While there are plenty of big box pharmacy chains in New York City, there are also numerous small independent pharmacies that deserve a closer look.

For a lot of New York residents, independent pharmacies offer more than the chain stores in terms of friendliness as well as in terms of the diversity of products, efficiency, and affordability.

From modern pharmacies to traditional-style apothecaries (and everything in between), no matter what your health needs there are nearby pharmacies located all over the city.

The pharmacies listed here are one-of-a-kind, customer-friendly, and designed for personalized service. Take a look at the 10 best pharmacies in NYC listed below to find the one that works for you.

The 10 Best Pharmacies in New York

1) New London Pharmacy


New London Pharmacy is very clean and well organized and customers note that the style and design of the store is tasteful and pleasant to browse through. Reviewers say that the staff at New London Pharmacy are very friendly and efficient and that prescriptions are filled quickly with very little wait time. The staff here care about their customers and take their jobs seriously.


This pharmacy offers a wide array of items, including not only most prescription medications but also many nutritional supplements, all-natural or specialty self-care items, toys and trinkets, and more. This pharmacy provides flu shots as well as other vaccinations in addition to their diverse product offerings, all for an affordable price in comparison with other chain pharmacies.


New London Pharmacy is located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan only a few steps away from the 23rd Street metro stop on the IND Eighth Avenue line. It is easy to find with a clearly marked storefront, though nearby parking garages are limited for people who drive to the pharmacy. The 8th Avenue/W. 23rd Street bus stop is nearby.


The New London Pharmacy is located at the following address:


246 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10011

(212) 243-4987

2) Zitomer

Zitomer is easily one of the largest and most well stocked pharmacies in New York. This pharmacy has everything from your regular prescription and OTC medications to travel essentials, nutritional supplements, food and drink, and even a place for the kids to play while you shop or fill your prescription. Zitomer also offers flu vaccines.


Customers report that Zitomer’s products are more expensive than other pharmacies, but the products are high quality and the customer service is excellent. Reviewers also appreciate the great variety that the pharmacy offers. The store is clean and organized, though some people say the aisles are a bit narrow. Nonetheless, this pharmacy has a great selection to choose from.


Zitomer is located about 3 blocks away from the 77th Street metro station (Lenox Hill Hospital) and a block away from Central Park. There are multiple parking garages within a block of the pharmacy so it’s easy for people with a car to access it without having to walk a long distance. It is also possible to walk to the pharmacy if you live nearby.


The ZITOMER Pharmacy is located at the following address:


969 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10021

(212) 737-5560

3) Stanley’s Pharmacy

Stanley’s Pharmacy is a unique independent pharmacy in lower Manhattan with not only medications and supplements, but also a fully functioning juice bar with healing elixirs. This pharmacy offers both traditional western pharmaceuticals and eastern healing herbs. The juices are lovingly prepared by the staff to heal, rejuvenate, and soothe the ailments of customers.


Customers love the vibrant and friendly atmosphere at Stanley’s Pharmacy. They say that the pharmacy is very clean, decorated with bright colors and happy plants, and that the music is always well-curated. Stanley’s Pharmacy has a surprisingly diverse selection of OTC medications, prescription medications, self-care items, nutritional supplements, and food items.


Stanley’s Pharmacy offers seasonal flu shots at affordable prices, just like all of the other products offered at the pharmacy. It is easy to access, being only about 2 blocks away from the Easy Broadway metro stop on the F Line and 3 blocks from the Chinatown NYC bus stop on Allen Street. Parking lots are available nearby.


Stanley’s Pharmacy is located at the following address:


31 Ludlow Street

New York, NY 10002

(646) 476-9622

4) Arrow Pharmacy

Arrow Pharmacy is one of the smaller pharmacies on this list, but don’t let that fool you. This pharmacy has many products for sale, including vitamins, supplements, OTC medications, prescription medications, specialty self-care items, and more. They offer flu vaccinations as well as other vaccines and immunizations required for travel, work, and school.


Customers say that Arrow Pharmacy has friendly, attentive staff and affordable prices. The pharmacy itself is very clean and provides fast, efficient prescription refills. Arrow Pharmacy is so friendly and well-stocked that some reviewers said that they were even willing to travel from a far distance just to visit this pharmacy.


Arrow Pharmacy has plenty of parking nearby and is easily accessible by both bus and metro. It is closest to the 59th Street Columbus Circle Station on the A, C, B, and D lines. In addition, the West 57th Street and 10th Avenue bus station stops almost immediately in front of Arrow Pharmacy. It is located within close walking distance of the Mount Sinai West hospital.


Arrow Pharmacy is located at the following address:


883 9th Avenue

New York, NY 10019

(212) 245-8469

5) Willner Chemists

Willner Chemists has been in business since 1911, and with such a long history, this pharmacy certainly offers both excellent service and an excellent product selection. They offer traditional western pharmaceuticals as well as one of the largest selections of herbal and nutritional supplements in New York City (and beyond). Willner Chemists provides flu vaccinations.


The clean, well-organized, beautifully designed store section of Willner Chemists makes shopping for medicinals an enjoyable task. Customers most appreciated the knowledgeable, friendly staff and the large selection of affordable products, which includes not only medicinals but also natural personal care products and educational books about natural medicines.


Willner Chemists is located approximately one block south of Grand Central Station and is thus easily accessible by all forms of transportation, including bus, metro, train, and car. The nearest bus stop is one block away at the Madison Avenue/E. 40th Street stop. For people driving to the pharmacy, there are multiple parking lots nearby within easy walking distance.


Willner Chemists is located at the following address:


100 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10017

(212) 682-2817

6) Village Apothecary

Village Apothecary, otherwise known as Woodstock’s Family Pharmacy, is a New York pharmacy with a holistic focus and a community orientation. Reviewers have said that there are always plenty of friendly staff members available to provide advice and focused attention, and that the pharmacy environment is clean and organized so that you can find necessities quickly.


Village Apothecary provides customers with a diverse selection of both natural and pharmaceutical medications, as well as special beauty products and other natural, holistic essential items. Flu shots and other vaccinations are also available. All products are offered at affordable, reasonable prices that easily compete with big chain pharmacies.


Reviewer’s especially like the special service called RxSync where you can get all your medications filled at the same time each month, making it so you don’t have to visit as many times. Regardless, Village Apothecary is easy to access from either Christopher St. metro station or from the Christopher St./Hudson St. bus station. Parking is available nearby.


The Village Apothecary is located at the following address:


346 Bleecker Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 807-7566

7) CO Bigelow Pharmacy

The CO Bigelow Pharmacy is one of the oldest continually operating pharmacies in the United States, with its inception being over 150 years ago in 1863. Customers at this pharmacy love the historic flair of CO Bigelow, and they say that it’s charming, beautiful, well-maintained and clean. CO Bigelow Pharmacy has attentive staff who give customers the best service possible.


CO Bigelow offers a huge number of products, from pharmaceutical medications and herbal remedies to shampoos and travel essentials; this pharmacy has it all. They even have their own specially curated line of products from the CO Bigelow brand! Best of all, the products at this pharmacy are all within a reasonable price range. Flu shots and other vaccines are available.


CO Bigelow Pharmacy is located in an accessible location in West Village. It is only a few steps away from the 9th Street Station on the Orange and Blue train lines, and can also be accessed from the 9th Street/Avenue of the Americas bus stop (as well as multiple other bus stops nearby). Parking is situated about 1-2 blocks away from the pharmacy.


The CO Bigelow Pharmacy is located at the following address:


414 6th Avenue

New York, NY 10011

(212) 533-2700

8) ProHealth Pharmacy

ProHealth Pharmacy is a clean, beautifully designed apothecary-style shop with easy prescription refill services and friendly, helpful staff. Customers say that when they visit this pharmacy for a refill, their prescription is never out of stock and ProHealth always has what they need. ProHealth Pharmacy is available to provide flu vaccinations.


ProHealth Pharmacy has many different products that are sourced from all over the world. The store has toiletries, herbal remedies, OTC and prescription pharmaceutical medications, some health foods, and more. Their prices are competitive with other pharmacies in the area and reviewers greatly appreciated the kindness and efficiency of the staff.


The main ProHealth Pharmacy location is in an ideal location at the Gramercy House. It is easy to find since there is a clearly marked storefront, and the 2nd Avenue/E. 23rd Street bus stop is located right outside. There is also plenty of parking nearby and multiple other bus stops that are close. The nearest metro station is the 23rd Street stop on the Green line.


The ProHealth Pharmacy is located at the following address:


285 2nd Avenue

New York, NY 10010

(212) 684-8300

9) Xpress Lane Pharmacy

Xpress Lane Pharmacy is a classic modern pharmacy with all of the essentials housed inside. This pharmacy has OTC and prescription medications, cleaning products, herbal tinctures and supplements, some health foods, medical equipment, and more. They also provide flu shots and travel vaccines free of cost.


Customers of Xpress Lane Pharmacy say that the store is kept very clean and that the service provided is fast and thorough. Staff members at this pharmacy are helpful and supportive and they provide great advice when needed. And, in comparison with many other pharmacies in New York City, Xpress Lane is certainly one of the most affordable.


At the corner of Nassau Street and Ann Street, Xpress Lane is easy to find. It is situated nearby to the Fulton Street metro station on the 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, J, and Z lines and there are parking lots nearby within close walking distance. The nearest bus station is at the Broadway and Cortlandt Street stop. The Park Row/Ann Street bus stop is also close by.


The Xpress Lane Pharmacy is located at the following address:


99 Nassau Street, #111

New York, NY 10038

(212) 962-4900

10) HealthSource Pharmacy and Health Food Store

HealthSource Pharmacy is designed to be a one-stop-shop for everything health-related that you might need. This pharmacy has regular medications as well as supplements, a well-stocked health food section, natural toiletries, vitamins, and more. Reviewers love that they can get what they need in one place for a reasonable price.


The customer service at HealthSource is superb, and nearly every customer comments on how friendly and attentive the staff and pharmacists are. The store is organized and regularly cleaned for maximum sanitation. Customers may also get their flu shots here in addition to other vaccinations with or without a prior appointment.


Health Source Pharmacy is located about 1 block away from the 33rd Street metro station on the 6 line. It is also very close to the 34rd Street/Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue/34rd Street bus stops. Multiple parking lots are available nearby. Because of its accessibility and friendliness, many people travel from outside the neighborhood to visit this pharmacy.


The HealthSource Pharmacy and Health Food Store is located at the following address:


120 E. 34th Street

New York, NY 10016

(212) 481-6600