If you are in need of a walker, a narrow walker can be the best option for you to move around your home or in public. But which narrow walker should you choose?


To make your choice easier, we’ve created this review of the best narrow walkers.


Before we look at the best narrow walkers, let’s take a look at the major types of Walkers and their uses.


Types of Walkers for Seniors


Walkers are made from metal frames. They can either have four, three, or two legs and are used to provide balance, support, and stability for the eldely and the frail.


That said, most modern walkers are designed with gliding wheels that slide instead of lifting the device. This makes them ideal for those who cannot exert as much energy lifting their walker.


Here is a list of some of the walkers out there.


Basic walkers


The Basic walker has four legs with no wheels. It comes in different designs and sizes. They can either be ultra-narrow or narrow and have different features. Typically, they are built with a sturdy metal frame and have an adjustable, or fixed height, for stability and support.


Two-wheel walkers


The two-wheel walker has similar features to the basic walker. Its wheels allow the walker to function as a Rollator (see below for explanation).


It requires less effort due to having less wheels; you will not go through the stress of picking it up on each step. This walker can be used flawlessly on rough surfaces.



Walkers and Rollators are often interchanged or confused by most people. The devices share common features, and are both used to provide stability and support. However, there are differences.


Rollators are types of wheel walkers that can be used to carry out more complex tasks. They come with many additional features like a basket and a built-in seat.


When compared to most traditional walkers, Rollators are more expensive. They are wider than the standard walker, and provide more reliability and safety while in motion.


Hemi walkers


The Hemi Walker has a single handle and comes with four legs. It gives more stability than the simple canes, and it’s lighter compared to most conventional walkers. The walker is a perfect choice for those with limited dexterity in either of their hands. Most models can be folded easily, and they come with adjustable height.

Knee Walkers


This walker allows you to rest an injured knee on a padded cushion while using the other leg to propel yourself. We recommend this walker for seniors who are recovering from injuries or leg surgeries.


What are the Advantages of Narrow Walkers for Small Spaces?


Here are some advantages of narrow walkers over conventional standard walkers:


1. Easier to Maneuver

Narrow walkers are comparatively smaller than standard walkers. They allow users to maneuver their way past smaller spaces like narrow passageways easily.


2. Comfortable for Use

Narrow walkers are more comfortable than standard walkers. They make it easy for you to keep your hands in the right position while maneuvering rough and tight spaces. They move smoothly, and are compatible with most heights.


3. Convenient to Store

Narrow walkers are smaller than standard walkers and can be folded up. They can be stored in less space and are light-weight.


4. Ideal for Shorter Users

Narrow walkers are great for short users because they don’t have to incline themselves when using it. This feature is rare if you’re using the stand walker.


5. Lightweight

Unlike standard walkers, which are often not convenient for seniors with weak grips or those nursing an injury, narrow walkers are made from light metal frames. This makes it easy to lift them without stress.


Narrow walkers are quite easy to travel with since they have less weight and consume less space.


Is It Safe for Seniors to Use a Narrow Walker?


The question people often ask is a narrow walker safe? Do they provide enough stability and support when used to walk or stand?


The truth is the marketplace for rollers is extremely competitive and regulated. Which means that walkers that are made from reputable brands have been tested and tried for safety and support.



Does Medicaid Cover Walkers?


Rollators and walkers are Durable Medical Equipment (DME). If a walker is deemed medically necessary and has been prescribed by a doctor it will be covered.

However, each state has different laws on how much they will cover. For a better understanding of what coverage NY provides click here.


Do I Need Different Walkers For Indoor And Outdoor Use?


Most narrow walkers can be used both outdoors and indoors. This makes it easy to get around on a single walker. Though some people prefer using wider walkers, you can opt for two walkers of different width if you want to. This will allow you to use your narrow walker for tighter places.


Our list has some of the most reliable narrow walker models that are designed to give you the best experience. To help you get the best deal for your budget, we’ve highlighted the amazing features of the narrow walkers on our list.


The 5 Best Narrow Walkers for Seniors

Drive Medical 4 Wheel Rollator Walker (23.5 inches)

This walker’s sturdy framework and the built-in padded seat allow you to rest when you’re tired. It comes with a backrest feature that can easily be removed, adjusted, and replaced.


Additionally, the walker has a built-in storage space that is similar to the Nitro Euro Style Rollator. You can use the storage to carry items while walking around. This storage space comes in the form of a built-in foldable basket.



  • It has a width of 23.5 inches
  • Perfect for narrow space
  • Very durable
  • Affordable
  •  It can withstand up to 300 pounds.


Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Walker (24 inches)

The Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Walker is a lightweight walker formed from aluminum.


The front-wheel allows you to pave your way easily on rough surfaces. If you love traveling, then this will be a perfect match because of its foldability and weight.

The walker is simple, durable, and sturdy. Its affordable price makes it a preferred choice for many.



  • It is 24 inches wide
  • It weighs no more than 7.5 pounds
  • It’s a perfect choice for seniors
  • Durable
  • It can withstand up to 350 pounds



Ultra-Narrow Walking Frame (19.5 inches)


The ultra-narrow walking frame is yet another top-rated walker on our list of Best Narrow Walkers for seniors. It has a maximum width of 19.5 inches, and it can withstand up to 350 pounds weight.


It is a lightweight walker made from anodized aluminum, and it is available in both standard and tall sizes. Unlike other walkers on our list, the ultra-narrow walking frame has no wheels.


The walker is easy to carry around and maneuver through narrow interior spaces because of its 4 pounds weight, stable frame, and adjustable height.



  • Fit perfectly on narrow spaces.
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Can withstand up to 350 pounds



  • No moveable wheels


Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker (23 inches)


Nitro Euro Style Rollator is a durable and adjustable narrow walker. Its width is slightly less than other narrow walkers, having a maximum width of 23 inches.

It can accommodate a weight limit of 300 pounds. This makes it a perfect choice for seniors on the heavy side. It has four wheels: two wheels at the rear, and two larger wheels at the front for easy maneuvering through indoor and outdoor spaces.


Since the metal frames are made from lightweight aluminum, it is easily lifted and maneuvered. The weight is one of the cutting-edge advantages that sets it apart from other walkers. We recommend this for seniors who have difficulty lifting heavy objects.


The walker is very comfortable since users can easily adjust the height to a preferred level. Additionally, it has a built-in seat and back support that allow users to sit and rest if they feel the need to do so.



  • Easily adjustable height
  • It has a Seat, a backrest, and handles
  • Can withstand a weight capacity of 300 Ibs
  • It has a foldable chair
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient for traveling


  • It is expensive


Hugo Folding Walker (24 inches)


The Hugo folding walker is a foldable walker that weighs 6 pounds. It is light enough to maneuver and move around tight spaces easily.


When unfolded, it takes up a maximum of 24 inches width, and 4 inches width when folded.


It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a 300-pound weight limit. Also, the height is adjustable to cater for different users’ height between 5ft. 1inch – 6ft. 4inches.


Some of its features include side bags that help you walk comfortably without carrying extra bags. The side bags allow you to move around easily with handy items such as newspapers, water bottles, books, etc.


The Hugo folding walker has a one-touch button that allows the walker to fold easily without occupying too much space. To this effect, the walker is an excellent choice and companion for support when traveling.



  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Compatible with little space
  • Very durable
  • It can be folded easily
  • It has a thick padded seat
  • It comes with a storage pouch
  • It has 8 inches wheel suitable for rough surfaces



  • It is Expensive