If you call Nassau County, New York home, you know that life in this part of the country can be quite expensive. Okay, so that is a bit of an understatement. It’s tough to afford everything you need for day to day life in Nassau County, so everything you can do to make your financial life easier is a smart move.

And, for many, one important step will be to apply for Medicaid benefits. With Medicaid benefits available, much of the financial burden associated with healthcare can be taken off your shoulders. As you know, medical costs can be sky-high depending on your personal needs, and the needs of your family. If you qualify for benefits, you may soon feel that a tremendous weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the basics of Medicaid and what you might stand to gain if you are able to secure benefits for you and your family.

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What Services are Provided by Medicaid in Nassau County?

While Medicaid is a federal program, it is actually administered by each individual state. Therefore, the state you live in will determine what benefits are offered by Medicaid, in addition to what criteria you must meet to qualify for benefits. The individual states are required to abide by certain federal guidelines as part of the program, but they have latitude within those guidelines to set the rules and benefits as they see fit.


With that in mind, those living in Nassau County should take a moment to become familiar with what is offered by the state of New York under Medicaid. It’s smart to understand what benefits are available to you so you can take advantage of your benefits to the fullest extent, assuming you are approved.


For starters, you will naturally be eligible for all of the mandatory benefits the federal government requires participating states to offer. Some of these important benefits include hospital services, nursing facility services, physician services, x-rays, family planning, and more. The mandatory benefits made available by Medicaid cover most of what you would think of as basic health services, so you’ll be pleased to see just how much is covered as part of your benefits.


In addition, New York State offers Medicaid recipients many of the optional benefits outlined in the Medicaid program. For instance, you’ll find that essential dental coverage is provided by Medicaid in New York, so important treatments like extractions that can prevent diseases should be covered. There are also vision benefits available as part of the program, prescription drugs, medical transportation, and more. If you are approved for Medicaid benefits as a Nassau County resident, you’ll find plenty of benefits marked as optional will be made available to you.


How to Apply for Medicaid in Nassau County

Once you decide to apply for Medicaid benefits in Nassau County, you’ll need to understand how the process works so you can give yourself the best possible chance for a prompt approval. Fortunately, the application process is relatively straightforward for most people, as long as you have all of your basic information organized and prepared.


For those who are under the age of 65, the Marketplace is the right place to apply in most cases. That includes those who are seeking coverage for adults (under 65) and children. Those who are over 65 and would like to pursue Medicaid, applying with the appropriate Local Department of Social Services is a better approach. To visit the Department of Social Services in person, you’ll want to visit the following address:


Nassau County Department of Social Services

60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard

Uniondale, NY 11553-3656


Of course, before you go, you can visit the county website at nassaucountyny.gov for information on hours, services, etc.


In some instances, individuals who would like to apply for Medicaid think they need to first cancel any existing insurance policies they have before submitting their application. That is not necessary. If you have health insurance, you can keep that insurance for the time being while you pursue coverage through Medicaid. It might be possible for Medicaid to pay the premiums on your existing policy if you qualify, although the specifics will vary depending on many factors.


It’s important to understand that you can seek help for your Medicaid application if you would like to be guided in the right direction by an experienced hand. There are plenty of NY law firms with experience in this area, so consider working with a lawyer right from the start of this process. You don’t want to get anything wrong which may delay your benefits, or cause your application to be denied. If you are confused or intimidated by what you need to do to apply, working with a lawyer may be a smart move.


Finding a Nassau County Doctor Who Accepts Medicaid

One of the many great things about living in a highly populated area such as Nassau County is that you will have plenty of options available for medical care. If you do receive Medicaid benefits and would like to seek out a doctor who accepts Medicaid, you’ll have no shortage of options at your disposal.


To start with, check with your current healthcare provider’s office to see if they take Medicaid. After all, there is no need to change doctors if you don’t have to. Since Medicaid is accepted by such a wide range of providers, there is a pretty good chance you will still be able to see your current physician.


If that approach doesn’t work out, you might turn to a simple Google search to find some options. Since Nassau County is such a big place, you may want to narrow down your search a bit to find a provider near you. So, for instance, you could search ‘Medicaid doctors in Hempstead’, or ‘Medicaid providers in Mineola’. It shouldn’t take long to narrow down your search and come up with a list of possible providers that you can contact for more information.


Explore the Value of CDPAP

For those who are eligible for Medicaid in Nassau County, CDPAP – short for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program – is a valuable option that should be carefully considered. This is a program that allows those who are disabled or chronically ill to get the care they need on a day to day basis. What makes this program so attractive for many individuals is the ability to choose the person who provides care. For instance, it’s common for a family member to be chosen as a caregiver, so the individual receiving care can have complete comfort and trust with their caregiver.


Many individuals who require help with their daily activities have family members who are willing to do the work, but those family members need to be compensated for their time to make the arrangement work. This is where the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program can be an ideal solution. It makes it possible for the right person to be chosen as a caregiver while also helping to ease the overall financial burden.


Solving the Transportation Puzzle

If you no longer drive, or you don’t have access to a vehicle, it may be necessary to arrange transportation to and from your medical appointments. This is part of the Medicaid program, and it is managed by LogistiCare in Nassau County. To schedule a ride as a Medicaid enrollee, simply call 844-678-1103 at least 72 hours in advance of your appointment. You can call this line on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. You can also visit the website at longislandmedicaidride.net to learn more about this service.


It is important to point out that this Medicaid transportation in Nassau County is not meant for emergency situations. If you experience a medical emergency, you should call 911 right away for help. The transportation provided by LogistiCare is not designed for emergencies, but rather for routine visits for check-ups, tests, etc. As long as you plan ahead properly and reserve your ride, you should be able to get to and from your appointments without any trouble using this service. And again, if a medical emergency does arise, don’t think twice before calling 911 for immediate assistance.


Seek Guidance from a NY Law Firm

You don’t have to go into the process of pursuing Medicaid benefits all on your own. Your life in Nassau County is busy enough without having to do all of the work yourself. Rather, turn to the help of an experienced NY law firm to help you work through your Medicaid application. Whether you are getting ready to apply for the first time or you are working on an appeal, an experienced law firm could make the process much easier. Considering how much you stand to gain from having your benefits application approved, it only makes sense to give yourself the best possible opportunity for success.