Our clients who enroll in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) know that they need to be on medicaid in order to qualify for the program.


In order to help you make a more informed decision regarding your health, we put together this guide of the 10 Best Podiatrists in NYC Who Accept Medicaid


(Below is a list of doctors with different specialties who accept Medicaid)


Finding a top-rated podiatrist who accepts Medicaid in New York can be challenging and even time-consuming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 podiatrists in NYC who accept Medicaid payments.

The doctors we’ve included in our list below are ranked according to their reviews and each entry includes a short biography and some information to help you find the right physician for you. If you’re looking for a highly-rated Medicaid podiatrist in New York, this list will save you time and energy and help you get back on your feet in no time!

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that studies, diagnoses, and treats issues pertaining to the lower legs, ankles, and feet. According to the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, podiatrists are required to study human anatomy and physiology, general medicine, diagnostic medicine, biochemistry, neurobiology, genetics and embryology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, microbiology, women’s health, sport medicine, and physical rehabilitation among other things.

Though they are doctors, they don’t go to the same medical schools that general practitioners go to and instead have their own specialized schools and professional associations.

Doctors who are trained in podiatry go to school for 4 years to study illnesses and injuries that can affect the lower legs and feet and to better understand how the bones, nerves, and muscles work together when a person is walking or running.

Doctors must rotate through various areas of medicine to become knowledgeable and have experience with other medical fields that are pertinent to the health of the feet, ankles, and legs. They receive the designation DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) rather than MD (Medical Doctor) because they attend different institutions and follow a different educational path than MD’s.

Doctors of Podiatric Medicine can prescribe medications, reset fractured bones, order lab tests or X-rays, and even do surgery, but often they must work closely with other medical specialists to achieve positive health outcomes.

Podiatry is a medical specialty that focuses on treating the lower legs and feet. Podiatrists can treat diseases, disorders, and injuries and they can also assist with chronic health problems like diabetes. There are only nine accredited podiatry schools in the United States so this is a very competitive field of medicine.

10 Best Podiatrists in NYC

1. Paul Eckstein, DPM, FACFAS (5 stars)

Dr. Paul Eckstein is a New York City podiatrist with over 26 years of experience. He speaks both English and Spanish and can consult with patients in either language. Dr. Eckstein is currently the Attending Ambulatory Physician at Staten Island University Hospital Diabetic Treatment Center. He specializes in wound care and limb salvaging and regularly trains podiatric residents in these areas.

Dr. Eckstein’s patients note that the doctor pays careful attention to detail and that he is very well-versed on the treatment and management of even the most severe leg and foot ailments.

Dr. Eckstein’s Practice

Dr. Eckstein provides services at the following location:

Foot Care of Manhattan

161 Madison Ave., Ste. 7SW

New York, NY 10016

(212) 564-2331


·        Graduated with his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1994.

·        Completed his residency in podiatric medicine and surgery at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and other affiliated institutions in 1996.

·        Holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a licensed nutritionist and dietician.

Dr. Eckstein specializes in providing the following podiatric services:

·        Bunions

·        Hammertoes

·        Ankle sprains

·        Orthotics

·        Heel pain

·        Cosmetic foot surgery

·        Diabetic foot problems

·        Heel pain

·        Neuromas

·        Foot and ankle fractures

Board Certifications

·        Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery

·        Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

·        American Board of Podiatric Surgery – Foot Surgery

2. Alison Croughan, DPM, FACFAOM (5 stars)

Dr. Alison Croughan has over 10 years of experience in podiatry and is a part of the Advanced Podiatry team in New York City. She is committed to developing a relationship with each of her patients and makes an effort to ensure that communication about even the most complex medical issues is made clear and concise using terminology the patient will understand. Dr. Croughan is affiliated with the North Shore University Hospital, the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, the Huntington Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital.

Dr. Croughan’s Practice

Dr. Croughan has two locations where she offers podiatric treatment services:

Advanced Podiatry Manhasset

2110 Northern Blvd., Ste. 208

Manhasset, NY 11030

(516) 869-3300


Advanced Podiatry

181 Main St., Ste. 207

Huntington, NY 11743

(631) 427-3678


Dr. Croughan offers specialized treatment in the following areas:

·        Diabetic foot infections

·        Congenital conditions of the feet and ankles

·        Foot and ankle trauma

·        Athlete’s foot

·        Clubfoot

·        Neuromas

·        Soft tissue sarcomas

·        Plantar fasciitis

·        Ingrown toenails

·        Bunions

·        Flatfeet


·        Received her undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (in multicultural studies, psychology, and pre-med studies) from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York in 2006.

·        Graduated with her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in 2010.

·        Completed her residency in podiatric medicine and surgery at the Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital in 2013.

Dr. Croughan has the following certifications:

·        Ponseti Method for Clubfoot Treatment

·        Baltimore Limb Deformity and Correction

·        Basic Life Support

·        Advanced Life Support

·        Association for Osteosynthesis – Basic

·        Association for Osteosynthesis – Advanced

·        Advanced Applications of the Taylor Spatial Frame

·        Stryker Advanced Techniques in Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Fellowship Course

Board Certifications

·        Member, American Podiatric Medical Association

·        Member, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

·        Member, American Board of Podiatric Medicine

3. Jay G. Levine, DPM (5 stars)

Dr. Jay G. Levine is a podiatrist with 32 years of experience. He treats all kinds of foot and ankle problems on patients of all ages, though he has particular expertise in treating diabetic foot problems and foot and ankle injuries and issues caused by sports. Dr. Levine works with most of his patients in-office for most normal podiatry needs, though for more severe problems he may visit patients in the hospital for intensive care. He offers teleheatlh appointments for patients who wish to have a consultation with him from the comfort and safety of their home.

Dr. Levine’s Practice

Dr. Levine has two clinic location available for patients:

Rockland County, NY Podiatry

55 Old Nyack Tpke, Ste. 407

Nanuet, NY 10954

(845) 623-4261


Rockland Endocrine and Diabetic Services

156 Route 59, Ste. C1

Suffern, NY 10901

(845) 357-3838


Dr. Levine may provide any of the following podiatric services to his patients:

·        Ankle instability

·        Foot pain

·        Toenail fungus

·        Heel spurs

·        Foot and ankle injuries

·        Crush injuries

·        Diabetic foot care

·        Corns and calluses

·        Arthritic foot and ankle care

·        Geriatric foot care

·        Bunions

·        Plantar fasciitis


·        Received his undergraduate degree in biology from the prestigious University of New York at Stony Brook in 1982.

·        Graduated with his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1986.

·        Completed his two-year residency in podiatry in 1988 at the hospitals of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

Board Certifications

·        Member, New York State Podiatric Medical Association

·        Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

·        Fellow, American Professional Wound Care Association

4. Inna Verzub, DPM (4.8 stars)

Dr. Inna Verzub is a New York City podiatrist with 17 years of experience. She specializes in treating diseases and infections of the skin, toenails, bones, joints, and soft tissues of the feet and ankles, though she also regularly treats a range of other podiatric problems. Dr. Verzub is fluent in both Russian and English, so she can provide care to a large group of New York City residents who need caring, thoughtful podiatric care.

Dr. Verzub has been an innovator in the field of podiatric care and has even developed a line of foot and skin care products especially for her patients. She is one of few podiatrists in New York City who is able to successfully treat fungal toenail infections using laser treatment, and is also able to provide rESWT (radial-focused extracorporeal shockwave therapy) as a noninvasive treatment option for many foot and ankle issues. Patients say that she carefully diagnoses foot problems and recommends effective, fast-working solutions with long-term results.

Dr. Verzub’s Practice

Dr. Verzub is the primary podiatrist at the Modern Podiatry clinic in Brooklyn, NY. The address of her private clinic is listed below:

Modern Podiatry, Dr. Inna Verzub, DPM

1075 Ocean Pkwy

Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 676-0199


Dr. Verzub offers treatment of the following podiatry issues:

·        Flatfoot

·        Achilles tendonitis

·        Sprains, strains, and injuries of the ankle and foot

·        Osteoarthritis

·        Xerosis

·        Plantar warts

·        Infections

·        Ganglions

·        Brachymetatarsia

·        Tarsal tunnel syndrome

·        Hammertoes


·        Received her undergraduate degree in 1999 from the University of Rochester.

·        Graduated with her Doctor of Podiatry from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 2003.

·        Completed her first residency at the New York Methodist Hospital in 2004, and then two subsequent residencies at St. Barnabas Hospital and Mt. Vernon Hospital in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

Board Certifications

·        Member, New York College of Podiatric Medicine

5. Raymond G. Cavaliere, DPM (4.6 stars)

Dr. Raymond G. Cavaliere is a podiatrist with over 38 years of experience providing professional, caring treatment to patients of all ages in the New York City metropolitan area. He is affiliated with the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and the New York Downtown hospital, where he regularly takes appointments, but also operates his own private practice. Dr. Cavaliere specializes in minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery that produces long-term, effective results. He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian and may provide care and consultations in any of these three languages.

Dr. Cavaliere is currently an associate professor of surgery at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and has authored and co-authored many articles and textbooks on the subject of foot and ankle surgery. His patients appreciate his extensive knowledge and experience and say that he is courteous and thoughtful when it comes to understanding and managing the patient’s needs.

Dr. Cavaliere’s Practice

Dr. Cavaliere has a private practice as well as an office at the Beth Israel Advanced Wound Healing Center. Addresses and contact information for both are listed below:

Raymond G. Cavaliere

201 E. 28th St., Ste. 1A

New York, NY 10016

(212) 481-0064


Beth Israel Advanced Wound Healing Center

10 Nathan D. Perlman Pl., Floor 7

New York, NY 10003

(212) 844-6148

Dr. Cavaliere provides the following podiatric treatment services:

·        Achilles tendon

·        Geriatric foot care

·        Flat feet

·        Ankle instability

·        Bunions

·        Athlete’s foot

·        Heel spurs

·        Neuromas

·        Plantar fasciitis

·        Crush injuries

·        Diabetic foot

·        Hammertoes



·        Received his bachelor’s degree from Queens College in New York.

·        Graduated with his Doctor of Podiatry from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1982.

·        Completed his residency in foot, ankle, and leg surgery at the Doctors Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Board Certifications

·        American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery – Foot and Ankle Surgery

·        Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons


6. Tzvi Bar-David, DPM (4.5 stars)

Dr. Bar-David has been serving New York as a member of the surgical staff at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center for more than 25 years. He is affiliated with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and he accepts Medicaid. Dr. Bar-David regularly works with patients who have had failed surgeries with other doctors in the past. He regularly resolves their problems and enjoys improving his patient’s quality of life.

Utilizing specialized techniques, Dr. Bar David performs advanced bunion and hammertoe corrective surgeries without the use of external pins. He works with both adults and children.

Dr. Bar-David’s Practice

Dr. Bar-David provides services at the following two locations:


3616 Henry Hudson Parkway

Bronx, New York 10463-1505



60 East 56th Street

New York, NY 10022



Dr. Bar-David specializes in the following:

·        Diabetic foot disorders

·        Arthritic foot issues

·        Leg, ankle, and foot issues resulting from cardiovascular disease

·        Food and Ankle Surgery

·        Reconstructive Foot Surgery

·        Tendon treatment

·        Treatment of flat feet

·        Arch and heel pain

·        Achilles tendon injuries

·        Sports-related foot problems


·        Graduated from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 2009

·        Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Yeshiva University

Board Certifications

·        Member and former president of the Greater New York Division of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons


7. Hal Andrew Abrahams, DPM (4.5 stars)

Dr. Abrahams specializes in podiatry and accepts Medicaid along with other insurance plans. He practices at two locations and is affiliated with a number of different hospitals including Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Hospital, North Shore University Hospital, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and Plainview Hospital. He works closely with other physicians to achieve the best health outcomes for his patients. Dr. Abrahams speaks both Hebrew and English fluently and has been practicing medicine for 33 years.

Dr. Abrahams’ Practice

Sprain Brook Podiatry

280 Dobbs Ferry Road

White Plains, NY 10607



Valentine Family Foot Care

199 Valentine Lane #100

Yonkers, NY 10705



Dr. Abrahams specializes in the following:

·        Plantar fasciitis

·        Bunions

·        Athlete’s Foot Treatment

·        Wound Care

·        Athrocentesis


·        Completed a residency at Coney Island Hospital in 1990

·        Completed a residency at Hospital Joint Diseases North Residency Hospital in 1990

·        Completed an internship at the Doctor’s Hospital in Tucker, Georgia in 1989

·        Graduated from Medical School at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1989



8. Barry Katzman, DPM (4.4 stars)

Dr. Katrzman has specialized expertise in radiography, orthopedics, sports medicine, surgery, and dermatology. He and his staff diagnose and treat disorders of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Dr. Katzman has been practicing podiatry for over 36 years. His goal is to enhance each patient’s quality of life by providing an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment options.

Dr. Katzman’s Practice

Dr. Katzman practice podiatry at four locations in New York City:


William Street Podiatry Care


100 William Street

Suite 1215

New York, NY 10038



Midtown Foot Care

25 West 45th

Suite 507

New York, NY 10036



Footprint Podiatry Care

108-28 68th Drive

Forest Hills, NY 11375



Wall Street Podiatry Care

61 Broadway

Suite 900

New York, NY 10038




Dr. Katman specializes in the following:


·        Plantar fasciitis

·        Neuromas

·        Calluses

·        Bunions

·        Hammertoes

·        Orthotics

·        Toe deformities

·        Arthritic foot care

·        Heel spurs

·        Diabetic foot care

·        Corns

·        Wound healing issues

·        Running-related foot issues

·        Sports-related foot issues (including injuries)

·        Ankle injuries

·        Orthopedics

·        Dermatology

·        Foot surgery

·        Radiography



·   Completed a Preceptorship at New York College Of Podiatric Medicine in 1984

·       Completed his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at the New York College Of Podiatric Medicine in New York City, NY in 1983

·       Received his GSAS at the New York University, in New York City, NY in 1978

·   Graduated from the American University in Washington, D.C. with a Bachelor of Science in 1977

Board Certifications

·       Board Certified in Podiatric Orthopedics (1993)

·       Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Podiatric Medicine


9. Gary Saphire, DPM, FACFAS (4.4 stars)

Dr. Saphire and his staff at Parkway Podiatry provide cutting edge podiatry services to the Bensonhurst and Gravesend communities. He has been a medical doctor for over 40 years and  his goal is to provide his patients with the correct diagnosis and the latest or most effective and least invaasive treatment options that will lead to healing. In some cases, Dr. Saphire may recommend the use of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, but he also  prescribes orthotics, and specialized exercise recommendations that are specifically tailored to his patient’s needs.

At Parkway Podiatry, patient education is an integral part of every office visit. Dr. Saphire and his staff work together to make sure that the patient understands their condition and the treatments that have been prescribed for them. The goal is to onboard patients into the decision-making process so that they can assist with the treatment plan. Treatments are always personalized to the patient’s individual lifestyle.

Dr. Saphire has lectured on a number of topics in podiatry including foot and ankle trauma, plastic surgery techniques for the feet, and Achilles tendon repair. He is a published author and an expert on arthroscopic medicine in podiatry and he’s served as the Director of Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Caledonian Hospital and the Brooklyn Hospital Center.

Dr. Saphire’s Practice

Parkway Podiatry

248 Avenue P

Brooklyn, New York 11204



Dr. Saphire specializes in the following:

·        Metatarsalgia

·        Achilles tendon injuries

·        Traumatic foot injuries

·        Traumatic ankle injuries

·        Bunions

·        Hammertoe

·        Diabetic foot infections

·        Diabetic foot and ankle surgeries

·        Flat feet surgical skills

·        Ossatron Shockwave Therapy

·        Arthroscopic procedures



·        Served as Chief resident in podiatry for one year

·        Completed a residency at Coney Island Hospital

·        Graduated from the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago, Illinois

Board Certifications

·        Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery

·        Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

·        Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association

10. Daniel Kormylo, DPM (3.8 stars)

Dr. Kormylo is a podiatry specialist in Rocky Point, New York who accepts Medicaid as well as other insurance plans. He has been practicing medicine for 33 years and he has over 15 years of experience as a podiatrist addressing patient problems that pertain to the lower legs, ankles, and feet. He works with patients of all ages and his specialty is the removal of ingrown toenails and the repair of hammertoes and bunions.

The offices of Dr. Kormylo are prepared to work with routine foot problems, but they are also available 24 hours a day to address injuries or other types of emergencies. Dr. Kormylo is skilled at performing both minor and major foot surgeries to remove neuromas, address toenail issues, and correct bunions and hammertoes. He works at both Brookhaven and St. Charles Hospitals.

Dr. Kormylo treats all deformities of the feet including pathological conditions and foot injuries affecting the foot or ankle. He assists patients with preventative treatments as well as treatment of infection and vascular issues, referring patients to other specialists as needed. He is able to perform the following diagnostic assessments in his office for the convenience of his patients:

·        Circulations studies

·        Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

·        X-rays

Dr. Kormylo’s Practice

Daniel Kormylo DPM

745 Route 25ª

Rocky Point, NY 11778


[email protected]


Dr. Kormylo specializes in the following podiatric services:

·        Bunions

·        Hammertoes

·        Surgery

·        Sprains/strains

·        Fractures

·        Orthotics

·        Toenail issues

·        Diabetic foot care and wound care

·        Heel pain

·        Foot injuries

·        Vascular Analysis (MRI)

·        Podiatric sports medicine (including biomechanical exams and the casting and manufacture of orthotic devices).


·        Graduated from Medical School at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, New York NY in 1987

Board Certifications


·        Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine