If you are looking to become a CDS caregiver in Missouri, you are sure to have some questions about the job. Below we have found the answers to some of the most common questions about being a CDS caregiver in Missouri. Some of the questions we answer below are what is a CDS caregiver, what is the average salary of a CDS caregiver in Missouri, and how can a CDS caregiver be paid.


What is a CDS caregiver?

A CDS caregiver is someone who belongs in a family who cares for another person in that family for payment. Essentially a CDS caregiver is someone who’s involved in a Medicaid program that allows family members to be hired as caregivers for other family members.


A CDS caregiver is usually used in times when there is a sick or injured family member who needs support. Or when a family member needs highly particular care that is only known by family members.


How can a CDS caregiver be paid?

A CDS caregiver can be paid in many different ways. The first way to pay CDS caregivers is through Medicaid. Being a CDS caregiver is a Medicaid program, so it only makes sense that you would be paid through Medicaid. Another way that you can be paid is through long-term insurance.


The only thing about being paid through long-term insurance is that you have to be on the same insurance plan for the duration of the care. There can also be other complications within the long-term insurance payments if the insurance of the patient and the insurance of the caregiver do not always line up or agree on policies.


Private pay is another way that CDS caregivers can get paid. Receiving private pay means many different things depending on the family, the type of care being given, and the relationship. Private pay is a very common method to pay CDS caregivers because it’s more personal and involves less corporate involvement, which can be tricky for a family to manage on their own.


Workers’ comp is another way that CDS caregivers can be paid. It is important to look into this one from a logistical standpoint as well, and explore all the options when it comes to workers’ comp. Lastly, veterans benefits are another way that CDS caregivers can be paid for their services.


What is the average salary for a caregiver in Missouri?

The average pay for any caregiver will differ based on the city and state That the patient and caregiver are living in. In Missouri, the average pay for a CDS caregiver is $12.53 per hour. This will change depending on the economy, living wages in your city and state, as well as the wealth or corporation that is paying the caregiver.


If you are looking to become a CDS caregiver full-time in Missouri, you may want to fight for a more livable wage than $12.53 an hour. Being a CDS caregiver is a challenging job and is not for the faint of heart. The workers deserve to be paid fairly for their time and efforts.


How to become a CDS caregiver in Missouri

If you are thinking about becoming a CVS caregiver in Missouri, then you should check out Freedomcare Missouri. This website will give you the rundown on what you need to know to become a CDS caregiver in Missouri.


Some of the highlights include who can be a caregiver, and who can be a patient. It also explains age restrictions, citizenship rules, living arrangements, and other legal aspects such as the power of attorney and health proxy situations.


Freedomcare Missouri also discusses issues such as the patient already having a home attendant, but somebody wanting to fill in as a CDS caregiver.


To summarize most of what Freedom care explains, anyone who is a son, daughter, grandchild, relative, friend, or existing in-home attendant can be a CDS caregiver in Missouri. The rules state that you cannot be the CDS caregiver of your legal spouse or your parent if you are under the age of 21 years old.


Freedomcare explains that as long as the patient is on Medicaid and lives in the area, then the patient will typically qualify for needing a CDS caregiver, and the caregiver will typically qualify as well. It is very important to note that in this Medicaid Program, legal spouses cannot serve as CDS caregivers for each other.


One of the requirements is that you must be 18 years or older to serve as a CDS caregiver for a family member. Another aspect of being a CDS caregiver in Missouri is that consumers, (AKA the people receiving care from caregivers,) and caregivers can reside in the same home. So for example, if you are the caregiver for your mother and you live in the same home, that is permitted!


When it comes to some of the more legal aspects of being a caregiver in Missouri, there are certain restrictions. When it comes to the power of attorney and health proxy ship, there are conditions and rules. If you want to become a caregiver for a family member but you hold the power of attorney and are their Health proxy, then you are not allowed to become their caregiver through CDS.


If the person receiving care has a home attendant already, but you want to work some hours each week, that is also permitted. The only requirement is that the aide who was already helping the patient needs to join CDS and become a part of the program.


To become a caregiver, you do not need to have any certifications or prior training. You just need to be a person who is of a healthy body and mind and fully capable of taking care of a person who you love.


If you have a misdemeanor on your record, you can still be called qualified to become a caregiver. This is looked at on a case-by-case basis, and not every misdemeanor disqualifies you from becoming a CDS caregiver.