If you’re a Las Vegas resident, and you’ve recently lost your job, you might be wondering if you’re eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits in the state of Nevada.


In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about claiming unemployment in Las Vegas.


We’ll discuss who is eligible, how to get the application process started, how much you can expect to make, and a lot more.

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits in Las Vegas?


Unemployment insurance benefits in Nevada are meant for people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.


To be eligible, you must meet all of the following criteria.


  • You must be currently unemployed
  • You must have been employed in Nevada during the past 12 months (in some cases this period might be longer)
  • You must have been earning at least the minimum wage as defined by Nevada guidelines
  • Currently, you must be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking work


If you meet all of the criteria above, then you’re eligible for Nevada unemployment benefits. You can get started with the application process, as we will discuss below.

What is the base period for unemployment in Las Vegas?


Almost every state determines your eligibility for unemployment insurance by looking at your work history and earnings during a “base period”.


As we mentioned above, you must have been employed in Nevada during the previous 12 months to be eligible.


But it gets a bit more specific than that with the base period.


Whenever you apply for unemployment, the state will look at your earnings during the previous five calendar quarters (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec).


And then they will count only the earliest four out of those five quarters. So, if you apply for benefits on May 1, 2022, they will look at your income during Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2021.


During those four quarters, you must have earned at least $400 during your biggest income quarter.


You must also meet one of the following two base period requirements to be eligible for unemployment.

Highest income quarter vs. total income


Whatever you earned during your biggest income quarter, your total income during the base period must be one-and-a-half times more.


Let’s say you earned $6,000.00 during Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2021, and that’s your highest income quarter in 2021. And your base period is all of 2021.


That means that during your entire base period (all of 2021), must earn at least $9,000.

At least three quarters of income 


If you didn’t earn one-and-a-half times your highest quarter, then you can show that you earned income during at least three of the four quarters in your base period.

What if I quit my job or got fired?


One of the requirements of unemployment insurance is that you must be out of a job through no fault of your own.


That doesn’t mean you’re automatically disqualified if you got fired or if you quit. But there are certain factors to consider.


If you were fired because you were no longer a good fit for the job due to lack of skills or training, then you might still be eligible for benefits.


However, if you were fired because of some sort of misconduct, then you won’t be able to collect unemployment.


If you quit your job, generally you would not be eligible for unemployment.


But if it was a situation where you had no choice but to quit, then it’s a different consideration.


For example, if you had to quit because of a hostile or dangerous work environment, or you were subject to sexual harassment, then you could still be eligible.


For all the details about eligibility under specific circumstances, check out the NV Unemployment Claimant’s Guide.

Eligibility under special circumstances


During unforeseen and special circumstances, like we saw with Covid-19, there might be different eligibility rules temporarily.


For example, you wouldn’t have needed to prove that you’re actively looking for work during the pandemic to claim unemployment.


Also, if you’re in a high risk group due to age or certain underlying medical conditions, or if you were caring for a child who couldn’t attend school due to Covid-19, you could refuse suitable work and still collect unemployment.


You can learn more about it with the Nevada Senate Bill 3.


How much unemployment will I get in Las Vegas?


Typically, the maximum benefit you can claim from Nevada unemployment insurance is $469 per week, for 26 weeks.


But once again, during special circumstances like a pandemic, unemployment amount is often increased and the duration is extended.


For example, with the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), benefits were increased by an additional $300 per week, and also you could claim benefits for 46 weeks, instead of the usual 26.


For the most up-to-date amounts and periods, be sure to check with your local Nevada unemployment offices.

How to apply for unemployment benefits in Las Vegas?


There are 3 steps to applying and claiming unemployment benefits in Nevada online.


Step 1 – Register as a new claimant.


Step 2 – Apply for benefits.


Step 3 – Claim your weekly benefits.


Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps.


Step 1 – Register as a new claimant


The first step is to create your account with Unemployment Insurance NV (also known as UINV).


You can register here.


You can follow their YouTube channel for step by step video instructions, or refer to this guide.


In this step, you’ll complete your online registration by providing personal details such as your address, contact information, demographic information, as well as your earnings and employer information.


Unemployment benefits estimator


When you’re creating your profile, one of the pages will ask you information to provide an assessment of your potential eligibility.


It will also provide an estimate of the weekly benefits you might receive if you’re deemed eligible.


The wages section will show what you earned and your wages that were reported in your base period (see above).


If there are missing employers, or you see employers listed that you do not recognize, you’ll be able to report the discrepancies.

Step 2 – Apply for benefits


After you’ve registered, the next step is to apply for the benefits and set up your first claim.


Here, you will provide further information like verifying and updating your employment history. You’ll also need to provide evidence that you’re actively searching for work (see below)


After you set up your first claim, you’ll need to file a claim each week to continue receiving unemployment benefits in Nevada.


Here’s another instructional video that details each part of this step.


The work search activity record


Each week you apply for unemployment in Las Vegas, you must complete a work search activity as evidence that you’re actively searching for suitable jobs.


You must provide this information on a continual basis, and they can be reviewed at any time.


If you don’t provide a job search record each week, your benefits claims can get denied.


For detailed instructions, and a printable work search activity record form, click here.


Step 3 – Claim your weekly benefits


Once you’re deemed eligible after the previous two steps, you certify your eligibility by filing your unemployment claim.


And you need to file a new claim for each week that you want to claim unemployment benefits.


For each week that you’re eligible, you must wait till the week has ended (Saturday at midnight) to file your claim.


If you take a break from filing claims for three weeks, you might have to reactivate your claim.


Here’s another instructional video that details this step of the process, as well as the guide.


How long does it take to get approved for unemployment in Las Vegas?


The approval process usually takes around 7-10 days. But during times when there are a lot of new applicants, or a higher than usual volume of claims, you can expect delays.


Can you appeal if you get denied unemployment benefits in Las Vegas?


Yes, if you think that your claim was denied by error and you meet all the eligibility criteria, then you can appeal the decision.


Or if you get asked to repay any benefits you’ve received and you believe that there is a mistake.


The appeal process is in place to make sure that you get a fair and unbiased hearing to examine the details of your claim.


The Appeals Referee will send you a written notification about the decision. It will include details about the case, and the final conclusions based on the law. The process might take up to three weeks.


Check out the Appeals Information page in the UInv website for more information.


How long will unemployment benefits last in Las Vegas?


Unemployment benefits will usually last 26 weeks. But as we explained before, during special circumstances like Covid-19, that period was extended.

Unemployment office information in Las vegas


Here are the unemployment offices in Las Vegas.

Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation


Address: 6330 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, United States

Phone: +1 702-486-0350


Address: 2800 E St Louis Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Phone: +1 702-486-7923


The DETR offices handle all the basic tasks of receiving and approving claims applications, as well as distributing benefits.


This is also the office that you would call if you had any questions about your eligibility, the application process, or if you wanted to check the status of your claim.

Appeals Office


Address: 555 E Washington Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

Phone: +1 702-486-7933


As we explained above, you can appeal the decision if your claim has been denied. This is the office that would handle and file your appeal.

Nevada JobConnect Career Center


Address: 3405 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169, United States

Phone: +1 702-486-0100


One of the requirements of collecting unemployment is that you must be available and actively seeking work. If you need help looking for a job, the Nevada JobConnect Career Center has a variety of resources to point you in the right directions.

Appeals Referee Office


Address: 2800 E St Louis Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Phone: +1 702-486-7933


This is the office that is ultimately responsible for making the decision on your appeal regarding your unemployment insurance benefits.

Key Takeaways


Go through the eligibility criteria listed above to see if you think that you might be eligible for unemployment benefits in Las Vegas.


If you meet the requirements then get the process started by registering as a claimant.


If you have any questions, then be sure to reach out to one of the offices listed above. Or, you can watch these step-by-step instruction videos or refer to the guide for help with applying and claiming your benefits.

Check out the rest of our site to learn more about Freedomcare in Nevada.