The Freedomcare CDPAP Syracuse office is located at 4583 North St, Suite 2, Jamesville, NY 13078.


This office is perfect for New York CDPAP consumers who live in the city of Syracuse.


If you are interested in signing up for CDPAP in Syracuse, please contact us. Our staff is always happy to assist and will be able to answer all of your questions.


Additionally, we provide assistance with CDPAP throughout all of NY State with numerous convenient locations. So wherever you are in NY, we would love to help you with signing up for CDPAP.


Signing up for CDPAP in Syracuse

If you want to sign up for CDPAP in Syracuse the following qualifications are needed:


  • Having Medicaid
  • Living in NY
  • Needing help with daily activities


Signing up as a CDPAP Caregiver in Syracuse

Signing up as a CDPAP caregiver in Syracuse is very easy. There is no license or certification required. Additionally, all training will be provided to you free of charge.


So if you want to sign up for CDPAP as a patient or a caregiver in Syracuse please contact us.


Freedomcare Syracuse Department 

4583 North St, Suite 2,

Jamesville, NY 13078

(315) 563-2203