If you live in Pennsylvania, you might be on the hunt for an OBGYN that accepts Medicaid. It can be tricky to do this on your own, but we’re here to help. We’ll dive into a few of the OBGYNs in Pennsylvania that accept Medicaid.

What is an OBGYN?

Before we can talk about the OBGYNs in Pennsylvania that accept Medicaid, you need to know what an OBGYN is in the medical field. The letters are tossed around often, but not everybody knows what this professional does.


There are a few tasks that an OBGYN accomplishes. An obstetrician-gynecologist:


●     Assists with childbirth, menopause, and forms of birth control

●     Screens for certain types of cancer

●     Answers questions related to female reproductive health


An OBGYN cares for the female reproductive system, whether that’s a form of prenatal care or preventative screening for cervical cancer.


Now that you know more about what an obstetrician-gynecologist is, we can discuss some of the OBGYNs in Pennsylvania that accept Medicaid. There are a few options to choose from on this list that may work for different patients.

10 OBGYN in PA that Accept Medicaid

Let’s talk about ten of the OBGYNs in Pennsylvania that accept Medicaid. Each of these professionals provides different options for varying patients that exist on the market. Only you can decide which Medicaid-accepting OBGYN is best for you.

1. Ann M Freeman

200 Apple Street Suite 5 | Quakertown, Pennsylvania | 18951 | (484) 822-5250


Ann M Freeman is a professional with a degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, as well as an internship at St. Luke’s University Health Network.


She specializes in services such as:


●     Minimally Invasive Surgeries

●     Contraceptive Counseling

●     Routine Services for Women


These are just a few things offered by Ann M Freeman.


Ann M Freeman offers services covered by Medicaid. She’s a quality Pennsylvania OBGYN.

2. David J Hanes

200 Apple Street Suite 5 | Quakertown, Pennsylvania | 18951 | (484) 822-5250


David J Hanes is another reliable OBGYN that accepts Medicaid. Located in Quakertown, Dr. Hanes operates through the St Luke’s University Health Network with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.


This doctor specializes in items such as:


●     Minimally Invasive Surgeries

●     Contraceptive Counseling

●     Routine Services for Women


Dr. Hanes has many more services available.


If you’re located in the Quakertown area, David J Hanes may be the best choice for you. He’s a quality OBGYN.

3. Michael S Patriarco

240 Cetronia Road Suite 125 | South Allentown, Pennsylvania | 18104 | (484) 426-2670


Michael S Patriarco is a Medicaid-accepting OBGYN in South Allentown, Pennsylvania. He works through the St. Luke’s University Health Network to provide for patients.


Dr. Patriarco specializes in services such as:


●     Reproductive Surgical Procedures

●     Gynecologic Conditions

●     Women’s Health Analysis


He offers more than this for patients.


If you live in Allentown, Michael S Patriarco is an excellent choice. He’s been well-reviewed by all his patients.

4. Dr. Christopher B Gilbert

487 East Moorestown Road Suite 106 | Wind Gap, Pennsylvania | 18091 | (484) 526-7474


As another St. Luke’s specialist, Dr. Christopher B Gilbert offers excellent OBGYN care. He offers nearly twenty years of experience to potential clients.


He specializes in items such as:


●     Birth Assistance

●     Reproductive Care at All Ages

●     Preventative Care


There are abundant OBGYN care options here.


Those near Wind Gap have Dr. Gilbert as an option. He takes Medicaid for the care he provides.

5. Elizabeth K Lamb

4051 Freemansburg Avenue | Easton, Pennsylvania | 18045 | (484) 503-7474


Elizabeth K Lamb works through the St. Luke’s system in Easton, Pennsylvania. She’s another quality OBGYN with about twenty years of experience.


She specializes in services such as:


●     Minimally Invasive Surgeries

●     High-Risk Pregnancies

●     Pregnancy Care


Elizabeth K Lamb has expertise working with pregnant women of all ages.


Those who need an OBGYN in Easton will find Dr. Lamb is an excellent choice. She also takes Medicaid as an option.

6. Israel Zighelboim

1165 Centre Turnpike | Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania | 17961 | (272) 639-5130


Israel Zighelboim is a specialist in the St. Luke’s system, and he operates from Orwigsburg. He’s the chair of the OBGYN system and a clinical professor at Temple University.


He specializes in services such as:


●     Minimally Invasive Surgeries

●     Reproductive Cancers

●     Cancer Genetics


Dr. Zighelboim is an ideal choice if you need a specialized OBGYN.


If you’re in Orwigsburg, this specialist could be the choice for you. He accepts Medicaid as well.

7. Jorge E Tolosa

1251 Turnstone Drive | Fogelsville, Pennsylvania | 18051 | (484) 822-5153


Jorge E Tolosa works with the St. Luke’s University Health Network in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. He offers over twenty years of experience with several quality degrees.


Some of the things Jorge offers includes:


●     Adverse Pregnancy Prevention

●     Caring for Pregnancy Complications

●     Routine services for women


You can expect quality care with Dr. Tolosa.


If you live in the Fogelsville area, Jorge E Tolosa is an excellent OBGYN. He has enough experience to provide quality care to anyone.

8. Johnnie S Willis

306 South New Street Suite 301 | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | 18015 | (484) 526-7060


Johnnie S Willis operates through the St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He offers over thirty years of OBGYN experience.


Dr. Willis offers the following:


●     Baby Delivery

●     Pregnancy Care

●     Prenatal Care


Everything that has to do with the care of pregnant mothers is offered by Johnnie S Willis.


If you live in the Bethlehem area, Dr. Willis is an excellent choice. He takes Medicaid for his services.

9. Dr. Steven Sondheimer

3701 Market Street Suite 800 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 19104 | (215) 662-6100


Dr. Steven Sondheimer works through the Penn Medicine network and has frequently been recognized as one of America’s top doctors. He’s received thoughtful, positive reviews from various patients over his forty years of experience.


Dr. Steven Sondheimer specializes in services such as:


●     In Vitro Fertilization

●     Assisted Reproductive Technology

●     Embryo Transfer


He’s an expert at what he does.


Dr. Steven Sondheimer is one of the best doctors that offers Medicaid for his services. Those in the Philly area have him as a close option.

10. Dr. Robert J Winn

11 South 11th Street | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 19107 | (215) 955-6000


Last is Dr. Robert J Winn. This professional is a family doctor with over fifteen years of experience who prioritizes quality, affordable health care for his patients. His patients receive quality care with ample time to feel like their visit was worth it.


Some of his specialties include:


●     Personalized care for each woman

●     Open communication with patients

●     Treatment of female reproductive health


There’s lots more Dr. Robert J Winn offers.


If you live in the Philly area, Dr. Winn is an excellent Medicaid-accepting OBGYN for all your care.

To Conclude

Having a solid OBGYN covered by your insurance is vital for health. As a woman in Pennsylvania, you can feel safe picking one of these for your future care.