As many of our CDPAP patients know, it is important to have a handicap parking permit if you have a disability.

In this guide we will break down the process for obtaining a handicap permit as well as the rights of handicap permit drivers in New York.

Rights of Handicap Parking Drivers in New York State

First things first, is working to get a handicap parking permit really worth the effort? What are the rights if you obtain one? Do you just get that special parking space or is there more to be aware of?

The primary right of handicap parking is to provide you with the ability to park in parking spaces that are designated and marked as disabled parking anywhere in the state of New York. Many states have allowances within these rules that also allow disabled parking drivers to park in spaces that are metered in an on-street location.

In New York, this exception is not such. Having a disabled parking permit does not automatically allow people to park in these spaces for no charge. However, at the same time, it is up to each individual jurisdiction to determine whether they would allow an exception.

Be familiar with the jurisdiction you are visiting and whether or not they host an exception. If all else fails, err on the side of caution since the state has no exception for metered on-street parking. For example, in New York City, you can obtain a city permit for on-street parking for free because there are no on-street handicap parking spaces.

Qualification for a Handicap Parking Permit in NY

Qualifying for a handicap parking permit in New York has a lot of open ability. There are a wide range of disabilities that qualify for disabled parking. Here are some of the primary qualifying disabilities.

●  Unable to walk 200 feet without rest

●  Cardiac health conditions that are Class III or IV according to the American Heart Association

●  Lung disease

●  Individuals who use portable oxygen tanks

●  Unable to use your legs or have limited leg usage

●  Unable to walk for orthopedic, neurological, or arthritic conditions

●  Neuromuscular dysfunctions

●  Etc.

The stipulation of qualifying disabilities does not relate only to these fields. The law is open enough to mention that any physical or mental disability that makes it challenging for a person to get around may qualify.

In the state of New York, people can also be granted temporary disabled parking permits for individuals who might experience a temporary disability or a temporary mobility issue. This temporary situation might come from something like a broken limb or perhaps a surgery that leaves you using crutches or a wheelchair to get around.

In order to qualify, individuals must receive a medical examination from either their doctor or a specialist in associated fields. Medical professionals for the exam can be licensed in any state so even telemedicine options can be utilized. The only exception is a podiatrist, which specifically must be registered in New York to be used.

The medical professional used is required to complete the medical certification portion of the application. Individuals may also obtain an official letter on letterhead for medical certification.

How to Apply for a Handicap Permit in New York

The application process is fairly simple. You will need to complete the application form and obtain the medical certification that is part of the form as well.

The application can be downloaded from online and it comes with instructions for completion. It is known as Form MV-664.1. It is also available in languages besides English as well to help with processing and understanding of the form.

You must print the form and complete it. Don’t forget to also complete the medical certification portion of the form so that it is complete with every aspect needed to be processed. When you have completed the form, you can submit it to your local DMV. Be sure to look up their processes for accepting forms.

If you are unable to print the form, it is available at most local offices or you can request one from the call center as well. The primary thing to be aware of is that some of the local offices actually require their own form. New York City has their own form that they use, which is available online in multiple languages.

No matter which form your local DMV requires, the qualifications and the application process are the same and still require the medical certification to be completed as well.

Permits for disabled persons are issued with no fee attached.

How to Renew Your Handicap Parking Permit

Temporary handicap parking permits may be valid for up to 6 months. Permanent handicap parking permits must be renewed on a regular basis. The renewal period might vary depending on your local authority.

When you apply for and are approved for handicap parking permits in New York, your permit is marked with a clear expiration date. When it is time for your permit to expire, you will need to complete a new application form in order to be able to renew the parking permit.

This includes completing the application and obtaining a new medical certification as well, using the form and process of your local DMV office and their requirements. Remember that this can vary depending on your location so be sure to check into the requirements for your local office.

FAQs About NY Handicap Parking Permits

We’ve walked through the process itself and who qualifies for handicap parking permits in New York. We have some common questions for the topic to also share with you for additional information.

Do NYC Handicap Drivers Need to Pay Meters?

The decision to require handicap drivers is left up to each city as the state does not specifically claim an exception in this regard. New York City does make an exception for handicap drivers to use metered or paid parking but there are steps to achieve this exception.

Drivers who want to be able to utilize this exception must obtain a city permit from New York City in order to be eligible. With the city permit, you can use no parking spaces, metered parking, paid parking, authorized vehicle spaces, and loading/unloading zones throughout the city.

Can I Use My Disabled Placard in Another Car?

In some states, handicap parking permits are specifically tied to a vehicle and must be used on that vehicle only or be transferred to another vehicle for use. However, in New York, the handicap parking permit is specific to the person and not the vehicle.

This allows any person who has completed the application and obtained a handicap parking permit to use their permit in any vehicle in which they may be riding in. It is recognized that they may not own their own vehicle or may be unable to drive and therefore might be riding in any vehicle as needed.

How Long is a Permanent Handicap Placard Good For?

Each handicap parking permit in New York is issued with an expiration date. Different locations have different lengths of time for which the placard is good for. In New York, a handicap parking placard may be good for up to 5 years. Refer to your expiration date to know when you should renew.

Can I Use an Out of State Handicap Placard in NYC?

If you are visiting from another state and have a handicap placard, you can use your placard in NYC to park in any handicap marked or handicap accessible parking spaces. Out of state handicap placards cannot be used for on-street parking and are only allowed for marked handicap parking spaces.

Can You Get a Handicap Sticker for Being Short?

Unfortunately, being short is not a sufficient reason to substantiate receiving a handicap parking permit in New York, or any other location most likely. If being short has led to a specific mobility issue or health issue that might fall into a disabled category, then you may be eligible but the ultimate reason will not be for being short.

Where Should You Hang Your Handicap Placard?

Handicap placards are designed to be hung from your rear view mirror so that they will be easy to identify and see. It is required that the registration details as well as the expiration date be visible in a clear manner through your windshield so you will want to be sure it is visible and turned appropriately.


Obtaining a handicap parking permit in New York is a simple and straightforward process if you qualify. The application form is readily available and there are several options for obtaining medical certification for the application as well.

We hope this guide helps you understand the process and know your resources and rights.