Are you curious about what the Pennsylvania Medicaid card is used for? It’s a common card that can be used to help you pay for health care services. However, only eligible people will have access to this helpful card. Learn more about the specifics below.


What Is Medicaid?


Medicaid is a federal and state program that provides medical assistance to both individuals and families. It is a public health insurance program designed to assist those with low incomes and limited assets. It covers about 20% of Americans and is the primary source of care coverage for many people.


If you qualify for Medicaid, several essential health services are covered with minimal out-of-pocket costs. As a result, Medicaid is a huge source of healthcare spending in the United States. It provides financing for hospitals, physicians, community health centers, nursing homes, and jobs in healthcare.


A large number of federal regulations and Title XIX of the Social Security Act govern the Medicaid program. These regulations determine the requirements for Medicaid as well as state authorities and options. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are accountable for the implementation of Medicaid.


If you need to apply for Medicaid, also known as medical assistance (MA), there are several ways to do so. You can apply online using the COMPASS website, call the Consumer Service Center for Health Care Coverage at 1-866-550-4355, visit the local county assistance office (CAO), or fill out and mail a paper form.


What Is a Medicaid Card?


When you qualify for Medicaid, you will be provided with a Pennsylvania Medicaid card. It provides you with access to medical assistance benefits and acts as proof of health insurance.


In addition, if you are eligible for SNAP or cash assistance, the card can also be used for those purposes. Both types of cards are ACCESS cards, but they each have a distinct appearance.


The card should be presented to the provider any time you receive a medical service. The physician or other healthcare provider will use the card to obtain information about managed care plan enrollment, eligibility for benefits, restrictions to services, insurance information, and available services.


The Medicaid card provides coverage for non-emergency medical transportation, hospital services, birth centers and family planning, diagnostics and screenings, lab and x-ray tests, nursing facilities, doctor visits, and home health care.


In addition, states can add additional services. For example, in the case of Pennsylvania, dental services are provided to those with Medicaid.


How to Get a New Card If Necessary


There may be situations where you need a new card. This can happen if the card is stolen or damaged and unfit to be used. The simplest method of receiving a new card is by contacting the Pennsylvania Custom Service Center at 1-877-395-8930.


In some cases, the new Medicaid card will have a different design than the original. You can learn more about the different card designs below.


Keep in mind that you cannot ask for a new card for no reason. For example, the card must have been lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged to request a new one. Likewise, a request for a new card to have access to the updated design will be denied. However, if you do not have a card and need one, calling the number above is the best option.


What Do I Do with a Medicaid Card?


Whether you are receiving your first Pennsylvania Medicaid card or a replacement, there are several things you will need to do. The first is to take the card and add your signature to the back. This can help prove your identity and should be handled before using the card to access any healthcare benefits.


As mentioned earlier, keep the card safe to avoid needing a replacement. It should be placed somewhere where others cannot access it unless you are taking it with you to a medical appointment or service. Whenever you are seeing a provider, the card will need to be presented to them to get the medical services you need.


You may wish to keep your Medicaid card in your wallet or purse for easy access when needed. However, be cautious not to let it out of your sight so it cannot be taken or lost when you aren’t using it.


The Difference Between Medical Assistance Cards


There are a few different types of Pennsylvania Medicaid cards. Each of them is used for a different purpose. For instance, if you are eligible for only medical benefits, you will be provided with an ACCESS card in a yellow color.


On the other hand, those who receive other services will have an original EBT access card. It is green and blue and has the word “ACCESS” in yellow letters.


The original EBT card has recently been redesigned so some people will have the original and others will have the new style. If you have a new version of the EBT card, it will have a background that shows the Pennsylvania State Capitol building. Cherry blossom branches frame it.


Both the green and blue and State Capitol cards offer the same benefits. The EBT Medicaid card is provided to recipients in PA who receive food stamps, cash assistance, or both, in addition to medical services. Everyone else will be provided with a yellow card that signifies only medical coverage.


What If My Card Is Lost?


It’s essential to keep your Medicaid card somewhere safe. However, if it is stolen or otherwise unusable, you will need to acquire a replacement card. If this occurs, you may need to reach out to your county assistance office caseworker for a new card.


Your original card number will be voided to prevent anyone else from using it. A replacement card will be provided to you within seven days. However, if you need a card more quickly than that, the CAO can provide a temporary paper card. This ensures you never have to go without medical services.


The new card will have the same card issue number and recipient number as the original one.