Jeans are denim pants made with a sturdy cotton textile that almost everyone in the world knows and recognizes. Normally, jeans are made in a particular style that uses a zipper and a button to close the waistband, but elastic waist jeans are more stretchy and may or may not include a zipper or a button in their design.

The best elastic waist jeans for seniors combine elements of style with a design that makes it easy for seniors to dress and plenty of comfort that lasts throughout the day.

Below we talk about the best elastic waist jeans that make it possible for senior citizens to continue to wear the styles they’re most familiar with and enjoy the versatility that denim brings to any wardrobe.

What are elastic waist jeans?

If you’re shopping for a versatile pant-solution that will make it easy for you to dress while still staying current with the prevailing fashions, elastic waist jeans are a must. Denim is notoriously easy to accessorize with shirts or blouses with just about any type of fabric or print you can imagine. And these jeans are easy to put on and take back off, even if you struggle with fine motor movements (some designs don’t have buttons or zippers). And elastic waist jeans are softer and therefore less likely to cause bedsores in seniors who spend a lot of time in a wheelchair or bed throughout the day.

Elastic waist jeans have been around since the 1980’s and 90’s, but they fell out of style starting in the 2000’s.

Lately, they’ve been making a comeback because the flexibility at the waist makes them more versatile than regular non-elastic waist jeans. Though people young and old have been gravitating toward the elastic waist lately because of the comfortable yet work-friendly ease that they offer, senior citizens are some of the biggest consumer-groups that have benefited from this new trend.

Jeans with an elastic waist are available in a number of different brands and colors. They’re typically 100% cotton but there are some faux-denim leggings available as well that have remained popular since leggings first became fashionable back in the 1980’s.

The elastic waistband makes denim jeans infinitely more comfortable and easier to put on and these days, the look of sporty comfort is quite popular among consumers in all age groups.

If you’re looking for senior clothing solutions that will make dressing and undressing easier, an elastic waist is ideal. Many of today’s fashion-conscious seniors feel much more comfortable in denim than in other types of fabrics. Elastic waist jeans can make it possible for you to continue to wear many of the same styles that you’ve been wearing for years, but with added comfort to go about your day.

Why are elastic waist jeans so convenient for seniors?

For seniors, elastic waist jeans make dressing much easier. As people get older, they often lose some of the fine motor skills they once had in their hands and fingers when they were younger and this can make it challenging to zip up and then button traditional blue jeans. An elastic waistband can solve this problem by either eliminating the zipper and button entirely or by providing more slack in the waistband so that the pants can easily be buttoned and zipped up.

Maintaining the Ability to Dress Yourself

The ability to dress yourself is extremely important as a senior citizen! When clothing styles make it a challenge for you to be able to dress yourself, it’s time for you to look into new styles of clothing!


For many seniors, blue jeans are an integral part of their wardrobe, so they hesitate to give them up, but there’s a simple fix! Elastic waist blue jeans look just like regular blue jeans except that they’re much easier to put on and take off and they tend to be more comfortable overall and designed to provide maneuverability that simply isn’t possible with a pair of regular blue jeans.


Assisting Your Spouse with Dressing


Though you may still find it easy to dress, your spouse may be struggling with fine motor skills that make blue jeans a challenging part of your day. Instead of wrestling with the stiff denim fabrics that are common in traditional pairs of blue jeans, it might be wise to look into elastic waist jeans that have softer fabrics and a loose fit. These jeans would be much easier for your spouse to use to dress and if you regularly assist your spouse with dressing, they would relieve some of the effort required by you while also adding a new level of comfort to your spouse’s wardrobe.

Reduce the Risk of Pressure Sores with Elastic Waist Jeans

Decubitus ulcers (also known as bed sores, pressure ulcers, or pressure sores) are a serious problem for seniors who spend a lot of time sitting or laying down. A pressure sore is an injury to the skin and the underlying tissues that results from a combination of prolonged pressure on the skin (resulting in reduced blood flow to that area and necrosis of the tissues) along with moisture, friction, or shearing forces. A bed sore may develop if a patient who is unable to move themselves is left for too long in one position, but it can also result when the patient’s skin is exposed to wrinkles in clothing or friction from certain fabrics that take place under specific conditions.

What are the benefits of elastic waist jeans for caregivers?

Traditional blue jeans can create a lot of turmoil in the lives of caregivers, particularly if patients are unable to dress themselves due to movement limitations. Regular blue jeans in certain, tighter styles can be difficult even for middle-aged people to put on and caregivers who must maneuver patients through the process of dressing are easily exhausted by helping patients with the stiff denim fabrics that are typically used to make this type of pant. An easy solution to this problem is a pair of blue jeans with an elastic waist.

Pressure Sore Prevention for Bed-bound or Wheelchair-bound Patients

Elastic waist jeans are an important innovation for caregivers who should always be on the lookout for pressure sores, particularly in patients who are wheelchair or bed-bound. Some of the most common sites for pressure ulcers occur on the lower part of the body and regular blue jeans can easily be a culprit in causing these painful, if not deadly, ulcerations. Below are some of the most common locations on the body where pressure ulcers are likely to develop:

·        Tailbone

·        Buttocks

·        Back of the legs

·        Hip

·        Lower back

·        Skin behind the knees

·        Spine

·        Heels

·        Ankles

·        Back of the arms

·        Shoulder blades

·        Back or sides of the head

Easier, Safer Dressing

Caregivers are often called upon to assist patients with dressing. Depending on the movement capabilities of the patient combined with the patient’s wardrobe selection, dressing can be one of the most difficult and rigorous parts of a caregiver’s day.

Patients who have a wider range of motion, are relatively active, and who retain the ability to assist with dressing may be able to wear regular blue jeans without issue, but patients who have contractures, are confined to a bed or a wheelchair, and who are unable to help their caregiver with dressing can benefit a great deal from the simplicity of elastic waist jeans.

Patients who are unable to move themselves or assist with dressing at all must be dressed in bed using specialized clothing like elastic waist jeans that can be pulled up using special techniques and that won’t create bunching or heavy wrinkles once the pants are in place.

When caregivers are working with patients who can hold themselves up on the edge of the bed, but who can’t really assist with dressing, it is much safer to use pants with an elastic waist. THis allows caregivers to work more quickly to pull the pant legs up and can avoid the possibility that the patient could fall during dressing.

On a patient who can sit at the edge of a bed, but who otherwise can’t assist with dressing, elastic waist pants are a must. Typically, these patients can only stand up safely for a few moments with the assistance of the caregiver and in these few moments, the caregiver must pull up the pants and comfortably arrange the pants around the pelvis so that they aren’t twisted or bunched up. Traditional blue jeans can be a nightmare to arrange properly on these patients where fastening the zippers and buttons requires multiple attempts. Each attempt at fastening and arranging these traditional blue jeans increases the risks that the patient will fall.

The Best Elastic Waist Jeans for Seniors


Silvert’s is one of the biggest and most popular names in the adaptive clothing industry. They offer a wide range of products that give seniors and the disabled comfortable, functional, and stylish clothing alternatives. This company has some of the most diverse options available in terms of style, as well as functionality.

In addition to offering a diverse range of products, Silvert’s elastic waist jeans and other clothing items are also fairly affordable. Most elastic waist jeans and pants from this company range between $10 and $40, with their primary elastic waist jean product for women being $13, similar to the cost of a regular pair of jeans! For men, there are two elastic waist jeans products available: one at about $6 and the other at about $65.

All products from Silvert’s, including elastic waist jeans, are made to be durable as well as low-maintenance. The company recognizes the importance of producing clothing items that are not only appealing to the target audience, but that are also easy to use and easy to maintain and none of the products require dry cleaning or special care of any kind!

Silvert’s is committed to offering customers the service and care they deserve. The online Silvert’s store makes it possible for seniors and/or their caregivers to easily shop from home without the hassle of having to visit a store in-person. They also offer a money-back guarantee, so if something goes awry with an online purchase, customers are guaranteed to receive their money back for the purchase.

American Health Care Apparel – Clothes for Seniors

American Health Care Apparel is a leading company in the United States that provides alternative clothing options to seniors and the disabled. Their Clothes for Seniors website division is specifically dedicated to creating and providing seniors with alternative clothing options. This online store offers not only elastic waist jeans for both men and women, but also a variety of other stylish and functional clothing products!

The Clothes for Seniors website offers affordable prices that are budget-friendly for many people. For example, their women’s elastic waist jeans are a reasonable $30, and their men’s elastic waist jeans are a similar price. Other products offered by this website are also priced within an affordable and accessible range.

This company considers the needs and requirements of both seniors themselves as well as those of caregivers who may be providing help with dressing. Offering intuitively and simply designed clothing pieces that are comfortable, easy to take care of, and straightforward to put on and take off is the specialty of Clothes for Seniors.

Clothes for Seniors is available to help customers Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. They offer an online store for ease of shopping, and give customers the option to call or email for support. Customers are also able to select options such as “choose for me” while shopping online, a function that helps seniors obtain clothing colors and options that will go together is a stylish way. Or, seniors or caregivers can choose for themselves among a wide range of effective, versatile options!


Adaptawear is an alternative clothing company based in the United Kingdom that offers international shipping and customer support. They provide seniors with effective alternatives to popular clothing items. Besides offering elastic waist jeans, AdaptaWear also offers shirts, dresses, socks, trousers, pants, underwear, and pajamas designed for seniors.

The products offered at this company are a bit more expensive than some others on this list, but the prices are still comparatively affordable. The prices of elastic waist jeans offered by AdaptaWear may be compared to a more prestigious jean company. The men’s elastic waist jeans are $52. Unfortunately, AdaptaWear does not offer elastic waist jeans for women, although it does have a variety of other stylish pants options of a similar or lower price.

AdaptaWear can ship to the United States and the rest of the world for a small, reasonable fee. Items may be returned and the money refunded if needed so long as the item is returned in excellent, resealable condition within 14 days of the purchase. For seniors and caregivers concerned about the fit or functionality of a particular item, such as elastic waist jeans, this is a reassuring promise.

This company has spent years listening carefully to the needs of seniors and their caregivers in order to develop clever, intuitively designed clothing pieces. Where conventional clothing pieces may fail or have shortcomings, AdaptaWear overcomes these shortcomings with highly functional and durable alternatives. Nearly all the clothing from this company is machine washable and easy to maintain.

Adaptive Clothing Showroom

The Adaptive Clothing Showroom offers a collection of adaptive clothing pieces that come at mid-level prices. The elastic waist jeans offered are from Benefit Wear, while other products are created by other producers. This company has many types of clothing available in many different sizes, colors, and styles to suit the needs of anyone!

The Benefit Wear elastic waist jeans offered here are about $50. There are three different styles of full-length elastic waist jeans for men, both of a similar price. There is also a denim shorts style available. There are no jean styles available for women here, but this is one of the most diverse range of options available for men at one store.

The Adaptive Clothing Showroom provides clothing that is specifically designed to suit the needs of seniors who are bedridden or who are limited in terms of their mobility and must use a wheelchair or another mobility device. Seniors who are looking for a comfortable, easy-to-use alternative to traditional jeans will also find excellent products here!

This company offers specially designed sizing for seniors, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that ensures that any products that are received defective will be refunded. Plus, it’s possible to order products and try them on to make sure they fit. If you return the product within 30 days and in excellent condition, you can receive your money back for a product that doesn’t suit your needs or that doesn’t fit correctly.

Draper’s and Damon’s

While many alternative clothing companies offer elastic waist jeans only for men, Draper’s and Damon’s is one of the few clothing companies that offers this product specifically for women.  This clothing company was founded by women, for women, so senior women who want stylish and comfortable clothing options are likely to find what they’re looking for here.

There are many different elastic waist jean style options available at Draper’s and Damon’s, including denim shorts, denim capris, and embroidered options! There are products available in a comparatively wide price range, making them accessible to almost everyone. One of the most affordable elastic waist jean products is about $20, while one of the most expensive is $75. However, most products fall somewhere in between these two prices at about $40.

Draper’s and Damon’s has a reasonable return policy for seniors who are concerned about the fit of a certain product and are worried that they may need to get a different size or fit of a particular item. The customer service team will be happy to help if you receive a product that is less than satisfactory in any way. Shopping online is often a new concept for seniors and caregivers alike, especially when it comes to something as crucial as alternative clothing options, so the friendly customer support team and effective return policy promotes more customer satisfaction and peace of mind.