As a PCS caregiver, there are many things that you need to know how to do. Diapering an adult might be one of them. This task can seem a little intimidating at first, so it’s helpful to have a guide that can assist you the first few times that you need to perform this task.


Keep on reading to learn the basics of changing an adult diaper. We’ll guide you through what you need to know and provide some tips that can help you in the process. Soon, you’ll be able to do it without a guide to lean on.


What Will You Need To Change An Adult Diaper?

The first thing that you need to know is what you will need to change an adult diaper. Having all of your supplies out and ready when the time comes will make everything go much smoother.


We will go over a few of the standard supplies that you’ll be needing in this process. They should all be simple to find and affordable.


Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are simple to find. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Make sure your patient doesn’t have a latex allergy, as your hand might come into contact with their skin. If they do, there are other materials you can invest in.


Disposable gloves will:


●  Keep you clean

●  Make the cleanup process faster

●  Allow you to prepare and act fast


These can be found at almost any store that sells basic medical supplies. A large box will set you back only about ten dollars, though some nicer varieties are a little bit more.


Clean Adult Diaper

Next, you’ll need to get the adult diapers. The bigger pack you can get, the better. You can store them until necessary.


When looking for an adult diaper:


●  Make sure there are no materials inside that your patient is allergic to

●  Pick the right size

●  Choose a style that works best for both of you


There are many affordable options for adult diapers. They can be found at any drug or grocery store, though some of the best brands are online.

Plastic Bag

A plastic bag will come in handy throughout the process. You can throw away materials as you go and tie up the bag once you are all done.


Depending on what you’ll be throwing away, you can use:


●  Grocery bags

●  Plastic trash bags


Either of these will work. The trash bag will hold more and tie easier, but many have grocery bags already on hand.


Wet Wipes

Wet wipes assist in the cleanup process as well. You’ll need to use them on your patient to ensure that rashes don’t occur, which can be painful and debilitating. It can also damage the skin.


Wet wipes are also available at almost any store. They’re much easier than any kind of towel you may use.


Barrier Cream

Barrier cream might be necessary for some patients, but not all. This product will help to heal and protect any damaged skin. If your patient is susceptible to this, barrier cream should be something you have on hand.


This item is applied after the wet wipes are used. It will help to make your patient more comfortable. It can be applied easily in a certain position, which we will discuss next.


Positioning Yourself To Change An Adult Diaper

Knowing how to position yourself when changing an adult diaper is also critical. Being in the wrong position can make the process harder for both of you.


When preparing an adult for this process, you should:


●  Lay them flat on their back if using a normal bed

●  Lay them back, then bring the bed to your hips if using an adjustable bed


They should be close to the edge, but not hanging off. You can adjust their legs accordingly so that you can change the adult diaper and help them to get clean. You should also make sure that you have good lighting wherever you are so you can begin the changing process.

Changing The Adult Diaper

By this point, you should understand the materials that you need and the proper positioning. We can now go over how you can change the adult diaper. There are a few steps that you will need to follow to accomplish this task.


When changing an adult diaper, you should:


●  Put on the gloves, ensuring that they are over your hand before proceeding

●  Open the diaper, making sure that your patient is comfortable, and you can see

●  Tuck the side of the diaper farthest away from you underneath the patient

●  Gently roll your patient so that you can remove the diaper and clean

●  Use the wet wipes to thoroughly clean them, and apply cream if needed

●  Fold the diaper up and put it into the bag

●  Open the new diaper and place it under them, rolling them back on top

●  Fasten the new diaper

●  Readjust the bed and the patient

●  Throw everything away

●  Wash your hands thoroughly


By following those steps in the order that they are listed, you will be able to diaper your patient quickly, while keeping them as comfortable as possible. The process should be simple and clean. Next, we’ll discuss how often this event should occur.


How Often Should An Adult Diaper Be Changed?

Knowing how often an adult diaper should be changed is crucial. Being on top of it will keep your patient comfortable and prevent health risks that can come from delaying the changing of an adult diaper.


Most who need adult diapers will need them changed anywhere between 5-8 times a day. This means that you should check every two hours or so. Normally you can tell when it occurs but being vigilant can make a huge difference. Plan on being ready every few hours for another change, though everyone is different. There are a few tips you should know, as well.


Tips For Diapering An Adult

Now that you know the process, we should go over a few tips that you can keep in mind as you assist your patient. These will help you and your patient adjust to this process, as it is probably new for both of you.


Some of the best things to remember:


●  Have a good attitude, as this is a hard stage of life for the patient you are helping

●  Use the correct size, as anything too big or too small will be both uncomfortable and result in a mess

●  Get help if you can so that you can be quicker and make the patient more comfortable

●  Ensure that the diaper is not too loose or too tight so that you are not hurting the patient

●  Make sure that the top tab faces down, and the bottom tab faces up


If you can keep all of these things in mind as you become more comfortable with this task, they will serve you well. This stage of life is difficult for everybody. You are helping your patient so that they can have the best possible quality of life in their state. You are in charge of showing them that you care for them and are there, no matter what.


Best Diapers for Adults

We’ve gone over the steps and tips that you need. Now, we should talk about the physical diapers themselves. Picking a good brand of an adult diaper can make a big difference. Some of them are easier to use, and some of them are just more comfortable and simpler to wear for the individual you’re caring for.


We’ll go over a few of the best brands of adult diapers and talk about why. There should be a diaper available for every desired price point and style. All of these are intended for if your patient cannot use the restroom by themselves.


Depends Maximum Protection Briefs with Tabs

Depends is always a reliable brand, and they have provided adult diapers in stores for a long time. You can find them at any local store that carries medical and hygienic supplies


Depends features:


●  EasyGrip tabs for easy changing

●  Indicators so that you can see when a change is necessary

●  Leakage protection

●  No fragrances or latex


For a reliable brand, you can select this one. Depends is a great choice for anyone looking to help their patient and make them as comfortable as possible while they are in this state.


Attends Premier Tab-Style Briefs

These adult diapers are good if the patient you are caring for needs a heavy-duty diaper variety. They are also affordable, and easy to store for the long haul. They have tabs for a simple changing process.


Attends also possesses:


●  Soft and absorbent materials

●  Triple moisture protection

●  A high-rise tab fit

●  Outer cloth that helps to keep everything in


Attends is sure to keep your patient clean and comfortable no matter what time of day it is. They are another brand that you can rely on.


Tranquility ATN Adult Diapers

Finally, we’ll talk about Tranquility ATN Adult Diapers. These are also made to be heavy-duty, which can help to prevent messes. This brand is often used in hospitals as well as in-home care scenarios.


Tranquility Adult Diapers:


●  Hook together easily

●  Neutralize odor and bacterial growth

●  Use leg cuffs to keep everything in

●  Utilize poly-backing to protect the bed and clothes


This diaper is also a great choice. Any of these will serve you well in providing the best care that you can. In no time at all, you will master this process. You will be allowing the patient to be comfortable in the most uncomfortable of situations.