Senior centers offer some of the most important services used by older Americans. They’re an important hub of resources and activities.

Today, more than 10,000 senior centers serve over a million seniors daily. And individuals who participate in the services offered by senior centers tend to have better health, higher levels of social interaction, and a better quality of life.

These centers connect older Americans to important community services that allow their members to stay healthy and independent. There are numerous benefits of senior centers to both seniors as well as the general inter generational community that surrounds it.

In this article we are going to explore the senior centers in Buffalo, NY. We are going to learn about the programs offered and the best centers in the area.

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Senior center programs

Senior center programs and facilities cater specifically to older individuals by providing nutritious lunch programs and sometimes other meal programs as well. Many senior centers offer transportation services that can be accessed to get to medical appointments or to run errands and many centers offer weekly transportation services to the grocery store or other shopping centers.


Opportunities for recreation are another important feature offered by many senior centers. Senior members enjoy exercise classes, day-trips and excursions, bingo, pickleball, art or music events, and other fun activities.

In addition to offering a nutritious lunch, recreation, educational activities and classes, and opportunities for senior citizens to go on excursions together, senior centers also often provide health and wellness screening programs, employment assistance, volunteer opportunities, and public benefits counseling services.


Senior centers are an important resource for older individuals who need access to certain social opportunities and services that cater to their specific needs. These facilities are vibrant communities where older individuals can meet and socialize, learn new things, or just relax and enjoy their golden years in a safe and comfortable place.

Senior centers often provide services for free or at a reduced rate to keep membership accessible and affordable to the people they serve.


Below is a list of services that are often offered at senior centers in Buffalo, New York:


●       Bingo

●       Exercise groups and classes

●       Nutritious lunch and breakfast programs

●       Transportation services

●       Extreme Cold Warming Centers

●       Billiards, pickleball, and other games

●       Music activities

●       Art activities

●       Computer classes and activities

●       Wellness programs

●       Health screening services

●       Organized day-trips

●       Organized overnight excursions


A list of Buffalo Senior Centers can be found below:


Salvation Army Golden Age Center

960 Main Street

Buffalo, NY 14202



The Salvation Army Golden Age Center provides two nutritious meals daily (breakfast and lunch) along with a wide variety of activities to people over the age of 50 years. The center provides an array of instructional classes including opportunities to exercise, do artistic activities, and learn about computers. Other types of recreation available at the center include bingo, book club meetings, billiards, and pickleball.


Autumnwood Manor Senior Citizen Center

1800 Clinton Street

Buffalo, NY 14206

716-826-7897; 716-851-4141


Autumnwood Manor is a senior citizen center that offers a variety of recreational activities including field trips and organized day trips as well as overnight excursions with transportation provided. In addition to fun opportunities for recreation and education, the center also provides an Extreme Cold Warming Center as well as health screening and diagnostic services. Seniors can get their blood pressure, hearing, and cholesterol checked at the facility.


Northwest Buffalo Community Center

155 Lawn Avenue, Room 107

Buffalo, NY 14207



The Northwest Buffalo Community Center offers a nutritious lunch every day at noon (reservations are required in advance). A variety of activities and opportunities for recreation are also available including bingo, exercise groups, safe driving classes, organized monthly trips, social opportunities, and more. Transportation to medical appointments and group shopping outings are also available with scheduling in advance.


Schiller Park Senior Citizen Center

2057 Genesee St.

Buffalo, NY 14211

716-895-2727; 716-894-5900


The Schiller Park Senior Citizen Center provides wellness programs including blood pressure screening and care management to seniors over the age of 60 years. Transportation is available through the Senior Ride Program which is available for shopping, medical appointments, and as a daily service to attend the nutrition program. Senior citizens can enjoy a nutritious lunch at Schiller Park and then participate in exercise, social, or recreation programs. When the temperature is 15 degrees or below, seniors are invited to use the facility to warm up at the Extreme Cold Warming Center.


Clarence Senior Center

4600 Thompson Road

Clarence, NY 14031



Seniors over the age of 55 years are welcome to participate in the programs and activities at Clarence Senior Center.  The center is an Erie County Nutrition Program dining site that provides a nutritious lunch Monday through Friday to seniors and their spouses over the age of 60 years. Transportation is also available on a first-call, first-reserved basis Monday through Friday. Weekly outings to the supermarket and shopping centers are also provided through the center.