Medicaid is a public health insurance program for low-income individuals that funds both addiction and mental health services.

This program provides low-income individuals with coverage for certain addiction-related treatments along with a broad range of other services.

In this article, we provide basic information about Medicaid in New York along with a list of the 10 Best Mental Health providers that accept Medicaid in the state.

What do mental health clinics do?

Mental health clinics offer an array of services to patients and communities. In New York, the aim of the Medicaid program is to expand their ability to help enrollees to recover fully and reach their life goals. Many mental health clinics collaborate with primary care doctors to come up with treatment plans that address the patient’s overall health.

Issues That Mental Health Clinics Can Address

Mental Health Clinics work with individuals who are experiencing diseases or disorders that affect their emotional and mental health. Examples of common issues that are treated at mental health clinics include the following:


●       Mood Disorders (Depression, Mania, Bipolar Disorder, etc.)

●       Anxiety Disorders

●       Substance Abuse

●       Schizophrenia and other types of psychosis

●       Methadone Maintenance and Treatment

●       Residential Services

●       Eating Disorders

●       Dementia Treatment

Services Offered by Mental Health Clinics

Mental Health Clinics in New York provide services designed to clinically address mental, emotional, and behavioral issues using a variety of treatments including the following:


●       Crisis Intervention

●       Day Treatment

●       Partial Inpatient Services

●       Outpatient Rehabilitation

●       Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

●       Individual, group, or family therapies

●       Inpatient detoxification

●       Continuing Day Treatment (CDT)

●       Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROS)

●       Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP)

●       Crisis Intervention

●       Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Treatment (IPRT)

Will Medicaid pay for mental health clinics?

In New York, Medicaid Managed Care Plans cover an array of mental health issues including substance abuse disorders for enrollees.

In 2016, the range of mental health services provided by Medicaid in New York was expanded for all enrollees, but enrollees with SSI receive their behavioral health care services using their health plan ID card. These expanded services were particularly aimed at beneficiaries over the age of 21 years.


The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) requires that most Medicaid programs apply the same rules for coverage of substance use disorder and mental health issues as they do for physical health care coverage. In New York, the MHPAEA protects beneficiaries in need of mental health or substance abuse services, ensuring a broader spectrum of coverage that is similar to coverage for physical health issues.

Eligibility for Mental Health Treatment through Medicaid

Talk to your current primary care provider about your Medicaid plan to find out if the mental health services that you need are available.

Your primary care provider is the one who will help you manage and answer questions about mental health service options that you can access in the state of New York.

If your current plan does not cover the services you need, you may be able to switch to a new plan. You can change your Medicaid Managed Care plan within 3 months of the date that you enroll, but after that, you must stick with your current plan for another 9 months until the enrollment period opens again each year.


Some individuals in New York may qualify for a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP), a managed care product that offers physical, mental, and substance abuse services through integrated services for adults who have significant mental health needs.

But even if you don’t qualify for Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) enrollment, your Medicaid Managed Care plan will cover expanded behavioral health treatments such as opioid treatment, Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROS), and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT). Visit this link to view a directory of Medicaid Managed Care plans in New York.

What are the requirements?

To be eligible for Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) services, you must be over age 21 years and be eligible for Medicaid Managed Care and insured only through Medicaid.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for HARP, you’ll get a letter from New York Medicaid Choice or from the state of New York. To be eligible, you must have significant mental or behavioral health needs that have been identified by your primary care provider.


Top 10 Mental Health Clinics in New York That Accept Medicaid


1. Manhattan Mental Health Counseling (5.0 stars)

Manhattan Mental Health Counseling is a full-service private practice that accepts Medicaid in New York. They offer highly customized psychotherapy to foster personal growth in a serene atmosphere. The therapists at this facility are all New York licenced mental health counselors that receive excellent reviews. Patients report that the counselors at Manhattan Mental Health Counseling are good listeners and that their experiences at this facility are positive.


Online counselors are currently available at Manhattan Mental Health Counseling by calling 212-960-8626 for an appointment. They offer the following services both online and in-person at their facility:


●   Anxiety Therapy

●   Depression Therapy

●   PTSD Therapy

●   EMDR

●   OCD Therapy

●   Couples Counseling

●   Eating Disorders Treatment

●   Anger Management Therapy

●   Biofeedback Therapy

●   Grief Therapy

●   Trauma Treatment

●   Device/Internet Addiction


Manhattan Mental Health Counseling is available at three locations in New York City:


Midtown West

Located on 38th Street near Times Square


Midtown East

Located on 45th Street close to Grand Central


14th Street

Located close to Union Square

2.  South Brookhaven Health Center, Outpatient Behavioral Health & Chemical Dependency Services (5 Stars)

The Outpatient Behavioral Health & Chemical Dependency Services section of the Long Island Community Hospital in South Brookhaven receives high ratings from reviewers. Located within a hospital, this location has all of the resources available to help patients in any manner, no matter how simple or complex the situation might be. Reviewers appreciated the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff and said that the location was clean and the wait times were short.


The South Brookhaven Health Center provides the following services to patients in need:


●   Psychiatric emergency program (receive immediate, quality care for yourself or your loved one in the case of a mental health emergency)

●   Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Center

●   Psychotherapeutic counseling for individuals and families

●   Medication management

●   Crisis stabilization

●   Evaluations and assessments


If you would like more information about the services offered at this clinic, call (631) 687-HELP (4357) or visit the hospital directly in Patchogue, New York.


3.  LifeStance Health, Putnam Valley (4.8 Stars)

LifeStance Health, formerly known as Carmel Psychological Associates, has 9 available locations in New York State, and the Putnam Valley location is particularly highly rated. Patients at this clinic say that the staff members at Putnam Valley are highly competent and skilled at their jobs, and also that the doctors and attending health providers are compassionate, dedicated, and good listeners.


The LifeStance Health, Putnam Valley clinic provides the following mental health services:


●   One-on-one therapy

●   EMDR therapy

●   Cancer counseling

●   Family psychotherapy

●   Medication evaluation and treatment

●   Evaluations and assessments

●   Biofeedback

●   Hypnosis therapy

●   Child psychiatry and psychology


This clinic may be contacted at (845) 279-5908 for more information about the services and treatments offered in Putnam Valley or other LifeStance Health clinics.

4.  Phoenix House (4.6 Stars)

The Phoenix House, New York was founded in 1967 to help people overcome alcohol and substance abuse and go on to lead happy, healthy lives. They offer a range of different services including:


●   Residential treatment

●   Outpatient treatment

●   Recovery Support

●   Continuing Care

●   Treatment of co-occurring disorders

●   Treatment for military personnel including veterans and their families

●   Medication-assisted treatment

●   Telehealth options


There are a variety of locations available in New York. Call 844-815-1508 for more information.

5. Mindful Urgent Care (4.4 Stars)

Mindful Urgent Care provides a variety of therapeutic options, specializing in medication management to promote mental and emotional strengthening to foster lifetime change. This facility does not offer substance abuse detoxification or rehab. Individual therapy is not available, but MindFit Group Therapy options give patients access to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.


Mindful Urgent Care provides treatment for the following mental health issues:


●   Panic Attacks

●   Anxiety

●   Depression

●   Anger Management

●   Bipolar Disorder

●   OCD

●   PTSD

●   Eating Disorders

●   Paranoia

●   Insomnia

●   Grief and Bereavement


Mindful Urgent Care has several locations in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. To make an appointment call 516-505-7200.

6. NYU Langone Health (3.8 Stars)

The NYU Langone Health psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in treating mental health issues in both adults and children. This hospital was ranked as U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Hospitals” for psychiatry in 2020-2021.They treat a wide range of psychiatric disorders ranging from addiction and mood disorders to dementia and psychosis. Urgent care and virtual therapy is available through NYU Langone Health.


NYU Langone Health psychiatrists and therapists receive excellent reviews, but some patients complain that the billing department doesn’t communicate clearly and sometimes makes errors.


There are a variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment locations throughout New York City. Call 646-929-7845 for more information about the treatment facility closest to you.


7. Parallax Center (3.8 Stars)

The Parallax Center is a substance abuse treatment facility that accepts Medicaid. They offer both outpatient detoxification and early recovery treatment for patients including withdrawal management and stabilization from opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines. They take a holistic and customized approach to early recovery treatment to help patients maintain sobriety. They offer the following services:


●       Individual therapy

●       Group therapy

●       Medical appointments

●       A unique approach to opioid withdrawal using naltrexone


Most of the patients who received treatment at the Parallax Center rave about their experiences at this facility. The staff is reportedly empathetic and kind and patients report that they feel heard and understood at this facility.


The Parallax Center is located at:

145 East 32nd Street, 6th floor

New York NY 10016

[email protected]




8. Acacia Network (3.5 Stars)

The Acacia Network was founded in 1969 to promote mental health and recovery programs in underserved neighborhoods in upstate New York and New York City. They use a holistic approach to offer services to all patients regardless of their financial situation and the  cost is based on a sliding fee that takes family size and income into account. This facility offers behavioral health and substance abuse programs including:


●   Outpatient Mental Health Services

●   Addiction Services

●   Detoxification

●   Rehabilitation

●   Outpatient Substance Use programs

●   Residential Care

●   Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

●   Services for those with developmental disabilities


The Acacia Network has multiple locations offering various mental health services throughout the state, but you can contact the following location for more information:


3940 Broadway, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10032

212-781-5500 / 718-960-7599

9. Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (3.2 Stars)

The Metropolitan Center for Mental Health is an outpatient behavioral health clinic that provides affordable treatment options to Medicaid beneficiaries. They provide services to all members in the community regardless of their financial situation or cultural barriers that may exist. The Center offers an array of different mental services for all ages with a focus on psychotherapy and consultation to essential community fixtures like schools, religious organizations, and other local groups.


The services offered at the Metropolitan Center include the following:


●       Group and Individual Psychotherapy

●       Play Therapy

●       Parent Counseling

●       Couples Therapy

●       Family Counseling

●       Psychological Testing

●       Medication Therapy


A significant proportion of the patients who have visited this clinic report that the staff at the clinic is very professional with a lot of positive words about both the receptionists as well as the therapists. However, ratings for this facility are very polarized with either very positive or very negative reviews and few reviews of a balanced, moderate nature.


The Metropolitan Center for Mental Health is available at the following location:


160 W 86th St

New York, NY 10024



10. Odyssey House (2.3 Stars)

The Odyssey House receives mixed reviews from former clients, but they offer a full-service rehab program approved to accept New York Medicaid for the treatment of substance or alcohol abuse. Many of their patients came to the facility because they used drugs or alcohol to self-medicate for anxiety or depression. At the Odyssey House, therapists use a behavioral approach that integrates the underlying causes of addiction to increase the odds of a successful recovery.


The Odyssey House creates a customized treatment plan that consists of the following services:


●       Individual counseling

●       Group counseling

●       Medication therapy

●       Coordinating support services (housing, employment, and education)


Contact the Odyssey House at 866-888-7880 for more information about their treatment services.