If you have Medicaid you can qualify for CDPAP.

Medicaid offices in New York are there to help you apply for health insurance and gain assistance with your coverage plan through New York State’s Health Plan Marketplace. Certified Application Counselors (CACs) are available at specific sites listed below to assist with the sign-up process and answer questions.

At each Medicaid office you can find the appropriate forms to fill out for your specific situation and at certain offices, Certified Application Counselors will even help you fill out those forms and complete the sign-up process. You can renew your Medicaid coverage in person and get support to replace lost or expired Medicaid cards.

If you have questions about your eligibility or the eligibility of family members such as a partner and children to receive Medicaid, you can discuss your specific situation with a counselor at offices that provide CACs. And you can get help locating healthcare providers from a list of Medicaid-approved options who are a part of your coverage plan.


When applying for Medicaid in New York, there are two different office networks that you can work with depending on whether you’re seeking Medicaid to cover home care or long-term care or if you’re seeking healthcare coverage for other services. Be sure that you go to the appropriate office for your needs.

The Best Medicaid Offices in NYC

1) Metropolitan Hospital Medicaid Office

The Metropolitan Hospital Medicaid Office is located right on Manhattan island, and it’s easily accessed via public transport using either a bus or the subway, with less than half a mile to walk to reach the office. Friendly, helpful staff members and a clean office environment define this Medicaid office, making it easily one of the top Medicaid offices in NYC.

Unfortunately, a Certified Application Counselor is not available to assist you with Medicaid applications, but it’s still possible to apply at this office if you wish, and the staff available are more than willing to educate you on the necessary aspects of Medicaid and the application process. Because of the high traffic at this particular hospital, the Medicaid office frequently has higher wait times than other New York City hospitals, so be aware that there may be a waiting period when you arrive.

2) Morrisania Medicaid Office

The Morrisania Medicaid Office ranks the highest for public transportation options. In fact, one subway stop comes out right next to this office, making it a breeze to get there! This Medicaid office was also noted for being exceptionally friendly with helpful and attentive staff.

But, because there isn’t a Certified Application Counselor available, this office ranks a little bit lower. The office works with Medicaid-eligible individuals aged 18 and above, including seniors and the elderly. The Morrisania office is also quite clean, though unfortunately there is no parking and street parking is the only option for visitors here.


3) East New York Medicaid Office


There are no Certified Application Counselors at the East New York Medicaid Office. There is a children’s area at this location that does not offer supervision. This office is bright and clean and it regularly gets high reviews from visitors. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful and the wait times are reasonable. There’s a metro station located right across the street from the building and there is street parking available outside.

4) Kings County Hospital Medicaid Office

The Kings County Hospital Medicaid Office is ranked 4 out of 13. It’s centrally located and accessible on New York City public transport; some walking is required, but the hospital can still be easily accessed via bus or subway. This Medicaid office is clean, but there is no Certified Application Counselor available on staff. The staff is friendly overall and helpful, with some Medicaid recipients even citing their care as being “excellent”. The wait times at Kings County Hospital Medicaid Office are average, and visitors can expect to be waiting for about 1 hour. Parking is available both onsite and in the surrounding areas.


5) Brooklyn South Medicaid Reception

The accessibility of the Brooklyn South Medicaid Reception is average to good, with the distance being between 0.1 and 0.3 miles between the location and transportation stops. Street parking is the only parking that is available. There is a Certified Application Counselor available at the Brooklyn South location, and the office serves all individuals with Medicaid-related business.

This office is clean and hospitable with friendly staff. Some individuals have reported negative experiences with the staff here, but the majority of reviews are positive in relation to customer service. The Brooklyn South Medicaid Reception also has some of the shortest wait times of all the Medicaid offices on this list, so overall it’s one of the best Medicaid offices in New York City.

6) North Central Bronx Hospital Medicaid Office


Located inside of the North Central Bronx Hospital, this Medicaid Office is ranked 7 out of the top 13 Medicaid offices listed here. This location does not have Certified Application Counselors available to help you apply for Medicaid, but it is possible to still obtain applications from this location to fill out yourself. Some patients at the North Central Bronx Hospital Medicaid Office have reported longer wait times, even for emergency room visits, although other individuals have had no complaints in regard to wait time. On-site parking is not available for visitors. There are parking garages and metered parking locations in the surrounding areas.


It’s possible to reach this Medicaid office by taking public transportation, either by bus or by subway. It’s necessary to walk 1 or 2 blocks from any stop to arrive at the hospital. The staff at the hospital and at the office are generally friendly and helpful; some visitors and patients have had negative experiences with staff at this hospital, but generally the help and care has been either average or above average. The hospital is clean and up to the general standard of care in the United States.

7) Manhattanville Community

The Manhattanville Community Medicaid Office is specifically geared toward helping individuals over the age of 65 apply for Medicaid coverage, although people under age 65 can also apply here if desired. This office has an on-staff Certified Application Counselor who is available to help people eligible for Medicaid to apply for coverage in a way that suits them best.

Although there’s a CAC available, many visitors to this office rated the staff friendliness and helpfulness as lower than that of other offices. The Manhattanville Community Medicaid Office is clean enough, but its standards of cleanliness appeared lower than other offices on this list, which is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re planning a visit. Parking is available in the surrounding areas and the location can be reached via subway or bus if you plan on taking public transit.

8) Rider Medicaid Office

The Rider Medicaid Office is close to public transportation options, with nearly all subway stops being only 0.1 miles away (or less). The office is clean and can provide SNAP assistance as well as help applying for Medicaid. A Certified Application Counselor is on staff and available at this location. The staff is reportedly average in terms of competence and knowledge. There’s street parking available outside.

9) Coney Island Medicaid Office

The Coney Island Medicaid Office is difficult to reach by public transport, with most transport stops being nearly a mile away. This alone puts it at a lower ranking. This Medicaid office can handle any Medicaid-related concern or inquiry, regardless of age or situation.

A Certified Application Counselor is available to help you decide which plan is right for you and walk you through the application process. The wait times are long here though, and most visitors recommend bringing a book to pass the time. If you don’t speak English as your first language, this office offers the added benefit of having staff who can help translate to and from many languages, if needed. The facilities are clean and parking is available in the surrounding areas.

10) Queens Community Medicaid Office


The Queens Community Medicaid Office is reasonably clean and there are Certified Application Counselors at this location. This location is poorly rated, but it has higher reviews than the Chinatown Medicaid Office and a few other locations.

The staff is not very knowledgeable or helpful according to many reports. The lack of pleasant, helpful staff is the biggest complaint that visitors have at this location. The wait times depend on traffic and visitors must take a number when they arrive. Wait times can be long. There are subway stations located nearby. There is no parking available nearby.

11) Chinatown Medicaid Office


The Chinatown Medicaid Office in Manhattan serves individuals under 65 years of age and assists them with New York State health insurance enrollment. It is very poorly rated with people citing the problem of wait times as one of the biggest issues. Wait times depend heavily on the number of people waiting in line and the wait is reportedly rather long. Some people have reported wait times of up to 4 hours.

The service is poorly rated and the location is not especially clean. There are two metro stations within walking distance of this office. Parking is available about 5 blocks away. There are Certified Application Counselors.

12) Staten Island Office

The Staten Island Medicaid Office ranks the most poorly in terms of accessibility on public transport. Stops are only found at nearly 3 miles away from the location, a dramatic difference from many other locations on this list. Parking is, however, available in the surrounding areas. A Certified Application Counselor is available at the Staten Island Office to help with any application-related concerns you may have.

But, many visitors to this location have reported unfriendly staff and long wait times of up to 5 or 6 hours. Plus, because this location tends to get crowded regularly, the cleanliness levels are somewhat lower than other locations. Some people have reported that the Staten Island Office has friendly staff, but many say otherwise, which is what gives this office its lower ranking.

13) Jamaica SNAP Center/Medicaid Office


The Jamaica Medicaid office at 165-08 88th Ave was supposed to reopen on October 2, 2017, but instead opened at 32-20 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City. So the Jamaica Medicaid Office no longer exists.