Medicaid is a free or low-cost medical insurance program designed to benefit children, adults who have a low-income, women who are pregnant, people over the age of 65 years, and people with disabilities.


A Medicaid office in the state where you are a resident can help you with a variety of Medicaid-related tasks. Medicaid professionals can help you determine if you’re eligible for Medicaid, they can help you apply for the program if you’re eligible, they can answer questions about the program, and they can assist those who have been approved if they’re having trouble obtaining their benefits.


This article provides an overview of some of the highest rated Medicaid offices in Missouri where residents can sign up and seek assistance with accessing this program.

St. Louis Missouri Department of Social Services (4.5 Stars)

According to reviewers who have gone to this office, the front desk staff is very friendly, the office is clean, and wait times are reasonable. This location does not have Certified Application Counselors on staff, so this location is only for individuals who do not require help with their application and only wish to submit their application in-person.


If you need assistance with your Medicaid application, contact the Family Support Division in St. Louis. They have Certified Application Counselors on staff who can provide guidance and support during the Medicaid application process. The St. Louis County – Family Support Division address and contact information is listed below:


7545 Lindbergh Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 63125

(855) 373-4636


There is parking available on the street outside the building, though parking spaces may be limited if there are nearby events taking place. Three blocks away, there is an iParkit parking garage available if you wish to drive to this location. On the other hand, if you prefer to use mass transit, consider taking the MetroLink subway to the Convention Center stop at Sixth Street and Washington Avenue about four blocks away from the Department of Social Services office. Or take the Stadium MetroLink station near Busch Stadium to stop about five blocks from the office.


Below is the address and contact information for this Medicaid office location.


St. Louis Missouri Department of Social Services

111 N 7th St.

St. Louis, MO 63101

(314) 340-6974

Polk County – Family Support Division (3.8 Stars)

The Polk County – Family Support Division office in Bolivar, MO has extremely short wait times, according to reviewers who were pleasantly surprised by their experience at this facility. Though individuals with appointments get priority at this location, even walk-ins receive assistance quickly, generally within a few minutes according to online reports. This is a county office, so it’s important to keep in mind that residents of Polk County will find this particular office more accessible than other Medicaid application offices, though any Missouri resident may visit this office for general information and Medicaid sign-up assistance. The office is reportedly very clean, well-organized, and easily accessible from the street.


The Polk County – Family Support Division office is centrally located in the city of Bolivar and it has ample parking available immediately outside the main building. Public transportation such as buses and subways are not available in Bolivar, Missouri, however so individuals without their own means of transport will only have the option of taking a taxi to this office. This Family Support Division office is near to most of the other essential amenities in town, so if you need to print something or grab a bite to eat before or after signing up for Medicaid, everything you need is within a short distance.


Reviewers say that the staff is generally very helpful and friendly, though if you are asking for help, it is important that you can prove your need for assistance. Certified Application Counselors are available at this office. The available staff at this county Medicaid office changes on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, so if you have a very specific need, it may be best to call ahead first to ensure that the staff members you will need to speak with will be available at the time of your visit.


This Medicaid office is located at the following address:


Polk County – Family Support Division

2110 S. Springfield Avenue, Building 1

Bolivar, MO 65613

(417) 326-6241


Missouri Department of Social Services – St. Charles County (3.6 Stars)

The Missouri Department of Social Services in St. Charles County is a busy yet organized and well-kept office. Reviewers recommend that you make sure that you have all of your documents and paperwork in order before your visit if you want to be attended to quickly. Overall, despite its many daily visitors, this office operates efficiently and the wait times have decreased drastically in the past year. The staff at this location are generally extremely friendly and polite, and many visitors report that they even go out of their way to provide assistance in unusual or uncommon cases. Though this facility is rated 3.6 stars, recently the performance of the office environment has improved making it an excellent choice if you’re hoping to sign up for Medicaid.


Plenty of parking is available outside the St. Charles County Medicaid office for individuals who plan to drive to this location. There is no bus or metro system in St. Charles, however the SCAT (St. Charles Area Transit) system provides morning bus transport from certain destinations to a location close to this office (the closest stop is the Highway 370 and Truman Road stop). Arriving early in the morning is usually advised if you hope to sign up for Medicaid.


Individuals may ride the bus starting from the following locations:


●       Mueller Road

●       Cave Springs Lot

●       Zumbehl Lot

●       Convention Center

●       Streets of St. Charles

●       Earth City/Rider Trail

●       Ameristar Casino

●       St. Joseph’s Medical Center

●       Highway 370 and MO-94


Visit this link for more information about the exact routes and the timetable for the SCAT system, how to access it, and how to get to this location from the above-listed origins in St. Charles. The Charley curb-to-curb service is another form of public transport that can help you get from any location in St. Charles City directly to this Medicaid office.


Most days there are Certified Application Counselors available at this location to provide assistance with Medicaid applications. If you are requesting help with your Medicaid application, make sure you speak with one of these individuals so that you can receive the correct information and details that pertain to your specific case.


The St. Charles County Medicaid sign-up office is located at the address listed below:


Missouri Department of Social Services – St. Charles County

3737 Harry S. Truman Boulevard

St. Charles, MO 63301

(855) 373-4636


Lawrence County Social Services (3.4 Stars)

The Lawrence County Social Services office is located just outside the center of Aurora, MO and is along the Highway 60 bus route, with the nearest stop being the one just after Wolf Street. OATS Transit and other transport companies (including taxi services) may be hired to help you get to this office if you’d prefer not to drive a car. For individuals with their own transport, parking is available right outside the building.


The office is wheelchair accessible, easy to find, and very clean, though some reviewers say that security of the building could be improved. Most reviewers of this location also agree that the staff members are helpful, polite, and friendly making this Medicaid office an excellent destination for those who wish to sign up for benefits. The wait times are practically nonexistent at this facility and there are plenty of people ready and willing to help both walk-ins and individuals with appointments. Arrive with your documents in order to make your visit go more smoothly and to facilitate the overall process of signing up for Medicaid.


Certified Application Counselors are available at this location to help you sign up for the Medicaid program, and they are also able to help answer any questions that you might have about the sign-up process. Though wait times are generally short, it’s always recommended that you arrive early when the office opens to ensure that you beat the afternoon crowds. Write down your questions so that you may get the most help during your visit.


The Lawrence County Medicaid sign-up office is located at the address listed below:


Lawrence County Social Services

1419 E. Church Street

Aurora, MO 65605

(417) 678-1228


Missouri Department of Social Services (3.3 Stars)

The Missouri Department of Social Services is located in Raytown on the outskirts of Kansas City, MO. It is a large building with parking out front, and the Medicaid sign-up office is inside, along with other essential social government service offices to provide one convenient location where you can sign up for other assistance programs that are available in the state.


This location is very clean and well-organized as well as centrally located in Raytown. Individuals without their own personal form of transportation may access this office by using a taxi or private car or they may utilize the Kansas City bus system. The nearest bus stops that provide access to this location include the following:


●       On Blue Ridge Cutoff at 63rd Northbound

●       On 63rd Street at Blue Ridge EB


The staff members here are both friendly and efficient, and many reviewers say that they were extremely satisfied with the services provided here and that the staff here even made their visit enjoyable! The location has Certified Application Counselors on hand who are available to help you with the Medicaid sign-up process so even though the Missouri Department of Social Services in Raytown received only a 3.3 star review on Google, it is still one of the most highly reviewed locations in the state.


The Missouri Department of Social Services in Raytown has a reputation for providing extremely fast service, and most people say that they were in and out of the Medicaid sign-up office in an hour or less. However, in certain cases you may be required to visit different offices across Kansas City to obtain different documents, which can increase the amount of time you will spend signing up. It’s always wise to arrive to the Medicaid agency office early in the morning right after they open to avoid the crowds that inevitably show up mid-day and to ensure that you can go to other offices in the city to obtain required documentation for Medicaid sign-up, if necessary.


Call in advance if you are unsure of the documentation requirements so that you can plan in advance to visit the relevant offices before your visit to the Missouri Department of Social Services.


The address of this Medicaid sign-up office is listed below:


Missouri Department of Social Services

8800 E. 63rd Street

Raytown, MO 64133

(816) 325-6040