Our Personal Care Service patients need access to the best pharmacies around.

So to help you out, we put together this important guide on the 10 best pharmacies in Las Vegas and what they can do for you.

Best Pharmacies in Las Vegas

1. QHR Pharmacy



7512 Westcliff Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89145


QHR is a locally owned and operated pharmacy that has been part of the city’s landscape since 2010. At QHR, you can find all the bases that you would expect from a local pharmacy, including drug pickup, prescription services, vitamins, therapy management equipment, and more. QHR also offers immunizations including vaccines for COVID-19. In addition to the wide range of available prescription medications, QHR recently launched a mobile app that allows you to set reminders for medications, create distinct user profiles, insta-fill prescriptions, and request delivery.


QHR has been faithfully serving the area for multiple years and has built up a good reputation around Las Vegas. They take great pride in their professional service, quality of offerings, and dedication to serving the community. In addition to their main branch located on Westcliff Drive, QHR Pharmacy has a second location located on Nellis Blvd. You can go to their website to get the exact direction to each location. Both locations are located around numerous outlets for public transportation and also exist a short walking distance from dense residential areas.


So if you are looking for the absolute best pharmacy in Las Vegas, then QHR is the way to go!

2.Southwest Pharmacy



4550 East Bonanza Road, Suite C, Las Vegas, NY 89110


Located near the south side by Washington Square, Southwest Pharmacy has been providing excellent community care for decades now. Southwest Pharmacy offers excellent patient care, clinical education, and pharmacy service. Unlike many other larger chain pharmacies, Southwest Pharmacy believes in personalizing the pharmacy approach for each person. They offer a wide range of drugs and services. Southwest Pharmacy offers diabetic medication savings, free antibiotics, competitive pricing for cash patients, medication therapy management, and they accept most insurance plans. They are open from 10-6 PM every weekday but are closed on the weekends. Southwest Pharmacy’s location is also convenient, nestled right in the heart of bustling Bonanza road right off the 215 Vegas bus line.


Southwest Pharmacy also offers immunizations during flu season. Their pharmacist John has over 2 decades of experience in pharmacy cars and takes great pains to personalize the service for every person that walks in the room. Their staff is always willing to help and is friendly and knowledgeable.

3. Well Care Pharmacy



3200 West Charleston Boulevard, Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89102


Third on our list is Well Care Pharmacy, an organization that has been serving the Las Vegas area for nearly 15 years. Wellcare Pharmacy has since extended much past its initial location and now has several locations around the Las Vegas area. Well Care offers free pharmacy delivery to any location in Las Vegas and Henderson and has a large retail pharmacy section complete with common OTC medications, healthcare products, and healthcare equipment. They always have a person on staff to make sure you can find the items that you need.


Well Care also has some great options to streamline its services. They have a mobile app where you can refill prescriptions, schedule deliveries, consulting pharmacists and view available medications, and check insurance acceptance. Well Care has updated its interface for the modern age and the app is solid and easy enough to use.

4. Vesper Specialty Pharmacy



4225 S Eastern Ave #16, Las Vegas, NV 89119


4th on our list is Vesper Specialty Pharmacy, located just off the south I-15 and I-515 in a convenient spot just north of the University District. Vesper Pharmacy is headed by Dr. Joshua Koroghil and employs a well-rounded team of expert pharmacy technicians and assistants who work around the clock to make sure you get the service that you deserve. In addition to basic pharmacy services. Vesper offers med synchronization, refill requests, medication consultations, delivery for prescription medications, immunizations for flu, and a large selection of OTC vitamins, herbals, and supplements.


At Vesper, you can get all your medication and pick up a quick snack with their full selection of drinks and eats in the mini-mart section. Vesper partners directly with LienRx and can provide fast prescriptions filled without insurance out-of-pocket costs. You can check the entire pharmaceutical catalog on Vesper’s website. They partner with Medicare and Medicaid, as well as Tricare. For those without insurance, they offer competitive cash pricing. Additionally, the company has a useful blog on their website full of useful advice and tips.

5. Solutions Specialty Pharmacy

8579 S Eastern Ave Ste B Las Vegas, NV 89123


In fifth place on our list is Solutions Specialty Pharmacy, located just north of I-215 in Green Valley South. Solutions Speciality offers friendly and efficient curbside pickup and delivery for medications and also allows in-person fills. Solutions Specialty also focuses on acquiring uncommon medications and performs special deliveries. Customers can pay for medication with cash and credit cards and the entire unit is wheelchair accessible. Specialty Solutions also has a convenient drive-through for patients who need a fast pick up.


Solutions Specialty offers a wide range of both conventional and alternative medications With their special order pharmaceutical operations, there is no limit to what you can get there, including bio-identical hormones, veterinary medications, adrenal medications, thyroid medications, and whatever else that you need. Specialty Solutions also has a great public reputation with many positive reviews online praising their customer service and performance. So if you need specialty medications in a friendly, community-owned location, then Solutions Specialty Pharmacy is a good location to check out.

6. Partell Specialty Pharmacy



5835 South Eastern Ave, Ste 101, Las Vegas, NV 89119


Located south of the 593 sits Partell Specialty Pharmacy, a locally owned Las Vegas pharmacy. Partell is a one-stop-shop for medications and basic home goods. Partell offers a wide range of high-quality products in addition to personalized medical services. Partell offers conventional medications along with alternative medications and specialty order medications, including customer formulas and dosages. Partell is responsive to the fact that medication does not work the same for everyone and they will work with you to find a product and method that will work for you.


Partell Pharmacy also has a fully online module so you can refill your prescription medications online and set them up for pickup and delivery. Now Partell has a proprietary mobile app where you can manage your accounts and prescriptions from your smartphone. Partell now offers home delivery for customer medication so you can schedule the same day refill and drop offs for medication.  Additionally, Partell has an entire mart section with home care good for convenience.

7. Phoenix Pharmacy



6096 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89148


Located just west off of Bruce Woodbury Beltway sits Phoenix Pharmacy, a locally-owned pharmacy. Phoenix Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy and compounding specialist that emphasizes customized personal service. Phoenix works to make a strong relationship with the patient and their physician so they can be as effective as possible with their services. Phoenix Pharmacy has been here serving the Las Vegas area for over 10 years and has built up a loyal following of customers from the region.


Phoenix Pharmacy prides itself on excellent service that is catered to the unique needs of the customer. With Phoenix Pharmacy, you can order your prescriptions and pick them up the same day with little to no wait.

8. Advanced Care Rx Pharmacy



4161 S Eastern Ave Ste A3 Las Vegas, NV 89119


Located near Summerlin, Las Vegas, Advanced Care Rx Pharmacy offers features products and high-quality services. It is the leading independent pharmacy in Las Vegas and specializes in the formulation of specialized drugs, including hormone replacement, pediatrics, veterinary compounding, dermatology, autism, and more. Advanced Care Rx also offers a wide range of services including free delivery anywhere in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. In addition to their abilities to fill custom medications, Advanced Care Rx also has a large center or retail

OTC medications.


Advanced Care Rx also offers personalized medication care for customers. You can fill out your prescriptions online and pick them up the same day, with little to no interruption in your daily schedule. Advanced cAre Rx offers products for pain management, weight loss, anti-aging, pediatrics, rheumatic, podiatry, dentistry, women’s health, men’s health, etc. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your pharmaceutical needs.

9. Choice LV

7915 W Sahara Ave Ste 103, Las Vegas, NY 89117


The second to last entry on our list is Choice LV, a locally owned pharmacy located in the middle of Las Vegas, just south off of Highway 159. Choice LV focuses on specialty medications so you can get other things there that you may not be able to find elsewhere. LV Choice offers competitive pricing and accepts most health insurance plans. For patients without health insurance, Choice LV offers competitive cash pricing at low cost. Choice LV offers a wide range of both conventional and prescription medication,


LV Choice Pharmacy also offers free delivery on all orders so you can get your drugs delivered directly to your door for free. According to many customers, LV Choice is also willing to work with customers to help them find a price that works for both parties. You can refill your subscriptions and take a seat in the clean and comfortable waiting room while you wait for your prescription medication. It’s a great local place that has been serving the Las Vegas community for more than 10 years.

10. Family Care Pharmacy



5625 S Rainbow Blvd Ste F Las Vegas, NV 89118


Last on our list of the top pharmacies in Las Vegas is Family Care Pharmacy. Located just north off of Highway 215, Family Care Pharmacy has been serving the location for decades and offers a high quality pharmacy experience for new and returning clients. Family Care is open from 9:30 to 6:30 PM and has a comfortable waiting area so you can take a load off while your scripts are being filled. Family Care Pharmacy accepts most kinds of insurance plans. Family Care also offers delivery to the greater Las Vegas area and curbside pickup.


So if you are in the Las Vegas area and need a family-friendly place to fill your prescriptions, then Family Care Pharmacy is a good option to pick. Family Care can help you in a quick and well-mannered way. You can fill your prescriptions and pick them up the same day. Family Care also has a wide rage of in-store OTC medications for purchase without a prescription.


No matter where you are, you need a good pharmacist around. If you have medications that you need to take daily or have special medications that need custom preparation, a good pharmacy is a must-have on your list. These 10 pharmacists have been rated as the best pharmacies in the Las Vegas area and can help you fill your prescriptions and get your medication when you need it. All of these pharmacies are also locally owned and operate, so they offer the kind of service that only a locally-owned operation can.


So make sure that you do your research before finding a pharmacy. Make sure that they have the medications that you need and if they have any special kinds of services such as delivery or curbside pickup.