie marathon, wanting to avoid cold floors during winter, or just looking for a comfortable and practical solution to prevent toe-stubbing around the house, slippers are a great addition to any caregiver’s self-care repertoire. Even when caregivers are working hard, it’s important for them to have little things (like slippers!) that will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

These super comfy slippers have memory foam padding and a non-skid sole to make they extra durable and stable, and better yet for caregivers, they’re machine washable! They come in a few different colors and have a waffle knit exterior that is warm yet also breathable.

8. Monthly Subscriptions to Relevant Magazines

Magazines are one of the best sources of inspiration and support that caregivers receive. Special magazines that target caregivers provide useful tips, resources, and other materials that make caregiving simpler and easier. Giving the gift of a monthly subscription to a relevant magazine is wonderful because it will provide not only a source of support for the caregiver, but also a form of productive entertainment during the less active moments in the caregiver’s day.

Great publications like Today’s Caregiver or Alzheimer’s TODAY magazines offer targeted support and acknowledgment of all that caregivers do for their patients and loved ones. This is a particularly good gift to give if you’re not located particularly close to the caregiver you want to support since it can be given from anywhere in the world to someone located anywhere else in the world!

9. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another great gift to give from a distance, and they’re also a fantastic addition to care packages and other bundle-type gifts. There are many different gift cards out there, so you’ll have to consider what would be useful to the caregiver you’re supporting! A gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond or another similar self-care store may be appreciated by a caregiver who enjoys a little luxury in their care routine, but for other people, a more practical gift card to laundry services, grocery shopping, or something similar may be more important for them.

Other gift card options to consider include those that can be used by the caregiver to attend a favorite leisure activity, such as a yoga class, the movies, or a visit to their favorite restaurant. No matter what you choose to give to your caregiver, it’s sure to brighten their day!

10.  Extra Cash

For caregivers who are strapped for cash, sometimes the most useful, most supportive gift can be extra cash. Although it may not seem very interesting to you, to them it can mean the world! Extra cash can be used to buy whatever the caregiver needs. Whether they need some money to buy new clothing or they need it to pay the bills, or even if they need it to get themselves something related to self-care, this can be one of the best gifts depending on the situation.

The amount of cash that you give is of course up to you, but careful consideration of the caregiver’s situation and an amount that would legitimately be useful to them is important. A friendly, caring note and an attractive way of gifting the cash (like tying it up with a bow or putting it in a nice envelope) is a good way to complete the gift.

11.  Self-Care Products (Comfy PJs, Blanket, Massage Gift Cards, etc.)

Caregivers are notorious for giving so much of themselves to the people they love that they forget to take care of themselves too! Giving the gift of a self-care product will encourage the caregiver in your life to take just a few extra moments of “me time” during the day to rest and rejuvenate. And best of all, the variety of options for self-care gifts is incredible! Choose something simple like comfortable pajamas or a big fuzzy blanket to help the caregiver feel more comfortable at rest times. Or get something a bit different like essential oils and an infuser. In either case, your gift will be received with gratitude.

Check out these comfortable and practical pajamas for women, or this affordable essential oil kit! Some gifts can even benefit other members of the family too, which is something that caregivers are sure to notice and appreciate.

12.  Amazon Prime Membership

If you want to really amp up your caregiver’s ability to take care of their to-do list, get them an Amazon Prime Membership. With Amazon Prime, it’s possible to get free shipping, faster shipping times, special discounts on products, grocery delivery, and more! This membership will make it easier for your caregiver to get the things they need quickly and affordably. And, as an added bonus, Amazon Prime also comes with a streaming video service that features a substantial library of videos to peruse during leisure times.

Check out this link to learn more about what Amazon Prime has to offer and find out how to gift this amazing membership!

13.  Video Monitors to Help with Their Job

As a caregiver, it’s sometimes necessary to be able to check in on the patient regularly to make sure they are doing okay. Being able to look in and verify that things are as they should be without having to interrupt another task is a gift in and of itself. Video monitors are extremely practical and can take the pressure off caregivers when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of their patients.

With a video monitor, caregivers are able to do the dishes, fold the laundry, review finances, or rest with a book with the knowledge that their loved one is safe and secure in another room. They can look in from anywhere else in the home and see what’s going on! This video monitor is great for caregivers, since it has a built-in talk-back capability and night vision, among other great practical features.

14.  Pay for Lunch

Taking a caregiver out to lunch for a day is a good way to help them relax and focus their attention back on themselves. And, it’s even better if you take them to their favorite restaurant! Sometimes, all that’s needed is a few hours of time to think, talk, and eat amazing food in order for a caregiver to get the reset they need in order to go back to their even-important job with a renewed sense of purpose.

If you aren’t able to pay for lunch due to budget constraints, or if you just want to offer an even more personal gift, consider offering to take over lunchtime preparation for a day, or bring over some homemade meals for the caregiver! The offer of helping to cook for a day (or even just for one meal) will certainly be appreciated, and you’ll also get to feel good because you can know that you’re providing honest-to-goodness support for your caregiver.

15.  Offer to Help Out

There are many different ways to help out a caregiver, and depending on their unique situation, this gift can involve different things. Some caregivers would want nothing more than a day or a night off from their task list, while other caregivers would be grateful just for a bit of help with some household chores and activities. The important thing is to ask the caregiver what would be helpful to them and then be prepared to help in whatever way possible.

This is the best “gift” to give if you have budgetary constraints, but you really want to show your support for your caregiver, or for if you just want to go that extra step to be supportive.

16.   Water Bottle

This might seem to be a simple gift, but in reality, the gift of a water bottle can be extremely well-received! There are gallon water jugs like this one that encourage the caregiver to stay hydrated throughout the day, and make it infinitely easier to keep track and remember to drink plenty of water. Or, if your family caregiver enjoys tea, smoothies, or exercise, consider getting them this stainless steel water bottle with an inspiring message so that they can drink their favorite drink in style.

17.  Caregiver Log Book

Caregivers are usually swamped with task lists that include important doctor’s appointments and nurse visits, notes about medications, visits with family and other individuals, and other important matters, and keeping track of all these things in addition to caring for the patient can be overwhelming. Giving the caregiver in your life a special log book designed for caregivers can make their life more organized, and thus, less stressful.

This caregiver log book is specifically organized with all the note-taking and schedule-making sections that are helpful to caregivers. This is a thoughtful gift that will delight any caregiver in need of a way to organize their lives more effectively!

18.  Hobby Gift

Caregivers commonly leave behind their favorite hobbies in favor of providing quality care to their patients, and this lack of a hobby can take its toll on a caregiver’s sense of self. It can feel awkward to restart a former hobby after a lot of time away, but it can also be extremely productive and rejuvenating for caregivers who need a bit of time to themselves. Giving a gift that supports an existing hobby that the caregiver has, or a popular hobby that you believe they might enjoy, can be a fantastic way to support the caregiver’s continuing personal development.

Some hobby gifts to consider include a combo of a yoga mat and instructional yoga videos (which can be for both men and women), puzzles, books, a sketchpad and pencils, or something even more specific to the caregiver themselves.

19.  Notebooks for Journaling

Journaling is a great self-care activity for caregivers because it allows them to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe space that can be private and just for them. Journaling is perfect for working through uncomfortable emotions or thoughts, and can be just like talking to an old friend after the end of a long, tiring day of caregiving. With a few carefully selected pens and nice wrapping, a well-constructed, beautiful journal is an excellent caregiver gift.

This notebook for journaling is perfect for caregivers, with its sturdy construction and plenty of page space. It’ll stand up to anything. And, it’s beautifully designed with many colors to choose from, with various inspirational quotes written on the cover. This journal will let any caregiver express their inner sentiments while also being uplifted up by encouraging words.

20.   Farm Fresh Box or Other Food Subscription Service

Buying a subscription to a food service like Farm Fresh is not only a practical gift, but it’s also fun! Most food subscription services have some variability with what they send to subscribers each week or each month, so for the caregiver, it’s a little like getting a brand new gift every time they get a new box from the subscription service! Many caregivers prefer to make healthy food for themselves and the people they care for, so Farm Fresh is a great option, but there are also other subscription services to choose from.

For example, a caregiver who is also a tea connoisseur will love a subscription to Sips by, a company that offers a monthly box of unique, specialty teas! If you know a caregiver who adores healthy snacks and is always searching for the best healthy treat, try giving an Urthbox subscription.