If you are a CDPAP caregiver for a loved one who is incontinent, you’ll need to change his or her diapers. Find out how to change diapers, along with some tips to make it easier. Also, get the details on the best diapers for adults.

First, though, let’s go over the supplies you’ll need to change adult diapers.

What Will You Need to Change an Adult Diaper?

You need a handful of supplies to change adult diapers. Let’s start with disposal gloves.

Disposable Gloves

First, you should wear disposable gloves every time you change an adult diaper. Gloves will prevent your hands from coming into contact with the bacteria in the stool. You might have small cuts or cracks on your hands that provide an entryway for the bacteria.

Clean Adult Diaper

You will need to replace the soiled diaper with a clean one. There are numerous options on the market right now, so you can choose based on absorbency, odor control, comfort, and more.

Plastic Bag

You’ll need to place the soiled diaper, wipes, and gloves in a plastic bag. The plastic bag will prevent urine or feces from getting on the bedding or floor.

Wet Wipes

You need to prevent a diaper rash from forming. Thoroughly cleaning your loved one with a wet wipe will do the trick.

Barrier Cream

If your loved one develops a skin irritation or rash, you’ll need to use a barrier cream. The cream creates a moisture barrier so the skin can heal.

If your loved one is prone to diaper rashes, you can use barrier cream all the time. Along with helping the skin heal, this cream also reduces the risk of additional rashes or irritations forming.

Now, let’s look at how to position your loved one when changing an adult diaper.

Positioning for Changing an Adult Diaper

Your loved one must be in the proper position during diaper changes. The right position will ensure that your loved one is safe and comfortable, so you can easily change the diaper. The positioning you use depends on if you’re using a standard or adjustable bed.

If you are using a standard bed, lay your loved one on his or her back. Make sure he or she is comfortable and secure.

If you’re using an adjustable bed, adjust the bed’s height so it’s slightly lower than your hips. Then, adjust the head of the bed so your loved one is in a horizontal position. Your loved one might not tolerate being fully horizontal. Thus, go as low as possible while keeping your loved one comfortable.

Then, make sure your loved one lies flat on the bed, on his or her back.

Now, let’s look at the steps you must take when changing the adult diaper.

Changing the Adult Diaper

Once your loved one is in position, you can change the diaper. First, you need to wash your hands with warm water and soap. Then, dry your hands to remove all moisture and put on your medical gloves.

Next, you need to remove the soiled diaper. Begin by unfastening the tabs on both sides. Then, grab the side that’s furthest from you, and tuck it under your loved one’s hip.

Then, place one hand on that same hip. Your other hand should be on your loved one’s shoulder with a gentle but firm grip. Then, use your hands to gently roll your loved one so he or she is facing away from you. Stop rolling when your loved one is positioned on his or her side.

Then, grip the unfastened diaper and pull it to remove it. You should do this slowly, rolling the diaper inward while pulling it out. This will prevent urine and feces from falling out of the diaper and landing on the bedding.

Once the diaper is free, put it in the plastic bag you have ready. Keep the bag open, though, so you can place the wet wipes and gloves inside.

Next, take out a wet wipe and use it to clean the front and back of the diapered area. Be gentle as you clean the area, so you don’t cause pain or irritation.

You might have to reposition your loved one to his or her back or the other side to fully clean the diapered area. Again, roll your loved one into the proper position by holding the hip and shoulder. When you finish, reposition or keep your loved one on his or her side.

Discard the used wet wipes in the plastic bag but keep it open. Then, conduct a visual inspection for bedsores. Bedsores can develop quickly and require immediate attention. Thus, this should be part of the diaper changing process each time.

If your loved one has or is prone to diaper rashes, apply a barrier cream.

Wait until the skin dries, and then grab a fresh diaper. Open the diaper and hold it in front of you. Then, tuck one side of it under your loved one’s hip, with the rest of the diaper on the bed behind him or her. You want to position it so your loved one will end up directly on top of it when rolling on his or her back.

Make sure the diaper is flat and smooth when placing it on the bed. Also, smooth out the sheets so the diaper doesn’t bunch up.

Then, use your hands to gently roll your loved one onto his or her back. Once in the right position, grab the portion of the diaper sitting between the legs. Pull it through the middle of the legs and up toward the abdomen.

Check for wrinkles in the diaper and remove them as needed. Then, you need to fasten the diaper. A snug fit is important, so make sure you fasten the diaper with the:

·        Bottom tabs pointing upward

·        Top tabs pointing forward

Next, put your gloves in the plastic bag. Then, seal the bag so the contents don’t spill.

Put the plastic bag in the trash and immediately wash and dry your hands. Then, return to the bed and put it in a comfortable position.

Now, let’s look at how often you should change an adult diaper.

How Often Should an Adult Diaper Be Changed?

There is not an exact number to follow when determining how often you should change your loved one’s diaper. Instead, you need to change it every time it’s soiled.

This prevents rashes and is more comfortable for the patient. Thus, perform regular checks and change it right away if it’s soiled.

Now let’s look at some tips for diapering an adult.

Tips for Diapering an Adult

You want the experience to be as easy as possible for both you and your loved one. These tips can help you both get through diaper changes with ease.

Have a Good Attitude

A good attitude will help both you and your loved one. Stay positive and cheerful during changes to put your family member at ease. A positive attitude will also help you focus on the task at hand.

Use the Correct Size

Using the right-sized diaper is one of the most important tips to follow. If the diaper is too big or small, it will leak. Also, an ill-fitting diaper can cause scratches and irritation.

It’s Easier If Someone Can Help You

If you have someone who can assist during diaper changes, the process will be much easier. With some help, rolling and cleaning your loved one won’t be a problem.

Make Sure It’s Not Too Tight or Loose on the Patient

When you fasten the diaper, it should be snug and secure. If it’s too loose or tight, you can expect leakage and a diaper rash. Make sure there’s not a gap between the legs and the diaper. At the same time, it also shouldn’t be so tight that it cuts into the skin.

Part of ensuring the right fit is positioning the tabs correctly. Remember, when it comes to tabs on adult diapers, you need to think in opposites. For example, when attaching the top tab, it should face down. On the other hand, the bottom tab should face up.

Now that you know how to change an adult diaper, it’s time to look at some of your best options.

Best Diapers for Adults

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for adult diapers. There are so many options that you aren’t sure which to choose. Let’s look at the best diapers for adults, starting with Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-up Underwear.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Up Underwear

Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Up Underwear stands out for numerous reasons. First, the diapers are available in small to 2XL, so you can easily find the right fit for your loved one.

These diapers also have odor control technology. Along with neutralizing the odor, it keeps the skin fresh and healthy.

Plus, these diapers are ideal for overnight use. The diapers include leg cuffs to protect against leakage, so your loved one can get through the night.

Prevail Pull-Up Underwear

If your loved one suffers from moderate incontinence, consider Prevail Pull-Up Underwear. These diapers look like real underwear, so your loved one will feel confident. Also, the diapers turn liquid into gel, so the patient isn’t likely to develop diaper rashes.

McKesson Ultra Pull-Up Underwear

McKesson Ultra Pull-Up Underwear also looks like real underwear instead of diapers. It keeps the wearer dry and includes an odor guard. Thus, your loved one can socialize and interact with others without feeling self-conscious.

Pick up some of these diapers for your loved one. Then, keep this guide handy, so you can change diapers properly.