Living in a nursing home comes with a lot of benefits. This article goes over all that you should know about these facilities, ranging from their typical costs to the application processes.

Meanwhile, our list of the best 10 nursing homes in the Empire State can help you choose the right facility for your loved one.

Why would someone live in a nursing home?

Your elderly or sick loved one will need to stay at a nursing home if they can’t care for themselves or independently complete day-to-day tasks. This is especially true when they don’t have a CDPAP caregiver.

There are many benefits to living in a nursing home. The following are some of them:

  • Care is available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.
  • Access to on-call doctors.
  • Your family member or friend can have an active social life and participate in activities with other nursing home residents.
  • The ability to enjoy privacy in the resident’s own room.

While moving from one’s house or apartment to a nursing home can cost time and money, the advantages of doing so are certainly worth it.

Average Costs of Nursing Homes in New York

On average, New Yorkers have to pay $2,000 to $3,600 per month to live in a nursing home. This is equal to about $165 to $300 per day.

This amount may seem expensive, but you can find plenty of programs and policies that could help you cover all or most of the cost.

Will Medicaid pay for a nursing home in NY?

If your loved one can’t afford the professional help and care that they need, New York’s Medicaid program will pay for the cost of a nursing home.

Patients who have little-to-no assets can receive this coverage. When this is the case, you want to make sure that your friend or family member first gets accepted into a nursing home before they put their time and effort into a Medicaid application.

How does someone apply for a nursing home?

An elderly or sick person has to meet the following requirements when they apply for a nursing home:

  • The patient has an illness that makes them physically or mentally disabled.
  • They are either semi-mobile, use a wheelchair, or are bed bound, which makes it necessary for them to acquire assistance with daily activities like walking and going to the toilet.
  • Your loved one has tried other care options, but to no avail. Examples include hiring a domestic worker, going to daycare facilities, and obtaining services from at-home caregivers.
  • The person can’t get the help and care that they need from family members or professional service providers at their own house or apartment.
  • The nursing home applicant must pass a means-test (which is based on their financial situation and the amount of assets that they have) to qualify for long-term subsidies.

If your elderly or sick loved one meets these requirements, you want them to start applying for nursing homes as soon as they can. There are many high-quality options that they can pick from all across New York.

The Best Nursing Homes in NY

The following list of nursing homes in the Empire State have numerous benefits and a great deal of positive reviews.

1. Amsterdam Nursing Home

Amsterdam Nursing Home offers patients plenty of amenities and opportunities to socialize. A lot of the residents and their family members who left online reviews were impressed by the staff’s care and dedication.

  • Location: 1060 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY

2. Belair Care Center

One of the most prominent benefits that the Belair Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides is the WE CARE Family Communication Plan. This tool allows the family members and friends of residents to receive constant updates about their loved one’s condition via text messages and/or emails.

One reviewer, whose aunt utilized this facility’s services, said that “the therapy [department] is the best I’ve seen yet. The nursing staff is friendly and [makes] you [feel] like you are home. The building is very clean and bright. Highly recommend this rehab facility for anyone looking for a family member or loved one.”

  • Location: 2478 Jerusalem Ave., Bellmore, NY

3. Brookhaven Health Care Facility

The federal government has given the Brookhaven Health Care Facility a five-star rating and the state of New York has consistently awarded this entity with top quintile status.

Meanwhile, the patients and their families have highlighted the compassion, positivity, and attentiveness of the facility’s staff in their online reviews.

  • Location: 801 Gazzola Blvd., East Patchogue, NY

4. Elderwood at Grand Island

Elderwood at Grant Island caters to patients with both long and short-term care needs. It is also located in a highly convenient area.

One online reviewer praised Elderwood at Grant Island’s “great attention to its residents, clean environment, [and] friendly staff”.

  • Location: 2850 Grand Island Blvd., Grand Island, NY

5. Ellis Residential & Rehabilitation Center

This facility prioritizes its residents’ individuality and quality of life. The Ellis Residential and Rehabilitation Center boasts a lower-than-average hospital-readmission rate, and its patients can enjoy 24-hour access to nursing care and extended physical therapy hours.

  • Location: 600 Mcclellan St., Schenectady, NY

6. NYC Health + Hospitals/Sea View Skilled Nursing Facility

The NYC Health + Hospitals/Sea View Skilled Nursing Facility has been recognized as one of the best nursing homes in the country by U.S. News and Newsweek, and it attained a five-star rating by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Many online reviews are particularly praising the entity’s cleanliness. Similarly, the helpful and friendly staff and high-quality service are popular among patients and their families.

  • Location: 460 Brielle Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314, USA

7. Friendly Home

Friendly Home is ideal if you are looking for a place that has a customized, individual-oriented approach that values your loved one’s independence and personal preferences.

  • Location: 3156 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14618, USA

8. Long Island State Veterans Home

Veterans Home provides those who served their country with nursing, adult day care, and short-term rehabilitation services.

The facility’s almost 50 Google reviewers gave it a 4.8-star rating. One of them said: “My father in law was recently admitted to this facility. We have been very happy with his care. The staff is very accommodating. The facility is very clean. I would highly recommend this facility for your loved one.”

  • Location: 100 Patriots Rd, Stony Brook, NY 11790, USA

9. Terrace View

At Terrace View, your loved one will have access to a wide range of amenities. In fact, they even have rooms for visitors who want to stay with their friend or family member overnight.

Here is what a resident’s brother had to say: “He did so well with rehab, and made so many new friends he decided to stay on. He’s very happy and the staff are hard working and kind.”

  • Location: 462 Grider St, Buffalo, NY 14215, USA

10. Forest View Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing

The Forest View Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is suitable for patients that require temporary and long-term care, alike. This includes those with specific necessities (such as help with preparing meals or taking medications on schedule) and residents that demand more extensive assistance with completing daily tasks.

The facility’s 119 Google reviewers gave it 4.4 stars.

  • Location: 71-20 110th St, Forest Hills, NY 11375, USA

Once you narrow down your choices from this list, you and your loved one might want to visit your preferred facilities in-person to view the rooms and amenities, as well as to inquire about the application processes.

If you’re lucky, the nursing home that you choose may even help your friend or family member apply for Medicaid when they need it.