This guide is intended to help our CDPAP patients find the best medical transportation companies in NY. 


There are a number of medical transportation companies in New York that specialize in moving patients from point A to point B. These companies vary in terms of the quality of services they provide and which insurance companies that provide coverage for their services.


Finding a high-quality, skilled medical transport company can be a challenge, so we’ve provided a list of the 5 best medical transportation companies in New York in this article.


Medical transportation companies in New York provide an important service for individuals who need conveyance from one location to another for the purposes of obtaining medical treatment (or returning home after being treated).


A variety of individuals make use of medical transportation companies in New York state for interfacility transport. Below are some of the types of patients who might contact a transport company to get to a medical appointment or to receive medical care at a hospital, long-term care facility, or another type of medical treatment facility:


·   Nursing home patients

·   Elderly patients

·   Medicaid patients

·   Medicare patients

·   Disabled patients

·   Foster children

·   Critically ill patients

·   Patients in need of emergency care

·   Dialysis patients

·   Patients with pre-scheduled appointments

·   Correctional facility inmates / patients

·   Mental health patients


Now that you know who uses the services of medical transportation companies let’s look at the 5 best ones in NY.


Rapid Response Medical Transportation (4.1 Stars)


Rapid Response Medical Transportation is one of the most highly rated medical transportation companies in New York City.


The company has 12+ years of experience and was founded by a group of long-term volunteer ambulance transport professionals who wanted to make a difference. Their goal was to provide compassionate service where every patient is treated like family, and indeed, many patients who travel with them agree that the staff is extremely friendly and kind.


Family members of patients who have traveled with Rapid Response repeatedly use this company’s services time and time again because of their high-quality care and the positive attitude of the staff members.


Every member of the Rapid Response team is required to undergo an in-depth interview process to ensure that everyone from the first responders to the billing and customer service employees are ready to assist patients in any way possible.


Rapid Response Medical Transportation has a medium-sized fleet of ambulances and wheelchair transport vans available to serve the populations of New Jersey and New York City. They are well-known for their punctuality and flexibility in regard to pick-up and drop-off times.


The company can provide the following medical services to patients:


· Basic Life Support (BLS)

· Event Stand-by

· Bariatric wheelchair support and care

· Non-emergency care and transport

· Mobility Assisted Vehicle Transport (MAVT)

· Wheelchairs and oxygen provided where needed


Rapid Response accepts most major insurance providers. If you have questions, contact your insurance provider directly and/or get a hold of Rapid Response to see if they will accept your insurance provider.


The contact information for Rapid Response Medical Transportation is listed below:


Rapid Response Medical Transportation

240 Frisch Court

Paramus, NJ 07652

(201) 977-4448

[email protected]


Midwood Ambulance Service (3.9 Stars)


Midwood Ambulance Service is a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience providing high quality, efficient, and compassionate care to patients throughout New York City.


Every member of the staff is thoroughly screened before becoming a part of the Midwood team, and all members (including paramedics, emergency medical technicians, dispatchers, and drivers) are required to undergo ongoing training programs to improve their knowledge, skill sets, and customer service abilities.


This company serves all of New York City from its primary office in Brooklyn. They are equipped with GPS tracking software that allows dispatchers to quickly locate vehicle units and responders closest to the patient so that help arrives as soon as possible and that scheduled pick-ups are always on time.


In addition, dispatchers are able to utilize a Computerized Dispatch Communication system to locate patients more easily and review previous patients at a glance. Midwood Ambulance Service has a large fleet of vehicles ready to serve patients with various needs. The company can provide the following support services with their vehicles:


· Basic Life Support (for both emergency and non-emergency situations)

· Advanced Life Support (for both emergency and non-emergency situations)

· Specialty care medical transportation

· Critical care transport

· Standby for special events in NYC


Midwood Ambulance Service has modern, high-tech equipment in every ambulance unit that is on par with hospital emergency room equipment, and the company follows federal, state, and local regulations. All vehicles are cleaned daily top-to-bottom and are regularly maintained to ensure they are in excellent working condition.


The company has launched two specialty programs: the MaternityDirect ambulance service and the Asian-American Ambulance service program.


With the MaternityDirect program, moms-to-be can contact Midwood when the time comes to deliver their baby so that they may receive safe, rapid transport to the hospital of their choice.


The Asian-American Ambulance program responds to a need for a wholly Chinese-speaking ambulance service that makes safe transport comfortable and accessible to the large Chinese-speaking immigrant population in New York City.


Patients and their families continually report that the paramedics and other staff at Midwood are friendly and well-trained. They pay careful attention to every patient to ensure that great care is provided on a physical level, but also that patients are emotionally taken care of and that they feel safe.


The family members of patients who ride with Midwood appreciate how attentive the medical responders are to ensuring that the family members are regularly informed of the whereabouts and status of the patient.


Midwood Ambulance Services accepts most major insurance plans and Medicaid. If you aren’t sure if your insurance plan will cover medical transportation with Midwood, contact the company directly or call your insurance provider for more information.


Below is the contact information for Midwood Ambulance Service:


Midwood Ambulance Corporate Office

2593 West 13th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11223

24-hour dispatch – (718) 645-1000

[email protected]


Empress Ambulance Service (3.4 Stars Google Reviews)


Empress Ambulance Services is based in Yonkers, New York and has been in business for nearly 35 years providing Emergency Medical Services and medical transportation throughout New York State.


They provide 9-1-1 emergency medical response services to Yonkers as well as mutual aid to neighboring communities. Additionally, they have contracts throughout Westchester County to provide both emergency and non-emergency services to private care facilities, correctional institutions, and hospitals in that area.


This company employs 550 staff members across all of their locations and they are able to provide transport to over 125,000 patients each year. They provide 24-hour communications from a central location using one of the most advanced computer-aided systems in the region.


And they also have a full-service fleet-maintenance facility where their vehicles are regularly given maintenance checks to ensure that they are running smoothly. This facility is also used for vehicle repairs.


Below are the types of medical transport services offered by Empress:


·   Basic Life Support Transports (also known as BLS Transport)


After-care medical transportation is an important part of the Empress service repertoire. BLS transports are non-emergency medical transportation services that take patients from their residence to a hospital or other health care facility or from the treatment facility back to their home. These medical transport vehicles are staffed by two certified Emergency Medical Technicians who do a full assessment prior to transport and closely monitor the patient throughout the journey.


·   Advanced Life Support Transports (also known as ALS Transports)


Acute medical transportation between hospitals, trauma centers, special care units, or other treatment facilities is available for patients who are in need of advanced-level monitoring by trained ALS staff.


These medical transport services include a certified paramedic and a certified emergency medical technician (EMT). Prior to arrival to pick up the patient, the paramedic works closely with the patient’s doctor as well as nursing staff to make sure the necessary treatment modalities are available during the transport.


These treatments may include: IV therapy, cardiac monitoring, airway management, pulse oximetry, ventilation, and more.


·   Paramedic Flycar Services


A paramedic flycar is an SUV that contains a full array of Advanced Life Support equipment on board. It is staffed by a certified New York State paramedic to provide ALS services as needed. These SUVs are generally used for 9-1-1 calls.


This company provides the following types of medical transport:


·   Basic Life Support transport

·   Advanced Life Support ambulances

·   Advanced Life Support flycars (SUV-type vehicles that are fully equipped with ALS equipment)


Empress employees hold all of the necessary and relevant certifications that are required for them to provide services in the state of New York.


Empress provides field rotation opportunities to give new paramedics from institutions in Westchester County, Rockland County, and New York City experience working hands-on with patients after they’ve completed their initial training. They host and train thousands of emergency medical services students every year from all over the world.


This company provides medical transport services that follow the policies and regulations set forth by the New York State Department of Health for emergency medical services agencies. Below are details regarding the credentialing of Advanced Life Support staff at Empress Ambulance Service:


·   Advanced Life Support (ALS) Employees:


Employees who provide Advanced Life Support services hold the appropriate credentials with the required administrative councils in Westchester County and with New York City.


·   Critical Care Team Members with ALS credentials:


These employees have received training and certification through the Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program (CCEMTP) program.


Empress Ambulance Service has received special recognition from the American Heart Association as a Gold Level EMS provider through the Mission Lifeline program. This demonstrates the high-quality treatment that they provide in treating heart attacks in emergency situations while en route to treatment facilities.


Empress has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality, expert-level services to patients, though some patients have rated them lower because the vehicle showed up late or did not show up at all.


It seems, however, that when scheduling was not an issue and the medical transport vehicle showed up, customers rated them highly for good communication and compassionate care.


Though Empress does accept insurance, every insurance provider is different, so patients must contact their insurance carrier to find out whether medical transport services through this company will be accepted. Patients should contact Empress with their health insurance information to determine whether their medical transport will be covered.


Below is the contact information for making inquiries regarding insurance and finances:


Empress Ambulance Service – Billing Office

1-888-965-5040 ext. 3456


General Contact Information:


Empress Ambulance Service

722 Nepperhan Ave.

Yonkers, NY 10703



SeniorCare EMS (3.0 Stars)


SeniorCare EMS is one of the most community-involved medical transport companies in New York City. With 14 years of experience, over 1000 trained professionals on staff, and a fleet of 192+ ambulances (with even more additional response cars and other transport vehicles), this company serves the entire New York City area.


SeniorCare EMS is also the only medical transport company in New York City that is run and managed by a senior paramedic professional who has over 25 years of experience, so you can be assured that you’re getting a safe, professional ride every time.


This medical transport company is well-equipped to provide even the most advanced levels of care. SeniorCare EMS specializes in offering inter-facility critical care transfer transportation as well as routine medical transportation, however they also provide the following services:


·      Basic Life Support

·      Advanced Life Support

·      Disaster management medical transportation (SeniorCare EMS is a part of the disaster management team for many healthcare facilities across New York, and they are ready and available to assist in the case of any disaster that may hit the city.)

·      Bariatric transport services (a specialized vehicle with special care instruments and services is utilized to transport larger patients)

·      Interstate transportation (including door-to-door airport-to-home services for the entire tri-state area, air ambulance services, and long-distance transport between states)

·      Critical care transport

·      NYC 911 system transport


When an individual calls SeniorCare EMS, the dispatcher uses a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to instantly pull up information on previous patients. This system dramatically reduces the call time and makes it possible for the company’s vehicles and staff to reach you more quickly.


In addition, the company utilizes a GPS system that enables them to contact the staff members and vehicles closest to you in case of emergency. All response team members at SeniorCare EMS are highly trained professional paramedics, and all other staff members, including dispatchers, have been thoroughly trained to ensure that you receive the best care and attention possible.


According to their website, SeniorCare EMS provides “clinical excellence and outstanding customer service” to all of their patients. They serve the entire New York City metropolitan area with compassion and kindness. The company has three bases, one in the Bronx, one in Long Island, and one in Brooklyn so that they may access any area of the city quickly.


Many previous patients who have been transported by SeniorCare EMS report that the company’s paramedics and staff members are efficient, intelligent, and gentle. The family members of elderly patients appreciate the staff’s attention to ensuring the emotional and physical comfort of their loved ones.


SeniorCare EMS accepts many types of insurance. Check with your insurance carrier and/or call SeniorCare EMS directly to check if you will be covered under your particular insurance plan.


The contact information for SeniorCare EMS is listed below:


Dispatch/Transportation – (718) 430-9700

Business Office – (718) 430-1525


Executive Offices/Bronx Branch

700 Havemeyer Avenue

Bronx, NY 10473


Brooklyn Base

891 Stanley Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 112208


Long Island Base

10 North Prospect Avenue

Lynbrook, NY 11563


Hunter EMS (2.3 Stars Google)


Hunter EMS is a family-owned EMS company that’s part of the Hunter Ambulance family of services located in BayShore, NY and providing service for patients located anywhere from Patchogue to Port Jefferson to the Nassau-Queens border.


They currently employ over 75 team members in all their locations and they’ve been in business for nearly 35 years offering a wide range of medical transport services including:


·   Advanced high-risk critical care transportation

·   Emergency transportation

·   Non-emergency transportation


Hunter EMS provides medical transport using a fleet of BLS ambulances and paramedic vehicles, including several Rapid Response Units. Staff members include paramedics and Basic Life Support EMTs.


Hunter EMS provides urgent and routine ambulance transportation from several operation centers in Suffolk and Nassau Counties as well as the 5 New York City Boroughs.


They have service outposts in many hospitals and communities on both the north and south shores. They deal with hundreds of thousands of urgent and routine medical calls at all hours of the day, every day of the year from their central operations facility near LIRR’s Deer Park train station.


This transportation company accepts the following types of insurance:


·   Medicare

·   Medicaid

·   Other types of insurance – patients should check with their individual policy to determine whether the carrier will cover the medical transportation costs through Hunter EMS.


Hunter EMS works hard to make patient-experiences with their company positive. Staff are trained to respond to calls as if the patients are a member of their own family. This company boasts some excellent testimonials from patients who have had very difficult transport situations that were handled with expertise to get the patient smoothly from point A to point B. As a family-owned company, they regard good communication as vital to a positive experience with their services.


Hunter EMS has a reputation for providing professional, compassionate services, but some customers have complained that their vehicles show up late. According to reviews, they communicate well with family members to keep them in-the-know about the transport protocol for loved ones, but many of their lower reviews pertain to missed or late appointments and transport delays.


Contact Information for the Corporate Office:


Hunter EMS

5 Dakota Drive, Suite 204

New Hyde Park, NY 11042

Emergency: 877-862-5600

Transportation: 631-777-5600