Here is a guide for our CDPAP patients of the 5 Best Hospitals in NYC.


New York City is one of the most populous and largest cities in the USA. It also has many of the top hospitals in the country.


Because of the sheer amount of hospitals, it might get a little confusing knowing which one is best for your health needs.


From brain surgeries to any other kind of surgery to healthcare, you get all manner of top-notch medical services at these hospitals in NYC. Before you pick a specific hospital to check-in for an appointment with the doctor, you must be well-informed about its policies, services, ranking, and how good they are (reputation).


In this article, we will explore the five best hospitals in New York City, but before we go there, let’s discuss some criteria for picking the best five out of hundreds.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hospitals In NYC


Hospitals enable citizens to understand their health conditions and control them. Before visiting any hospital for a check-up, there are something’s you need to consider, and they include Safety Score, Facility appearance, Staff friendliness, Hospital reputation, and The Patients Experience. In this section, you will learn all you need to know about these criteria.


1.     Safety Score


The Hospital is a public place by nature; hence, patients and visitors can get infections without them knowing (what is known as nosocomial infections). A survey showed that one (1) out of every twenty (20) patients or visitors could contract hospital infections through touching of objects.


The safety score is a measure regarding the medical center’s death rate and readmission rate. These records are available for public access and can be downloaded over the internet.


However, a study carried out recently reports that high-ranking hospitals have the lowest score when it comes to hospitality and reception. That is why you should endeavor to consider this factor however elusive when choosing medical care.


2.     Facility Appearance


When visiting a medical center for the first time, either for rehabilitation or admission, most patients request a tour around the medical staff facility. The valuable exposure is to help patients feel comfortable with the environment while recuperating.


A patient often expects his/her caregiver to provide them with attention and comfort during their stay in the facility. In this case, hospitals with modern equipment have the upper hand due to the quality of their structure and displayed experience.


Who doesn’t want the best treatment? The five hospitals discussed below comprise high-quality types of equipment made available to improve patient care. If you require the best? Keep reading.


3.     Relationship with Staff


As a patient checking into a hospital, you hope for care that doesn’t sacrifice respect and your comfort. From the orderlies’ reaction to that of the receptionist, and then the doctors, patients are always on the lookout for any form of substandard treatment or disrespect.


Either way, the reception a patient gets from medical staff builds a long-lasting impression on their clients. The relationship that is established not only affects the patient countenance but may also play a role in patient recovery and compliance.


4.     Patient’s Personal Experience


After examining the criteria listed above, it all boils down to how and what you (as the patient or client) feels about the specified medical facilities.


Your personal experience refers to the required taste and comfort you think will be derived from the facility.


The significance of national ranking in a specialty is due to the ability of a hospital to excel in caring for the frailest, most medically complicated patients. There is a nationally ranking of top 50 hospitals in most departments which indicates they are recognized as high performing.


High-performing hospitals may still be rated locally, but it takes only the very best quality medical care to get a hospital nationally ranked.


This ranking pays severe consideration to the number of patients treated and the quality of medical care. So wherever you see a national ranking in this text, know it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Top Five Best Hospitals in New York City

After extensive research and checks, here are the top five (5) best medical facilities located in the city of New York. These hospitals pass the specified requirements listed above with flying colors and have been listed here as per rigorous research and scrutinizing.




  1. New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH)


The New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) Columbia and Cornell in New York is a large non-profit hospital located in New York. Its creation was a product of the merger between New York Hospital and The Presbyterian Hospital as far back as 1998.


Aside from being a non-profit medical facility, the Hospital is also the largest non-sectarian Hospital in the US.


The medical facility is well equipped and has 2,455+ beds for patients, over 6000 associated physicians, over 19000 employees. It receives more than 2 million patient visits yearly, which accounts for over 10% of the population of NYS.


The Hospital operates at five (5) important centers:


·   New York-Presbyterian Hospital

·   Weill Cornell Medical Center

·   New York-Presbyterian Hospital

·   Columbia University Medical Center

·   Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital,

·   Allen Pavilion

·   Westchester Division


The main features of NYPH include:


·   #1 hospital in NYC

·   It is a teaching hospital of two world-class medical schools

·   Ranked amongst the top 5 in the US

·   Over sixty medical services available

·   Eco-friendly facility


The NYPH ranked Number five (5) in the national ranking for the conditions listed below as regards adult specialty:


·   Nephrology #2

·   Neurology and Neurosurgery #3

·   Cardiology #4

·   Gynecology #4

·   Psychiatry #4

·   rheumatology #4

·   Orthopedics #5

·   Urology #5


NYPH has a long-standing reputation of medical innovation illustrated in carrying out the first successful pediatric heart transplant, Inventing the first pap smear test amongst others.


New York-Presbyterian Hospital has a high-performance score (5/5) as regarding clinical management of:


·   Aortic valve surgery

·   Heart bypass surgery

·   Knee replacement

·   Hip replacement

·   Lung cancer amongst others


As mentioned earlier, the Hospital has a well-equipped facility with top-notch inpatient, preventive care, and ambulatory services in all areas and sectors of Medicine.


NYPH utilizes new cutting-edge technological advancements such as:


·   MRI-guided linear accelerator (The MRIdian by ViewRay)

·   Nuclear Medicine

·   EOS machine

·   The DiLumen

·   CT scan

·   High-quality PET scan


Alongside their up-to-date equipment is their highly-trained and experienced professionals that remain passionate about providing the topmost quality health for their patients.


NYPH Continually adheres to practices that minimize power usage by 20% as a partner of a Better Buildings Challenge. NYPH has also reduced greenhouse emissions by 30% from 2005 to 2008 and 20% to date.


Thus, NYPH adopted the first Hospital-based co-generation plant in the Manhattan area, meaning the medical center generates above 60% of its electricity.


This intervention results in the advantageous less usage of environmentally harmful forms of electricity like nuclear power plants etc. which lead to the “Environmental Excellence Award” NYPH received from the Practice Green health acknowledging this hospital’s generosity of resources to improve the environment.


  1. NYU Langone Hospitals


NYU Langone is a non-profit medical health center that was founded in 1882 and by 1948 merged with New York University Medical Center.


This medical facility offers training programs on an interdisciplinary level for all introductory medical science courses in its health center.


NYU Langone contains the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center with top-rated oncology specialists and provides academic medical training of New York University medical students.


NYU Langone also comprises different hospitals such as the Hospital of Joint disease, Risk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital, NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital amongst others.


Main features of NYU Langone:


·   #2 Hospital in the NYC

·   Ranked amongst the top ten in the US

·   Nationally ranked in 15 Adult specialty

·   Receives about 37000 patients annually

·   High performing in 10 Procedures

·   Consists of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

·   Ranked nationally in 15 adult specialties


NYU Langone’s main facility is Tisch Hospital in Manhattan which also serves as the teaching hospital of NYU School of Medicine. The Hospital has a national ranking of #9 in the US and bases these rankings on the following adult specialties:


·   Orthopedics #5

·   Rheumatology #8

·   Geriatrics #10

·   Gastroenterology and GI Surgery #10

·   Geriatrics #10

·   Cardiology and Heart surgery #11

·   Diabetes and endocrinology #16

·   Cancer #19


NYU Langone Hospital has a high-performance score (5/5) as regarding clinical management of:


·   Abdominal aortic Aneurysm Repair

·   Colon cancer surgery

·   Knee and hip replacement surgery

·   Heart Bypass surgery

·   Heart failure


Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is a newly established children’s Hospital in New York. It has many child-friendly sculptures at its entrance making its environment more welcoming to families from home and abroad. HCH focuses mainly on acute care for persons below the age of 24.


The facility has a bed capacity of just over 100 with a wide variety of pediatric professionals in an environment that is conducive and designed for children. Such activities dedicated to children include an art room, a playroom, a studio room to foster creativity amongst others.


Each patient room has a user-friendly touch screen device known as “MyWall” which provides easy access to information and entertainment to improve patient’s stay further.


HCH is renowned for its application of robotics in patient care, having over 20 robots handling various tasks making more staff available to attend to more technical work.


If you are searching for a hospital that not only delivers expert care but also provides an environment that prioritizes your child’s comfort, this is the place for you.


Staffs of HCH are compassionate and patient, making them perfect for the care of young patients. The state-of-the-art environment designed to create an aesthetically pleasing scenery for children and make their time in the Hospital an enjoyable one.


Some of their pediatric services include:


·   Adolescent Medicine

·   Pediatric Nephrology

·   Pediatric Pulmonology

·   Pediatric Gastroenterology

·   Pediatric Cardiology

·   Pediatric Rheumatology amongst others


Each department in this facility have developed subspecialties, e.g. the orthopedic surgery department consists of:


·   Sports medicine

·   Spine surgery

·   Trauma and fracture surgery

·   Orthopedic Oncology

·   Foot and Ankle surgery

·   Adult recon

·   Constructive surgery, amongst others


Enhancement of patient care is brought through the utilization of telemedicine which has proven immensely necessary in recent times. NYU Langone Health app improves patient’s access to health care providers before a hospital visit.


Their modernized facility with well-trained professional staff will guarantee that you and your loved ones receive the best medical care you require.


It will also interest you to be aware that the bright minds that invented the polio vaccines graduated from NYU School of Medicine.


  1. Mount Sinai Hospitals


Mount Sinai Hospitals (MSI) is a teaching hospital located in the Harlem region of New York. The Hospital was first formed in 1852 and is one of the oldest and biggest facilities in the US when Mount Sinai Medical Center and Continuum Health Partners merged.


There are over 7000 physicians in the Mount Sinai Health System, with a bed capacity of over 300; Thus it is no surprise they were ranked 14th in the united states by the US News and World record.


Recent surveys report that the Hospital is well equipped, but faces issues regarding its reputation. However, the medical facility has shown it’s devotion to the preservation of human life and strength during casualty situations.


The Hospital recorded a birth rate of over 16,000 and was ranked 14th in the US. Also, Mount Sinai received recognition from AHA highlights for top quality treatment for stroke, heart failure, and heart attack.


Mount Sinai has not failed in showing us innovative medical procedures all through the years as in 2005, doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital performed the first-ever successful composite tracheal transplant. The first transplant of blood into the vein of a fetus was also carried out in this facility as far back as 1986.


Main features of Mount Sinai Hospital:


·   #3 hospital in NYC

·   High performing in 9 Procedures

·   Nationally ranked in 4 Paediatric specialty

·   Nationally ranked in 11 Adult specialty

·   Is a teaching hospital


Mount Sinai has newly established systems that ensure patients have a variety of clinical care specialties and treatments, as well as a vast array of facilities. They also offer a wide variety of expert patient care that cuts across addiction, adolescent Medicine, behavioral health, Dentistry, Spine, and stroke surgeries amongst others.


Mount Sinai Hospital has and 16 adult specialties some of which are:


·   Geriatrics #1

·   Diabetes and Endocrinology

·   Cardiac and Heart surgery

·   Gastroenterology and GI surgery

·   Gynecology

·   Ears nose Throat

·   Orthopedics

·   Nephrology

·   Oncology


MSH has a high-performance score (5/5) as regarding clinical management of;


·   Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

·   Colon cancer surgery

·   Hip replacement surgery

·   Lung cancer surgery

·   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


There are also ten pediatric specialties at this facility includes;


·   Neonatology

·   Pediatric Cancer

·   Pediatric cardiology and heart surgery

·   Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology

·   Gastroenterology and GI surgery

·   Pediatric Nephrology


Mount Sinai Hospital is renowned in NYC for its technology-based medical intervention and Updated biomedical imaging techniques that aim to better diagnose.


Some of the many implemented technology at this facility include:


·   Digital health tools

·   Machine learning to device improved treatment

·   AI and Digital usage in the study of pathology

·   Dose Net for treatment of Cancer

·   Minimally Invasive Cranial Access Device (MICAD)


The Health care professionals at this facility have continually taken exceptional care of their patients, making them the facility with the highest number of Inflammatory bowel disease patients treated in any other US hospital.


  1. North Shore University Hospital


North Shore University Hospital gets the number four (4) spot on our list of best hospitals in NYC and is a part of North well Health. The medical facility is located in the Massachusetts region of New York and was founded in the 1990s.


Key Features of North Shore University Hospital:


·   #4 in New York City

·   High performing in 9 procedures

·   High performing in 1 adult specialty

·   Nationally ranked in 9 adult specialty

·   It is a teaching hospital


Although it lacks a substantial amount of bed spaces, it makes up for with its quality of staff, reception, and comfort from the surrounding environs. The Hospital has proven it’s has specialized skills in neurosciences and has also introduced dedicated research centers all over NYC.


The Hospital has 838-bed spaces currently; it is the national rank of 14 because of medical specialties like:


·       Cancer

·       Cardiac and Heart surgery

·   Pulmonary and Lung surgery

·       Neurology and neuroscience

·       Diabetes and Endocrinology

·       Geriatrics

·       Orthopedics

·       Gynecology


North shore university hospital is well known for its services that range from advanced neurosurgical care to a nationally reputable heart program with a diverse organ transplant center.


  1. NYU Winthrop Hospital


NYU Winthrop Hospital is a non-profit teaching, research, and academic medical center located in the Mineola area, New York City. It was the first Hospital in Long Island founded in 1896.


This Hospital was initially called Nassau Hospital. In 2019, it was merged with NYU Langone hospital resulting in the change of name to NYU Winthrop Hospital


New York University Winthrop Hospital has 591-bed spaces and is a university-level academic medical center with 75 different specialty care.


Also, NYU Winthrop Hospital is one of the many healthcare facilities owned and managed by the NYU Lagone Health System. Currently, Lenox Hill Hospitals has a renowned institute esteemed for its potent contributions to the advancement of Medicine.


Key features of New York University Winthrop Hospital:


·   #5 hospital in NYC

·   Is a teaching hospital to a tuition-free school of Medicine

·   Nationally ranked in 8 Adult Specialties

·   High performing in 8 procedures

·   Nationally ranked in 1 children specialty


New York University Winthrop Hospital offers a comprehensive list of outpatient and inpatient care that ranges from geriatrics and obstetrics to pediatric care.


Here are some medical conditions that this medical health center ranked for:


·   Cancer (High Performing)

·   Cardiology & Heart Surgery #21

·   Diabetes & Endocrinology #35

·   Ear, Nose & Throat #24

·   Gastroenterology & GI Surgery #23

·   Geriatrics #38

·   Nephrology #40

·   Neurology & Neurosurgery and

·   Orthopedics #14


NYU Winthrop Hospital has a high-performance score (5/5) as regarding clinical management of:


·       Colon cancer and Lung cancer surgery

·       Heart valve surgery

·       Heart bypass surgery

·       Hip replacement

·       Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


NYU Winthrop Hospital stays on top of the latest technological advancements in Medicine including the following:


·   CT scan

·   Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

·   Therapeutic radiology

·   Cystoscopy amongst others


NYU Winthrop Hospital Children’s medical center is ranked #1 pediatric specialty in NY. It not only caters to the medical need of the upcoming generation but it

Also serves as a teaching hospital.


It consists of various areas of specialty such as Pediatric Pulmonology & lung surgery (Nationally ranked #42), Pediatric Urology amongst others


Final Words


New York City remains one of the largest cities in the whole of the US. Healthcare is a vital amenity required for citizens of a country to perform their daily activities without experience breakdown or weariness.


This article has listed the criterion for checking out the best hospitals capable of meeting your health requirements. These criteria are essential because they all consist of the patient’s final decision regarding the medical center.


For you to enjoy the best health care facilities, visit one of these facilities listed above, and you are sure to enjoy everything about them.