Does NJ Have CDPAP?


NJ has a version of CDPAP called PPP, where the patient directs who they want to care for them and what type of care they receive from their caregiver.

New Jersey Medicaid Personal Preference Program (PPP)


These types of programs go by different names, but most commonly you will hear them referred to PCA (personal care attendant) services or “consumer-directed” services.


Similar to the “Cash and Counseling” model, New Jersey’s Medicaid program offers the Personal Preference Program that gives the power to participants to choose their own caregiver and distributes a budget that otherwise would have been spent on their care. Those who opt to enroll in PPP can select friends and family to be their caregiver (including spouses) as long as they are at least 18 years old.


In the event the patient is cognitively impaired or unable to make their own healthcare decision, a healthcare proxy or representative must be selected to make decisions for the patient.


Am I Eligible?

To determine if you are eligible, there are a few areas Medicaid will look at:

  • Is there a functional need?A healthcare professional (typically a doctor) will need to approve that your current medical condition requires someone to assist you in basic activities of daily living (e.g. bathing, eating, dressing, etc) but not severe enough to warrant full-time nursing home care.
  • Is there a financial need?Patients will need to meet the financial requirement New Jersey Medicaid sets to access their Plan A (FamilyCare) coverage and these requirements will vary based on marital status and if one’s spouse is also going to apply for the coverage.

    Medicaid income limits can and do change often, so it is important to contact Medicaid to see what their current requirements are for accessing this plan.

    In the event a patient and spouse make too much to qualify for Medicaid, other options can be considered like spend downs and qualified income trusts that can help someone become eligible for Medicaid.

Benefits and Services

With New Jersey’s PPP (Personal Preference Program), there is a large amount of flexibility in how a patient can use funds to aid in their care. There are three major areas and they consist of:

  • Home Modifications – if the patient needs to have upgrades made to their home due to their medical condition
  • Personal Assistant – hiring of a friend or relative to assist in the day to day activities like housekeeping, shopping, laundry, bathing, grooming, etc…
  • Assistive Technology- devices and appliances that help the patient live independently

How To Apply

Contact New Jersey’s Division of Disability Services and the NJ Department of Human Services at 1-888-285-3036 to discuss your current options. To take part in PPP, you must already have Medicaid through the state of New Jersey and have selected a Managed Care Organization (MCO). To learn more, you can download the PDF on PPP here.