Are you looking for an easy job to get in NYC? Maybe you are looking to make some extra cash on the side or want to start a side hustle. Whatever the case is, our list has twenty great options for you. Most of these jobs require no college education and you can start them right away.


CDPAP is a New York State-funded program that brings home caregivers and patients together. Through this program, patients can choose their own caregiver based on the qualifications, experiences, and knowledge of each individual caregiver so that they know they’re receiving the best home care.

What really makes this program unique is the fact that patients are permitted to hire friends or family as caregivers, but they can also choose from a preexisting list of caregivers who are already a part of the CDPAP network. The ability to choose friends or family members as caregivers benefits everyone involved since caregivers can be paid through Medicaid and patients get to receive the highest level of care possible from people they trust the most.


If you’re a caregiver or you’re interested in offering home care services, CDPAP is a good way to make extra money on the side doing something that really matters. To be eligible as a CDPAP caregiver you must be age 18 or older, legally able to work in the US, and physically and mentally capable of caring for another person. The hours worked with CDPAP are flexible and payment is sent every Friday directly to your bank account.


Provide Customer Service

Being a customer service representative is a job that can be done either from a call center or directly from home in New York City. Working from home to make extra money is probably preferential for you if you’re seeking extra income, especially if you already have another job that requires your physical presence on-location.

Online there are a number of freelance customer service jobs available to people who want to make an extra $1000/month while still being able to stay at home with their families and take care of home-based activities. A site called  provides a list of remote customer service opportunities. There are a variety of customer service jobs available online, though traditional “call center” jobs with flexible hours also exist. For people who have a hard time motivating themselves to work while at home, a traditional, brick-and-mortar customer service job may be a better choice than one that involves remote, online work.


Other popular customer service jobs include being an online chat agent, providing technical support, and even working as a travel agent (if you have the right experience and qualifications). The ability to connect with people and communicate clearly is essential for this type of work. Anyone who enjoys talking on the phone may be a good candidate for customer service.


While there are many companies and ways to do customer service online, Amazon is a well-known company that is currently offering jobs to qualified applicants online. Interested parties can sign up as customer service agents and to work from home. Learn more at this link.

High End Babysitter, Nanny, or Preschool Teacher

If you enjoy working with children and are interested in having a job that will be fulfilling as well as high paying, working as a high end babysitter (or as a nanny) might be right for you. There are plenty of agencies that hire qualified individuals to work with families in New York to provide childcare and nanny services; Tammy Gold is one such agency in New York City that offers high-paying nanny jobs as well as nanny job coaching.

If you want to make an extra $1000/month as a nanny in New York City and the surrounding areas, however, it’s important to already have some experience and be able to back it up with a resume, references, and relevant education so that your potential employers can see that you’re truly worth it.


Daycare and preschool services are another ubiquitous need in the New York City area. While daycare is a business that mostly requires the provision of a safe and nurturing environment for children, preschool is all about education and it can be much more profitable. If you don’t enjoy teaching children, but you like watching over kids and structuring a day that’s emotionally beneficial, daycare may be the best option for you. But if you would enjoy developing a curriculum to teach preschool aged kids in the New York City area, preschool often pays much better than daycare and requires fewer hours of work.


In the state of New York, you must either possess a Bachelor’s degree or have at least 6 credit hours covering material about early childhood education, or have 6 months (or more) of experience working with kids under 6 years of age in a school-based setting to get the necessary credentials to open a preschool in New York. Within 3 years of starting your business, you must get a New York State early childhood teacher certification to continue your business.


Working as a waiter part-time on the side is an excellent way to earn some extra cash in New York City or the surrounding areas. While there isn’t a lot of room for upward mobility, waiter jobs are fairly simple and easy to obtain because waiters and waitresses are always in need.

If you’re able to score a job at a higher end restaurant you might be able to get a higher wage, but even in less glamorous diners it’s still possible to make a decent amount of money working part time if the clientele tips well. Take a look at the classified ads in your city or visit a job agency to find a job as a waiter that works for you and your schedule.

Pet-Sitting or House-Sitting

This is a job that can be rewarding and fun for animal lovers who want both some extra cash as well as a chance to spend time with friendly animals. Dog-sitting and cat-sitting jobs come in a few different formats. You may be asked to stay with the pet in someone else’s home during the day while they’re gone or on a trip, or you may need to take the pet to your home to take care of it instead. Most people with pets need pet-sitting services at one point or another, so it’s a job that’s in high demand without necessarily being too taxing or overwhelming when taken in hand with other jobs you might also have.

Start your pet-sitting business by putting out an ad for your services in the newspaper or online in Facebook groups, or take a look at to see what potential pet-sitting opportunities are currently available.


Pet-sitting or even house-sitting can also allow you to save $1000 per month if you sign up at sites like If you find someone in need of a pet-sitter or house-sitter, you can go live rent-free or mortgage-free and continue with your regular job, especially if you happen to work online. While many people do pet-sitting and house-sitting in order to travel cheaply, people can also use this resource in the New York City area to avoid paying rent and keep their monthly costs down.

Become a Reseller on Amazon


An Amazon reseller is someone who purchases products from designated companies to be sold on Amazon for a profit that benefits both Amazon as well as the individuals themselves. Amazon has a list of specific products from specific companies that resellers are permitted to sell. Because there are often multiple resellers selling the same product, being an Amazon reseller can be a competitive business.

While it can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing, making an extra $1000/month this way requires some thought and consideration as well as experience if you want to be successful. However, if you like a good challenge and enjoy the idea of owning your own business, then this could be a good choice for you!


Getting a job as a bartender in New York can be a good way to make an extra $1000/month while also getting to exercise creativity and have the chance to meet new people. Depending on which type of bartending job you get there can be other kinds of opportunities besides just working at a bar. For example, you could provide bartending services for special events or in classy gathering spaces (like at a hotel or a similar location).


To become a bartender, you first have to get your bartending license to work legally in the state of New York, but then you’re set! There are some requirements that you must meet before you can get a bartending job, but if you meet those requirements you’ll be able to apply for jobs that seem interesting to you as you see them. Ongoing work is available in the New York City area for bartenders, but it’s also possible to do one-off events whenever you need some additional income and enjoy some flexibility through this profession. Getting a bartending job is as simple as looking in the classified ads and checking online job postings to find something that suits your needs and specifications.


Do you have some kind of specialized skill-set or knowledge that you want to share with the world? Then becoming a tutor might be the perfect way to flex your skills and bring in an extra $1000/month! There are numerous websites online that allow tutors to set their own hours and rates depending on personal preference, so this is a job that can expand and contract as needed and that can grow with you over time.

It’s generally smart to start tutoring at a lower rate when you first start offering your services so that you can get students and plenty of positive reviews, but after you’ve laid this groundwork you can start to work your way up until you’re making a higher rate of pay per tutoring session. Tutoring is a fantastic way to increase your income while doing something you’re passionate about!


If you want to do in person tutoring, consider extending your services to local schools or educational institutions in your area, or hang out flyers to try and get students. Tutors are in need for adults as well as kids. For online tutoring, check out, Chegg Tutors, or Smartthinking (to name only a few). Sylvan Learning Centers are well-known on-site tutoring centers that are available throughout New York City and the surrounding areas.

Cleaning Homes

If you’re good at cleaning or you enjoy making your own home sparkling clean, then cleaning homes on the side is a viable way to earn extra money. Many people in New York are willing to pay a good rate for a home cleaning job that’s well done, so if you’re a person who’s true to their word and honestly good at cleaning, there’s a chance to make a decent wage cleaning homes as a weekend or evening business. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it’s possible to start your own home cleaning business if you want. Or, you can sign up as a home cleaner with any number of home cleaning agencies and companies in New York State.


To sign up with a home cleaning agency, check out,, or even open up a Maids franchise in New York for a balance between having your own business and working with an established company. There are a lot of options for doing house cleaning as a job to make extra money each month!



Ridesharing is an emerging transportation option that allows everyday people to taxi strangers from Point A to Point B on short notice. The most famous ridesharing companies are Uber and Lyft, though Grab has also become popular in some locations. Uber is available in over 250 cities in 45 countries and Lyft is available in over 60 cities throughout Asia and the U.S. All of these ridesharing companies provide services in New York City.

As a driver, you need very little prior experience or skill except the ability to drive and an adequate vehicle that can transport clients from place to place.


Drivers report that they typically make between $8.50 and $12.00 per hour after they’ve paid all their expenses, but expenses are often tax deductible and drivers can often relax while they’re driving and listen to the radio, so it’s an excellent way to make additional income without having to stress about doing extra work. There are some methods that New York rideshare drivers can use to maximize profit and make more than average. For example, some drivers join referral programs like Freebird or they use cashback apps like GetUpside to lower their cost of gas. They can also deliver food or other items as part of their work (see below).

Deliver Food or Clothing

Delivery jobs are becoming more and more common as companies like Uber, Grab, and Lyft are starting to allow people to independently deliver food and clothing. Uber Eats is a popular service where drivers are able to pick up food from a restaurant to deliver directly to the home or workplace of the person who ordered it. Food delivery jobs like those offered by Uber Eats are fairly well known already, but clothing delivery is a growing and (currently) less popular job. With clothing delivery, a driver transports clothing from a laundromat or similar location back to the clothing owner at their home or workplace.


In New York, many people live busy lives and appreciate the services provided by independent food delivery and clothing delivery people. Because of the way that these delivery apps are set up, this is an extremely flexible job that you can do in your spare time while earning some extra cash. You can easily fit a food or clothing delivery gig in on the side of almost any full-time job and provide this service in addition to doing ridesharing as just a driver.

Rent Out Your Spare Bedroom or Garage

If you live in an apartment or house that has some spare space that could be turned into a bedroom or suite, you’re in the running to be able to make extra money through property rental websites like Airbnb or While all of New York has excellent statistics when it comes to the number of guests that rent rooms or apartments on property rental sites, if you’re located in the New York City area you’ve got a very good chance of being able to charge a higher rate and therefore make good money. It’s important to be able to create a comfortable, welcoming, private space that your guests can call home when they visit. It’s also important that you’re willing to share your space with potential future guests! Hospitality requires thought, care, and attention, but a lot of people truly enjoy working with guests and making an effort to ensure they are comfortable and they have a positive experience during their visit.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income from anywhere in the world including New York City. By promoting a company’s products (typically through an affiliate program or network), you can earn a commission every time a customer buys products through your website or as a result of your marketing efforts. The concept of affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing. If a distributor provides a financial incentive to affiliates who market their goods, marketing will increase exponentially which means that both the affiliate and the distributor will benefit from increased profits.


To get started with affiliate marketing, you must first identify a product you believe in and write compelling material about it online. You also must partner with a distributor who is willing to pay you a percentage of every sale that comes through your website. Amazon has an affiliate program, but affiliates must fulfill certain specifications before they are permanently on-boarded into the program. A large number of other companies have affiliate programs that are designed to expand their profits, but you can also contact companies directly if they don’t have an affiliate program in place and ask if they would be willing to pay you a commission when a customer clicks through your website to buy their products.


It can take a lot of time and energy to build an affiliate program that pays $1000 per month or more, but once you develop a following and regular website visitors who click-through to buy products, the income is passive. The key is to start slowly and build your affiliate marketing business over time.

Do Freelance Work

Freelancing has become much more common-place with the advent of websites like Upwork, Flexjobs, and These freelancing websites are a medium through which employers and contractors can come together and safely do business. Upwork is one of the most famous freelancing sites that allows writers, graphic designers, video producers, computer programmers, virtual assistants, and other types of remote workers to display their skills to interested employers. Business owners in need of web development, content writing, marketing, or organizational help can easily hire a remote worker through this platform. Work can be performed by contractors on a per-project or hourly basis. As a contractor, you can generally set your own fees and your own hours.


Freelancing through Upwork can be done from anywhere in the world. Often New York City freelancers who work through these platforms spend time at coworking spaces to enhance their skills via workshops or by networking with other freelancers. This type of work allows workers a lot of flexibility in their lives and the ability to constantly be mingling with new people and employers. For people with the right skills who are looking for a way to do some moonlighting on the weekends or evenings in order to make a little extra money, freelancing is an excellent choice.


Offer a Service Through is an online marketplace through which talented individuals can display their services to interested consumers. Fiverr and Upwork have certain things in common in that both platforms can be used by writers, computer programmers, and graphic designers, but Fiverr also functions as a marketplace for other diverse talents and services from hanging flyers to astrology readings. Almost anyone can come up with a service that’s marketable through this platform, but the trick is to come up with a service that’s truly needed by consumers and set a sensible price point for it.


If you live in New York City or the surrounding area and you’re looking for a way to make an extra $1000 a month, spend some time brainstorming on services that are needed in your area and create a profile around that service at Fiverr. If there’s already a lot of competition for your chosen service at the website, consider offering the service at a lower price at first to get your foot in the door with clients. Once you’ve built a reputation for high-quality service and excellent turn-around times, you can raise your rates. The monthly income will inevitably vary from month-to-month, but Fiverr can be a great way to maximize your profit potential without having to hit the streets to market your services.

Start a Lawn Care Business in Your Neighborhood

If you live in or near an area of New York City where lawn care is needed, this can be a lucrative year-round job. In the summer, you can mow lawns and apply fertilizer, in the fall you can sweep leaves, and in the winter, snow removal will keep your business running. Starting a lawn care business is all about word-of-mouth and building a clientele that appreciates what you do enough to tell their friends about it.


Taking care of client’s yards is a great way to make extra money if you love being outdoors. A lawn care business requires some equipment to get started so there are upstart costs, but you could start with some very basic tools like just a lawn mower and weed wacker and as you gather clients and make additional income, you can invest in additional tools to keep income coming in during the fall, winter, and spring months.

Teach Homeschooled Kids Through

For homeschooling parents and regular teachers alike, teaching online through is a good way to both make an extra $1000/month (or more). Homeschooled kids especially are always in need of higher quality online learning materials, and is making an effort to provide those materials by allowing qualified individuals to develop courses and classes on various topics that are inspiring to kids. To teach on Outschool, you don’t need to have any teaching qualifications or licenses, you only need to prove your knowledge in the subject matter you want to teach, be able to provide a criminal background check during the signup process, and be a citizen of the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.


Classes available through Outschool are extremely broad. This is a great place to stretch your creative bounds in developing an engaging, thought provoking class with interesting homework and class materials. If you homeschool your own kids or just have a passion for teaching creatively, then this might be a good job for you!

Sell Crafts Through Etsy

For crafty or artistic people, Etsy is a fantastic platform to use to sell your creations and make a profit from what you’ve created. Whether you enjoy doing elaborate paintings or making practical items like baskets and bowls, there’s a niche on Etsy and a group of customers that are sure to be interested in what you make. The Etsy marketplace reaches customers worldwide, so even if you’re based in New York City your potential customer base can stretch across the entire globe! If you want to start a business on Etsy you’ll need to be aware of the fees associated with listing items, but if you’re willing to take a small risk to try making money by selling your art, this is a good place to start.


If you don’t want to or can’t send packages to particular area of the world, Etsy can help you manage your customer’s expectations. And plus, the company offers support and classes to people who are just getting started, so you can easily get your business up and running in no time at all.

Give Tours of Your Area

Giving tours of the area where you live can be a rewarding, fun, and interesting job to pursue if you love your home and you want to share your passion for it. There are many options available if you’re interested in giving tours. On the global Airbnb Experiences platform you can conduct your own self-designed tour of anything you’d like, anywhere in New York state! It’s also possible to find jobs giving tours of specific buildings or areas of cities in New York as a part of a historical society or organization. Keep in mind that if you decide you want to give tours as a part of an established company or organization, you will need to first get a New York Tour Guide License for the area in which you will be conducting tours.

Provide Translation Services

If you speak more than one language, offering translation services can be a great way to flex your skills and provide an essential and valuable service to your community. Depending on your personal preference, you can either work online or in-person providing translation services, and you can do either written or spoken translation. People who have other specialities and knowledge sets, such as people who went to school for psychology, law, or medicine may be able to get higher paying, more targeted jobs doing translation specifically within those fields. New York is a multicultural, multilingual state with a high need for quality translations services, so the odds are high that you’ll be able to get work quickly, especially if you know another language(s) for which translation services are in high demand (like Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, or German).


Check out The Translation Company to find translation jobs or join the New York Circle of Translators to learn about certifications and job opportunities in New York State.

Walk Dogs

Dog walking is a fairly simple and straightforward side job that’s in high demand in almost any neighborhood. There are a lot of people who are in a position where they are not able to walk their dog(s) and they need someone else to do this important caretaking activity for their pet. If you love dogs, this may be a good way to earn some extra income. While it is possible to start your own business doing dog walking, it may be simpler to sign up with the many dog walking agencies in New York. For example, if you’re located in New York City, check out NYC Pooch. For some people, the idea of walking dogs may seem like the kind of job that’s simpler without signing up as part of an agency. However, if you decide to join an established company like NYC Pooch you’re getting a solid company reputation and the support of a community of other dog walkers! Plus, you’re more likely to be able to find work quickly and maintain your client-base over time.