Are you thinking about stepping into the role of a caregiver? First, you must undergo training. You can choose online training to become a caregiver or get personalized training as a PCS Personal Care Aide.

First, let’s go over the top online courses for caregivers. Then, you’ll learn more about training to become a PCS Personal Care Aide.

The 40 Best Courses for Caregivers

The internet is full of training courses for elderly caregivers, but 40 stand out. These courses provide ample information to help you excel as a caregiver. Get the details on the top online courses.

1. American Caregiver Association: National Caregiver Certification Course

As a national accrediting and certifying organization, the American Caregiver Association is an excellent choice when selecting a training program. Its National Caregiver Certification Course is the most popular of its offerings and covers behavior management, personal care, and other core topics.

Top Features

• 120 hours of in-class credit

• Self-study at your own pace

• Free exam retakes

• Certification and entry into the National Caregiver Registry upon completion

Price: $99

2. Relias Academy – Care Core Certification

Countless health care providers turn to the Relias Academy to earn continuing education credits. The academy also provides caregiver training, including its Care Core Certification course. This course covers the core topics you need to know to start a career as a caregiver or care for a family member.

Top Features

• 10 classes that are 0.50-2.00 hours each

• Modules cover abuse and neglect, infection prevention, aging systems, and more

• Classes available for purchase separately as well

Price: $49

3. Caregiver Training University – Basic Training for Caregivers

If you are new to caregiving, Caregiverlist’s Basic Training for Caregivers course will help you get started. This course was designed to meet the orientation training requirement for most states. Because of that, it’s a good starting point if you want to get a job at a facility.

Top Features

• An eight-hour course can be completed in 10 hours when including reading and studying

• Courses customized based on your state of residence

• Courses cover duties of a caregiver, providing personal care, promoting and maintaining mobility, infection control, basic first aid, and more

• Print certificate at home after completing the class

Price: $59

4. In the Know – 8-Hour Non-Medical Caregiver Certification Series

The 8-Hour Non-Medical Caregiver Certification Series from In the Know is ideal if you want to provide companionship and personal care for a loved one. This series will teach you the skills needed to help your loved one stay at home longer.

Top Features

• 11 courses total

• Topics include helping with ADLs and IADLs, guarding against patient neglect, and providing patient-centered care

• Receive a certificate after successfully completing the course

Price: $34

5. Alison – Introduction to Caregiving

Whether you are new to caregiving or need to brush up on your skills, the Introduction to Caregiving Course can help. This course covers the fundamentals of caregiving in the first module and fundamental skills in the second module. Then, you will complete an end-of-course assessment in the third module.

Top Features

• 12 topics in three modules

• Takes 1.5-3 hours to complete

• Take notes and set study reminders inside of the training program

• Alison will email study reminders to you after you set them up

Price: Free

6. Penn Foster – Personal Caregiver Skills Certificate

Penn Foster started as an international correspondence school in 1890 and later went on to offer certificate and degree programs. Its Personal Caregiver Skills Certificate program includes all the training you’ll need to care for a family member. Because Penn Foster is a college, you will receive support from instructors and the student community as you navigate the course. If you’re looking for a more traditional program that’s still offered online, this is a good fit.

Top Features

• Can be completed in two months

• Covers important topics such as administering prescribed treatments, assisting with ADLs, reacting to emergency situations, and ethics

• Access to the Student Portal and Penn Foster community

• Receive a certificate at the end of the course

Price: $299 in full or monthly payments totaling $329

7. U.S. Career Institute – Online Caregiver School

You can move at your own pace while receiving important training when you attend the Online Caregiver School. The lessons are easy to follow, with step-by-step information and illustrations. The information learned in this course can be used to serve as a caregiver, personal care assistant, or home health aide.

Top Features

• Complete the course in as little as two months

• Covers basic topics, as well as psychology, vital signs, specimens, and medication

• Students receive a first aid supplement and career starter guide

Price: $485 or $59 a month for a total of $535

8. Generations Home Care – Family Learning Center Online Training

The Family Learning Center’s Online Training is an excellent choice if you want to step into the role of a caregiver for a family member. The video series contains relevant information for the various situations you’ll encounter as a caregiver. It’s easy to understand, and you can quickly find what you need.

Top Features

• More than 40 hours of free videos

• Videos are available in English and Spanish

• Includes videos on caregiver basics, medical concerns, first aid, memory care, and more

Price: Free

9. Universal Class – Online Class: Caring for Seniors

This Caring for Seniors course was designed for people who want to care for aging parents or other loved ones. The materials will teach you how to care for your loved one, as well as yourself. In addition, you’ll get vital information for addressing the challenges you’ll face to ensure that you and your loved one have the best experience possible.

Top Features

• Watch HD video or print the lessons

• Access lessons using a computer, tablet, or smartphone

• Complete the course in six months

• Topics include day-to-day challenges, medication schedules, safe transfers, behavior problems, and more

Price: $70 or $90 with CEU Certification

10. Alison – Diploma in Caregiving

Do you want to learn about the ethical and legal issues that caregivers face? This Diploma in Caregiving course addresses that and will help you develop the skills needed to provide stellar care. It also covers documentation, reporting, organizational skills, and more. The free course has nine modules and takes 6-10 hours to complete.

Top Features

• Get access to additional resources inside of the course

• Take notes and set up study reminders inside of the course

• Get a digital, physical, or framed diploma at the end of the program

Price: Free

11. Udemy – Caregiver Support Services Training

Udemy is a leading site for various types of training, including caregiving. The Caregiver Support Services Training is highly rated, with 4.9 stars. This course will teach you about aging, diseases, acute and chronic illnesses, and more so you can provide high-level care.

Top Features

• 28 short lectures totaling 38 minutes

• 15 sections that cover various topics

• Topics include mobility, normal aging, digestion, neurological changes, and empowerment for seniors

• Quiz at the end of course

• 30-day money-back guarantee

Price: $14.99

12. Blackstone Career Institute – Personal Caregiver Certificate Program


Blackstone Career Institute is based in Pennsylvania and offers home study and distance learning programs, including the Personal Caregiver certificate course. You will learn skills you can use in a care facility or when caring for a loved one at home. The course was developed for people who are starting out as caregivers.

Top Features

• Get up to six months to complete the course

• E-textbooks and online study guides provided

• Students can contact the instructor with questions

• Lessons include managing the home environment, professional development, ethics, preventing infections, and special needs of clients

Price: $649 or $59 a month for 10 months

13. QC Wellness Studies – Professional Caregiving Course

QC Wellness Studies is an online school that provides wellness training. The Professional Caregiver Course teaches basic skills and will also tell you how to run your own caregiving business if you wish. Plus, you’ll learn how to manage your own emotional and physical health while caring for others.

Top Features

• Self-paced and self-directed

• Includes online books and guides

• Personalized feedback from your tutor

• Topics include client scenarios, technical skills, working as a caregiver, and working with clients

• Certification provided upon completion

Price: $748 or $48 down and $50/month for 18 months

14. HealthCare Interactive – Savvy Caregiver Program for Families

Developed with researchers from Duke University, Emory University, and other institutions and recognized by the U.S. Administration on Aging/Administration on Community Living, the Savvy Caregiver Program is considered one of the best in the country. This program was designed to help people caring for loved ones with dementia. You’ll learn the tools necessary to provide outstanding care while also reducing your personal stress.

Top Features

• Includes a 4-DVD set, Caregiver’s Manual, and Savvy Caregiver worksheets

• Videos of real people sharing information about the caregiving experience

• Teaches strategies to respond to the changing needs of dementia patients

Price: $49

15. American Caregiver Association – Advanced National Caregiver Certification Course

New and experienced caregivers can take the Advanced National Caregiver Certification Course from the American Caregiver Association. It contains all the information provided in the National Caregiver Certification Course, but it goes into greater depth. Plus, it covers some additional topics.

Top Features

• 200 hours of in-course credit

• Lessons that challenge new and experienced caregivers

• Certification at the end of the course

Price: $119

16. Relias Academy – Caregiver Conduct – Regulations, Co-workers and Families

You learn how to comply with the rules and guidelines of caregiving in this Caregiver Conduct – Regulations, Co-Workers, and Families course. This course is ideal if you’re going to work in a facility. It provides essential information for working with family members when providing care for their loved ones.

Top Features

• One hour in length

• Sharon Brothers, MSW, uses her 30 years of experience to provide instruction during the course

• Explains the duties you are and aren’t allowed to do as a caregiver

Price: $20

17. ElderHelp – Family Caregiving Courses

Transitioning into a role as a family caregiver is challenging, but the Helping Families Care for Loved Ones course can help. The course has five modules that go over caregiving, as well as how to take care of yourself while providing care for others. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to provide care without suffering burnout.

Top Features

• Modules cover your role as a caregiver, family-centered caregiving, self-care, balancing work and caregiving, and dementia care

• Learn how to develop a caregiver needs assessment and action plan

• Get access to worksheets and tools to help you transition to the role of a caregiver

Price: Free

18. Caregiver Cloud – Online Healthcare Training Courses

Organizations can register for Online Healthcare Training Courses from Caregiver Cloud. There are over 250 courses available, and students have access to a dashboard with courses, subjects, and more. Students can also keep track of exams in the dashboard.

Top Features

• Topics include ADLs, ambulation and transfers, basic skills, behavior, clinical skills, and more

• Courses can be used to complete continuing education credits

• Professional Nurse Educators created the courses

• Can be accessed on computers and mobile devices

Price: Varies

19. CareAcademy – Online Caregiver Training for Agencies

Agencies can also sign up for a membership with CareAcademy. The academy offers various classes, including core compliance classes, chronic condition training, and advanced training. The classes help new and experienced caregivers cultivate new skills.

Top Features

• Over 230 state-approved courses and resources

• Video training available for non-medical caregivers, home health aides, and others

• Option to add dementia care training

• Earn certificates for completed courses

Price: Packages for $109, $229, and $399/month

20. Alison – Introduction to Caregiving

Price: Free

The Introduction to Caregiving Course is a fantastic starting point if you’re new to caregiving. You’ll learn essential skills to help you provide the best care possible. The course contains three modules and covers the fundamental skills needed. You will complete an assessment at the end to earn your certification.

Top Features

• Takes 1.5-3 hours to complete

• Take notes and schedule studying reminders inside the online system

• Download notes to study offline

• Must earn an 80 percent or higher on the assessment to receive certification

21. Relias Academy – Caregiving 101: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Good communication is vital when serving as a caregiver. The Caregiving 101: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication course will help you develop strong communication skills. These skills will help you build trust with the patient while ensuring you meet his or her needs.

Top Features

• Takes 0.75 hours to complete

• Identify barriers to communication

• Learn how to communicate with visually impaired patients

Price: $19.95

22. Alison – Caregiving Skills – Dementia Care

It takes special skills to care for a loved one with dementia. The Caregiving Skills – Dementia Care course will help you care for your loved one in the early, middle, and late stages of dementia. You will walk away with a better understanding of the disease and what you can do to help.

Top Features

• Takes 1.5-3 hours to complete

• Modules cover the signs of dementia and working with clients with dementia

• Score an 80 percent or higher on the assessment at the end of the course to earn certification

Price: Free

23. Relias Academy – Duties of the Unlicensed Caregiver

If you have a loved one who needs care, you might step into the role of an unlicensed caregiver. This course goes over the expectations for unlicensed caregivers and helps you develop strategies to use for caring for your family member. These skills will provide the foundation you need to excel in your new role.

Top Features

• Takes 0.75 hours to complete

• Contains four modules that cover your role, duties, boundaries, and other topics

• Explains common duties, but you are responsible for finding the specific guidelines for your state of residence

Price: $15

24. National Certification Board for Alzheimer & Aging Care – Alzheimer Caregiver Course

The National Certification Board for Alzheimer & Aging Care provides standardized certification exams based on the certification/licensure model used in the health care field. The independent national board is viewed as the gold standard for certification exams for providers in dementia care and now offers an Alzheimer Caregiver Course. The course has 10 modules full of information, and each one has a quiz to ensure that you are on track.

Top Features

• Modules include case examples, color slides with animation, and voice-over narration

• Includes a Reference Guide and Glossary of Terms

• Receive CAC certification upon passing the exam

Price: $264 (includes CAC exam)

25. Relias Academy – Dementia Care Series: The Montessori Approach

If your loved one has dementia, he or she is gradually becoming less and less connected to the exterior environment. You can help your loved one rediscover positive emotions and form a connection to the outside world with this training. The class includes five courses that focus on the Montessori Approach to dementia care. You’ll also learn important information about the stages and types of dementia.

Top Features

• Courses cover the Montessori Approach, memory and dementia, communication, difficult behavior, and physiological aging

• Courses range from 0.50-1 hour

• Non-licensed direct care professionals and CNAs can earn up to 3.75 hours of continuing education credit

Price: $99

26. Alzheimer’s Association – Programs for Caregivers

The Alzheimer’s Association is leading the charge in Alzheimer’s research, support, and care. It also offers free educational programs and resources. Many of the programs are geared toward caregivers and will help you understand the disease and how to care for your loved one.

Top Features

• Videos feature caregivers and professionals

• Topics include communication strategies, legal and financial planning, and caregiving during each stage of Alzheimer’s

• Most videos are under two minutes long

Price: Free

27. Relias Academy – Caregiving 101: How to Engage: Activities and Activities of Daily Living

Knowing how to engage clients is the key to assessing their interest levels and abilities to participate in activities and ADLs. This course will teach you how to take a patient-centered approach to planning and engaging in activities. You’ll learn how to meet clients where they are and provide assistance as they need, based on their preferences and needs.

Top Features

• Takes 1.25 hours to complete

• Learn how to use a Personal History Form and lesson plan and assess functional levels

• Find out how to incorporate leisure activities into your patient’s routine

Price: $19.95

28. myCNAJobs – Caregiver Certification

myCNAJobs offers an assortment of free caregiver training programs. You can learn everything from the fundamentals of caregiving to patient rights. After completing the courses, you can obtain your certification. This can help you get a job at a facility if you wish.

Top Features

• 11 courses available

• Go at your own pace

• Topics include fundamentals, confidentially, ADLs, nutrition, infections, fall prevention, and more

• Certification available

Price: Free

29. UCLA Health – UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program

UCLA is considered one of the top institutions in the country. It also sits near the top when it comes to providing caregiving training. The free Caregiver Training Videos provide insights into Alzheimer’s and dementia care. The videos cover a wealth of topics, including repetitive questions, wandering, sundowning, and aggressive behaviors.

Top Features

• Provides practical strategies for caring for a loved one with dementia

• Videos available in English and Spanish

• Subtitles available in various languages

Price: Free

30. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing – Living with Dementia: Impact on Individuals, Caregivers, Communities and Societies

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is one of the top programs in the country. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranked it as the top master’s nursing program in the United States in 2021.  The school of nursing also provides a massive open online class to help people caring for loved ones with neurocognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s.

Top Features

• Five-week course with five modules

• Three to five hours of work for each module

• Modules cover the brain, the person, the home and family environment, the caregiving community, and social and policy changes

Price: Free or $49 to receive a certificate

31. Udemy – Essential Skills for Family Caregivers

Starting out as a family caregiver can be overwhelming. This course teaches basic skills that will make the transition much easier. The course will also teach you how to manage the stress you’ll experience while caring for your loved one.

Top Features

• 13 lectures that total 32 minutes

• Topics include infection control, personal care, transporting seniors, nutrition, communication, and burnout

• No prior knowledge necessary

Price: Free

32. Higher Standards Caregiver Training – Individual Caregiver Membership

Transferring your loved one will be one of the biggest challenges you’ll experience as a caregiver. However, you can get all the training you need with a membership to Higher Standards Caregiver Training. Your membership will give you access to all the courses and updates.

Top Features

• Courses include rules for safe lifting, rules to reduce lifting, helpful equipment, and more

• Live Q&A with instructions each month

• Access to a community of caregivers

Price: $35/month

33. Compassion Code Academy – Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Caregiver burnout is a serious cause for concern. You can learn how to avoid that through self-compassion, self-care, self-love, and communication when you take this course. You’ll also find out how to set boundaries and more when you take this training.

Top Features

• Training sent via email so you can study on your own time

• Covers compassionate communication, tough conversations, boundaries, and more

• Includes a free consultation over the phone

Price: Free

34. Udemy – Family Care Survival Course

Are you struggling with watching your parents age and want to provide at-home care? If so, this Family Care Survival Course was designed for you. You’ll learn valuable skills that will help you provide care without injuring yourself in the process. It also provides helpful information that will allow you to seamlessly make the transition from child to caregiver.

Top Features

• 35 lectures that total just over two hours in length

• Five sections that cover the hidden dangers of caring, the danger of doing nothing, planning for the end of life, and more

• 30-day money-back guarantee

Price: $14.99

35. Relias Academy – Being a Companion Caregiver

If you’re caring for a loved one, you likely see yourself as a companion caregiver. You provide assistance and emotional support. This course will explain what’s involved in being a companion caregiver. You’ll learn how to manage the challenges and how to include activities into your daily routine.

Top Features

• Takes 0.50 hours to complete

• Four sections that cover roles and duties, challenges, traits and techniques, meaningful activities, encouraging engagement, and more

• Florida CNAs and Washington State Direct Care Workers can earn credits with this course

Price: $20

36. Evolve Online Learning – The Well-Being Approach: Creating a Life Worth Living With Dementia

This training course takes a seven-part approach to caring for someone with dementia. It will help you rediscover the person behind the illness and provide the care needed. You’ll discover a new way to think about and respond to your loved one’s needs and unlock a deeper sense of empathy and compassion.

Top Features

• Includes video lessons, a workbook, and a lesson plan

• Access to a community group

• Lifetime access

Price: $199

37. Alison – Health and Safety for Caregiving

Health and safety are priorities when working as a caregiver. This course will teach you the necessary skills to prioritize the health and safety of your loved one and yourself. This covers how to remain calm during emergencies, provide the proper nutrition, and prevent the spread of infections.

Top Features

• Takes 1.5-3 hours to complete

• Three modules that cover identifying and treating infections and preparing for and dealing with emergencies

• Receive a certificate after scoring 80 percent or higher on the end-of-course assessment

Price: Free

38. American Caregiver Association – Certificate of Caregiver Ethics: Level 1

Building and maintaining trust with your family member is vital when you step into a caregiver role. That means you must behave ethically. This course will explain what is expected of you as a caregiver. You’ll know how to communicate and act in an ethical manner, so you won’t have to worry about your relationship with your loved one breaking down.

Top Features

• 20 hours of in-course credit

• Can be used for continuing education credit

• Receive certification upon completion

Price: $49.99

39. Udemy – Family First Aid and CPR for Moms, Dads, and Caregivers

Knowing first aid is essential when you work as a caregiver. You never know when an emergency will arise, and you want to be prepared. This course teaches the fundamentals of CPR and first aid, so you’ll be ready to help as needed.

Top Features

• 25 lectures totaling 28 minutes

• 11 sections that cover responding to emergencies, CPR, breathing emergencies, wound care, and more

• 30-day money-back guarantee

Price: $14.99

40. Relias Academy – Master Library for Caregiver Training

You can quickly build your skills by accessing the Master Library for Caregiver Training. It has all the training DVDs available through Relias Academy. You’ll learn about a wealth of topics, from fall prevention to infection control. Once you finish, you’ll feel confident serving as a caregiver.

Top Features

• 27 DVDs

• Textbook

• Videos on basic caregiving and Alzheimer’s care

Price: $3,995.99

The Advantages of PCS Caregiver Training Over Traditional Caregiver Training

While the above-listed training programs will help you serve as a caregiver, they pale in comparison to Personal Care Services (PCS) training.

PCS of Nevada allows residents to receive at-home care from family members and other loved ones. They can choose who they want to care for them, and then Medicaid pays for it.

If you become a PCS Personal Care Aide, your loved one or his or her personal representative will train you. The training will be based on your loved one’s needs. This is a departure from the care provided by traditional home health care aides. They have to follow the agency’s guidelines, so they often can’t meet the unique needs of patients.

You’ll also be able to provide more services than a traditional home health aide. PCS Personal Care Aides can provide the same services as registered nurses, so your loved one can stay at home instead of going to a facility.

By serving as a PCS Personal Care Aide, you can let your loved one maintain his or her dignity and autonomy. He or she won’t have to invite strangers into the home. Instead, you can step in and provide the care.

If you would like to become a PCS Personal Care Aide, you can take an online course as well as online training. However, nothing will beat the training you receive from your loved one or his or her personal representative.