Having a loved one with cancer is devastating. However, a dedicated CDPAP caregiver brings you some peace. No matter how painful it is, the caregiver manages to make it a bit easier by taking care of your loved one’s needs while helping you navigate your emotions.

You can show your appreciation by giving a gift. First, go over the do’s and don’ts of cancer caregiver gifting. Then, get some gift ideas.

Do’s and Don’ts of Caregiver Gifting

There are some do’s and don’ts to consider when giving a gift to a cancer caregiver. First, let’s check out the do’s.

Be Thoughtful

If your loved one has cancer, you likely spend lots of time with the caregiver. Over the days or weeks, you’ve already learned quite a bit about each other. Use your knowledge to find a thoughtful gift the caregiver will love.

Show You Listen

Has the caregiver mentioned something he or she would love to do or have? You can show you listen by providing a gift that meets that specific need or desire. Caregivers often don’t feel heard, so this will go a long way in showing how much you care.

Include a Note

Don’t let the gift speak for itself. Include a handwritten note that explains your appreciation for the caregiver’s hard work. The note should be personal and thoughtful and include specific information that shows your appreciation.

Don’t Give Something That Requires Extra Work

Your loved one’s caregiver already has a busy schedule. Thus, a thoughtful gift might go unused if it requires extra work. For example, the caregiver might love the idea of getting a new desk but doesn’t have the time to put it together.

Don’t Give Something That Affects the Patient’s Health

Your loved one spends numerous hours with the caregiver each week. Thus, you need to choose a gift that won’t impact your loved one’s health. Heavily scented items can be too much to bear after chemotherapy or radiation, so keep that in mind when choosing a gift.

Don’t Give Something That Takes Too Much Time

Time is in short supply for caregivers. Thus, don’t give a gift that will take up too much time, or it might not get used.

For instance, you might want to give the caregiver a vacation. That’s a lovely idea, but the person might not be able to take time off. Before making plans that will take the caregiver away from work, discuss them first.

Now, let’s look at some acts of service gift ideas.

Acts of Service Gifts

Your loved one’s caregiver is so busy with her duties that he or she might be lacking in self-care. That’s why acts of service gifts are so popular for caregivers. Let’s take a closer look, starting with laundry help.

Laundry Help

Did you know that caregivers spend an average of 13 days each month on laundry, preparing food, and other household chores? With that much time dedicated to tasks, it can be easy to get behind.

Some tasks can be pushed to the side, but laundry isn’t one of them. If the caregiver gets too far behind, he or she won’t be able to provide clean bedding and clothing. You can step in and help as an act of service. The caregiver is sure to appreciate this greatly.

Food Shopping

Food shopping is another constant item on a caregiver’s to-do list. Trips to and from the grocery store add up, but you can help. Offer to step in and go to the grocery store for the caregiver. This will be a huge time saver and allow the provider to take care of other tasks, including spending more time with your loved one.

Prepped Meals

If you like to cook, you can prepare a meal as an act of service. Handling the cooking for the night can save the caregiver hours of time.

If you aren’t the cooking type, you can order a meal from a delivery service instead. It doesn’t matter if you make the food or outsource the task. A hot meal will put a smile on the caregiver’s face either way.

Time Off

Caring for a patient with cancer is emotionally and physically draining. Even if the caregiver works part-time, he or she can benefit from a break from time to time. If possible, step in for a shift. However, if that’s not possible, consider taking over for an hour or two so the caregiver can get a break.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If the caregiver is living with your loved one, he or she might have trouble sleeping. It’s hard for a caregiver to sleep soundly when the patient might get up. They feel like they need to be ready at all times, so they tend to be light sleepers.

Fortunately, you can give the gift of a good night’s sleep by adding some products to the home. Consider installing floor-mat alarms, motion sensor alarms, and other technology. Then, if the patient gets up, the caregiver will be notified. That will make it much easier for the caregiver to relax.

Would you prefer to give a physical gift? Check out some of the top physical gift ideas for cancer caregivers.

Physical Gifts

You can give your loved one’s caregiver a thoughtful physical gift. First, consider gifting a journal.


Caregivers are constantly handling people’s physical and emotional needs. Often, they don’t get enough time to process their emotional responses, which can cause them to burn out. Thus, a journal is an excellent gift for a caregiver.

Since caregivers tend to be busy, consider a five-minute journal. Each page has a new writing prompt for the caregiver to use. Five-minute journals are designed to increase happiness and positivity, which are both important to caregivers. Plus, these journals alleviate stress and improve emotional well-being.

Gift Cards

Has the caregiver talked about a favorite place to shop or eat? Maybe he or she has spoken of a love for the movies or a nearby attraction. Think about the caregiver’s favorite places, and then get a gift card. This will show the caregiver that you pay attention and appreciate the work he or she does.

Personalized Gift

You can also show your appreciation with a personalized gift such as a custom tote bag or a personalized water bottle. You can find a gift that includes a poem or expression of gratitude. Then, you can personalize it with the caregiver’s name to show how much you care.

A Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscriptions are another fantastic way to show your appreciation. You can choose from a multitude of services that offer snacks, magazines, books, beauty supplies, and more. Then, the caregiver will get items delivered each month.

Amazon Prime Membership

Caregivers are often on tight budgets, so every penny counts. You can help the caregiver save money by giving an Amazon Prime membership. Then, the caregiver can get free shipping and discounts on items. This can help the caregiver save on all the essentials, plus extras.

In addition, the membership comes with a video streaming library, so the membership will provide entertainment, too. The caregiver in your life is sure to love this gift.

Self-care Package

Cancer caregivers are on their feet throughout the day and work hard. Thus, a little self-care can go a long way. Consider creating a self-care package so the caregiver can relax at the end of the day.

First, think about the type of items that the caregiver loves. Then, gather up some items for the gift. Some ideas include:

·        Foot massager

·        Warm blanket

·        Robe

·        Pajamas

·        Tea set

You can include as many items as you want. Then, wrap them up and give them to the cancer caregiver.

Book or Movie

Books and movies are powerful stress relievers. It’s easy for the outside world to melt away when engrossed in a thrilling novel or film. Thus, you can give an emotional escape by gifting a book or a movie.

If you’ve discussed books and movies, you’ll have a good starting point for selecting a title. If not, match a book or movie to the caregiver’s personality. Keep in mind that caregiving is emotionally taxing, so a funny book or movie is ideal.

A Massage

Your loved one’s caregiver likely has lots of aches and pains from all the hard work. Those discomforts will melt away with a massage. Book a massage for the caregiver so he or she can relax the afternoon away. Don’t be surprised if the caregiver looks refreshed and rejuvenated at your next meeting.

If the caregiver doesn’t like in-person massages, you can get a cordless massager instead. The massager is portable, so the caregiver can take it to work. Then, he or she can use it during the day when experiencing sore muscles.

Choose Something the Caregiver Will Love

Your loved one’s caregiver is sure to love these gifts. Go through the list a few times, keeping the caregiver in mind. Then, pick out something that will show your appreciation.