In Nevada, Medicaid is a health care coverage option for low-income families with children who meet certain requirements.

If you receive Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, adoption assistance, foster care assistance, or if you are a foster child who is aging out of the system, you may be eligible for Medicaid.

The Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) in Nevada makes the final determination about eligibility for the state Medicaid program. Visit for more information about eligibility requirements or call 1-800-992-0900 to speak to someone directly about who can apply for this program.


Medicaid offices are a place where you can go to sign up for Medicaid, find out if you’re eligible for Medicaid, check the status of an application, or ask questions about your Medicaid coverage.

If you’ve never been to a Medicaid office before, it might help to understand that these locations are staffed by professionals who are knowledgeable about the Medicaid system and employed to help people better understand Medicaid coverage. A Medicaid office is the place to go to find answers to whatever questions you have about this important health care coverage system.


Medicaid offices often vary considerably in terms of their functionality, convenience, and location. Some Medicaid offices are very clean, have excellent parking availability, or mass transit options going directly to that location, while others might be less accessible, dirty, or even unfriendly.

Below we’ve provided an overview of Medicaid offices in Las Vegas to make it easier for you to find the one that best suits your needs.

1.   DWSS Southern Administrative Office Department of Welfare and Social Services (4.0 Stars)


Located in the Henderson Valley, the DWSS Southern Administrative Office Department of Welfare and Social Services office receives excellent reviews in terms of their customer service. Customers rave about the respectful, efficient, and conscientious attitude displayed by the employees at this location. The staff is extremely helpful according to reviews.


If you need assistance from a Certified Application Counselor (CAC), contact Nevada Health Link to find out whether this location has CACs on staff. Nevada Health is a state-run organization that was created to help Nevadans find income-based health insurance plans to meet their needs. CACs in Nevada are available through this organization, but they may or may not be available at the DWSS Southern Administrative Office Department of Welfare and Social Services office.


Wait times can sometimes be up to an hour, perhaps because the friendly staff draws a big crowd but the office is reportedly very clean and some visitors say that they received their Medicaid card in under 20 minutes without any delays. The downstairs office is often busy in the middle of the day, so it’s recommended that visitors plan to arrive at the office before noon. People often report difficulty reaching staff by telephone at this office.


There’s plenty of parking right outside the office in a spacious lot and there’s a bus stop about 200 meters walking distance from the facility for added convenience. Bus passes are sometimes available for individuals with children who work full-time and can’t afford to pay for a bus pass to get to the office. Call Nevada 211 for Service Information to ask for more information about agencies that can help you obtain free bus transportation to this facility.


This office is located at the following address:


520 S. Boulder Highway

Henderson, NV 89015


Phone: 702-486-1001


2.   Division of Welfare and Supportive Services Owens District Office (3.9 Stars)


The Owens District DWSS office in Las Vegas is clean, organized, and highly functional with friendly faces and efficient work practices. Though some individuals experienced longer wait times, most people were able to walk in and obtain assistance in a reasonable period of time. On average, the time it takes to apply for Medicaid at this office is 2 hours or less. The Owens District office employees are helpful and patient and ready to answer any and all questions.


This DWSS office has a parking lot available directly outside the building. A taxi or other forms of private transport such as Uber may easily be used for transportation to this location as well if you are unable to drive but do not want to take public transportation. There are bus stops within a short walking distance of the office, including the following:


●       Owens After J

●       H Before Harrison

●       Martin L. King After Owens

●       Vegas After Martin L. King


If you don’t have the funds to take a bus to this location, call 211 for Service Information and  find out if there is a program available for your specific situation to get a free bus pass.


There are Certified Application Counselors available to help you at any step of the application process at this location, no matter whether you’re applying for the first time or if you’ve applied before. Reviewers say that the CACs at this location are generally very friendly and helpful and that they provide not only information, but also emotional support.


The Owens District office is located at the following address:


1040 West Owens Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89106-2520


Phone: 702-486-1899


3.   DWSS Durango District Office State of Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (3.9 Stars)

The DWSS Durango District office is conveniently located near restaurants, a large park, and other amenities. Reviewers have commented on how tidy and sparkling clean this office was and say their office experience was excellent. At the Durango District office, it’s possible to simply walk in and get help with or without an appointment, and visitors to this office report that the staff was friendly in all cases. This is one of the few offices in Las Vegas where it is possible to simply walk in and get help without needing to first make an appointment.


The Durango District office has short wait times, and this is in fact one of its most notable features about this location. Visitors can go in and receive quick and efficient assistance and services on weekdays. Certified Application Counselors are available to help you at any time. There is parking available directly outside the office building and it’s also possible to easily access the Durango District office from the Durango Before Saddle bus station.


The Durango District office is located at the address listed below:


3965 South Durango Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89147


Phone: 702-631-3212

4.   DWSS Craig Road District Office (3.8 Stars)

The staff at the DWSS Craig Road District Office is reportedly extremely friendly and helpful. There may or may not be Certified Application Counselors available to assist customers so contact Nevada Health Link to ensure that CACs are available if you require one. Wait times are typically reasonable and the office is very clean. However, it’s best to visit this location in the earlier morning hours before noon as wait times get longer in the afternoon. When the crowds are smaller, people don’t wait as long to receive service and often, there are fewer people at this office right after they open.


You can easily drive to this Medicaid office if you have a car. There is ample parking available in a large lot right outside the door. If you don’t have a car, the WB Craig after Ferrell bus stop is within walking distance of the facility, as is the SB Simmons After Craig bus stop.


The address for the DWSS Craig Road District Office is listed below:


3223 West Craig Road, Suite 140

North Las Vegas, NV 89032


Phone: 702-631-3386

5.   DWSS Flamingo District Office (3.7 Stars)

Wait times at the DWSS Flamingo District Office may be longer than at some of the other Medicaid offices in the city. Be sure to arrive with all your documents in order to ensure a speedier experience. Making an appointment can help reduce your wait time, but don’t miss the appointment or they will mark this on your record at this location.


Overall staff members are attentive and helpful though, according to reviews, some are impatient with customers. There are sometimes Certified Application Counselors (CAC) available here. If you require a CAC, contact Nevada Health Link for assistance. People report that it’s hard to reach staff via telephone when calling the number listed below, but the facility itself is very clean.


The DWSS Flamingo District Office is located in an area with plenty of parking. The following bus stops are within walking distance of this DWSS office:


●       NB Pecos After Saddle

●       WB Flamingo After Pecos

●       EB Flamingo After Hildebrand

●       SB Pecos Before Flamingo


The address for the DWSS Flamingo District Office is listed below:


3330 East Flamingo Road, Suite 55

Las Vegas, NV 89121-4397


Phone: 702-486-9400


6.   DWSS Spring Mountain District Office  (3.6 Stars)


The DWSS Spring Mountain District Office receives good reviews for customer service at the office but staff members rarely answer the phone. People often report service delays, but wait times vary. Arriving early in the morning, when the office first opens is highly recommended if you wish to reduce the wait time at this office.


Visitors report that the DWSS Spring Mountain District Office is clean and orderly. There may be Certified Application Counselors (CACs) available to assist customers. Contact Nevada Health Link to speak to a CAC and to find out whether there are CACs employed at this location if you require one at your visit.


This facility is located in the Plaza Vegas Business Park just off the Las Vegas Freeway. There is plenty of parking onsite and the EB Spring Mountain After Polaris bus stop is close to the office:


The DWSS Spring Mountain District Office address is listed below:


3101 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 3

Las Vegas, NV 89102


Phone: 702-631-3077


7.   DWSS Belrose District Office (3.2 Stars)

The DWSS Belrose District office is easily accessible, clean, and well-maintained. There is plenty of parking located immediately in front of the office as well as available parking lots at nearby establishments. This office may be accessed by car or private transport such as taxi or Uber, or you may take the bus. The following bus stops are best for accessing the Belrose office:


●       EB Washington At Lorenzi Park

●       SB Rancho After Ernest May


There are Certified Application Counselors on staff at this office. Reviewers say that the CACs and other staff members are courteous and helpful and that they are more than willing to patiently answer questions. Wait times at the Belrose office are somewhat longer than some of the other offices on this list, but they are still reasonable.


Many reviewers reported that the wait time was approximately half an hour (or less), although a few individuals said that the wait times were quite long in comparison to their other experiences at other Medicaid offices. Be prepared with your documents to minimize the overall time you need to spend at the office. When you have all of your documents and questions ready to go, it’s more likely that you’ll be admitted quickly and that your overall experience with DWSS will be better.


The DWSS Belrose District Office is located at the following address:


700 Belrose Street

Las Vegas, NV 89107-2235


Phone: 702-486-1646


8.   DWSS Decatur District Office (3.2 Stars)

With a convenient location next to all the possible amenities you might need for your visit and with a reputation for being very well-kept, the Decatur District office easily made it onto this list. The staff members here, including the on-site Certified Application Counselors, are friendly, welcoming, and cheerful and they can clearly answer any questions you might have. Most reviewers reported that they spent approximately two hours here in total in order to sign up for Medicaid.


Visitors to the Decatur District Office say that the all the staff members at this office are extremely competent and that they go above and beyond to provide information, support, and assistance to Medicaid signees.


Parking is available directly outside the Decatur District office location. It is easy to drive here, park, and complete all your errands in one trip since there are multiple big box stores nearby with all the necessities. There is also mass transit that is available nearby if you are not able to drive or obtain private transport. Public transit options that are nearby includes the following bus stops:


●       Decatur Before Deer Springs

●       Decatur After Rome

●       Decatur After Rice


The DWSS Decatur District Office is located at the address listed below:


6390 North Decatur Boulevard, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89130


Phone: 702-631-7500


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