If you’re looking for a place to buy high-quality scrubs at a reasonable price in New York City, look no further! In this article, we offer details about the top 10 stores in New York City where you can buy the best scrubs at good prices. Each of the stores listed below offers a unique line-up of services and products.


Finding a store with friendly staff, reasonable prices, and comfortable, high-quality, and long-lasting products is important if you work in the medical industry. The stores listed before are ranked among the best in the city.

The 10 Best Scrubs Stores in NYC


1.    Dallas Uniforms


Dallas Uniforms has a wide array of different uniforms for health and medical workers. They sell nursing shoes, medical uniforms, undergarments, and hosiery among other things. Though they sell a variety of uniforms and shoes for nurses, they also sell other uniforms for other types of industries too. There are no medical supplies for sale at this location.


The staff is reportedly friendly and helpful and the store is clean and very well organized. They do not have a web site and it isn’t possible to order their products online. You must visit the store in person.


Dallas Uniforms is located within 2 blocks of the Church Avenue and Utica Avenue bus stop. The Church Avenue subway station is over 10 blocks away. The store is located between Utica Avenue and 49th Street in East Flatbush at the following address:


4913 Church Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11203




2.    USA Scrubs


USA Scrubs was established in 2016, but they’ve been in the medical uniform industry for more than 25 years. They have a wide selection of nurse’s and doctor’s uniforms including medical accessories and shoes and they carry an array of different sizes and brands to accommodate your needs.


This company can embroider logos or names on uniforms, if needed. They accept major credit cards.


USA Scrubs has excellent reviews and customers report that the stores are clean and the owner works hard to provide excellent service to each customer who comes through the door. He is knowledgeable about the products and trends in the scrub industry and he makes a strong effort to provide attention and service to all of his customers.


The prices of the scrubs on sale at USA Scrubs are reasonable and they have every color or style of scrubs that you might want. You can buy everything you need including uniforms and nursing shoes and clogs for both men and women.


USA Scrubs is wheelchair accessible and it has bicycle parking. It’s located about five blocks from the 168 Street – Washington Heights subway station. Some customers report that it can be difficult to get to this location, but now USA Scrubs has two locations in New York City:


135 16 Jamica Ave

Richmond Hill, NY 11418-1957

Phone: 718-206-0164

Fax: 888-292-4645

Email: [email protected]


3929 Broadway

New York, NY 10032



3.    Downtown Uniforms


Downtown Uniforms was established in 1992 and they recently moved to a new location in Brooklyn. They offer a wide variety of scrubs and essential gear for nurses.

In addition to nurse uniforms, they have nurse shoes, and nursing accessories including stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs (aneroid sphygmomanometers), ID holders, Littman brand products, penlights, watches, and more.

Customers report that the wide selection can sometimes be overwhelming, but the staff is helpful and they can assist you in finding whatever you need.


The prices at Downtown Uniforms are reasonable and there are a lot of choices in terms of sizes, brands, colors, and uniform styles. Some customers have reported that the staff at times have been unhelpful, but the owner of the store is knowledgeable and welcoming to all customers.

Reviews indicate that staff changes have been made and new staff members are much more friendly toward customers. Some customers report that though the store is clean, the selection is overwhelming so it’s important to ask for assistance to find what you need.


Downtown Uniforms is wheelchair accessible and they offer parking for bikes. They accept credit cards.


Downtown Uniforms is located just a few blocks from the Atlantic Terminal train station and about one block from the Nevins Street subway station. There are bus stops within less than a block from the store as well. Downtown Uniforms is located at the following address:


60 Flatbush Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11217




4.    House of Angels New York


House of Angels New York is a uniform shop with a wide variety of different colors, brands, sizes, and styles for both male and female nurses. There are no medical supplies in this store though there is a selection of nursing shoes.

Customers report that they frequently restock items so it’s easy to get the exact size, color, and style you’re looking for at this store.  They can print logos, images, and words or names on scrubs or jackets. The prices are affordable and the store is clean and well-organized.


The staff at House of Angels have received excellent reviews from their customers. There is a dressing room in the store, so though it’s possible to try items before you buy, they also have a flexible credit/exchange policy so if something doesn’t fit or if you simply don’t like it you can return and exchange it, or get store credit for future purchases. They accept major credit cards.


House of Angels New York is located just half a block away from the 125 Street Metro station. There are two bus stops within less than a block from their location in

Harlem between St. Nicholas Avenue and 8th Avenue at the following address:


307 W 125th St.

New York, NY 10027



5.    Varsity Uniform


Varsity Uniform was established in 1938 on Castle Hill Avenue. This is a small business but they’re well known for providing uniforms for a variety of different disciplines including medicine, police, construction, sanitation, parks and recreation, and blue collar workers. They specialize in Red Wing and Carhartt brands. Customers report that Varsity Uniforms prices are hard to beat.


This store accepts major credit cards. They recently moved to a new location about a block from their old location and the store is not currently handicap accessible. However, customers report that the store is clean and well organized. The staff is friendly and the products last for years.


Varsity Uniform is located a couple of blocks from the Castle Hill Avenue subway station in Unionport. The Castle Hill Avenue/Gleason Hill Avenue or the Castle Hill Avenue/Westchester Avenue bus stops are only about 1 ½ blocks away at the following address:


1239 Castle Hill Ave.

Bronx, NY 10462



6.    YAY Scrubs / Old Country Medical Apparel


YAY Scrubs specializes in providing medical uniforms and accessories as well as hospital equipment and supplies. Reviewers indicate that their customer service is excellent and they have a huge selection of products. The scrubs are priced very affordably to fit every budget and customers who can’t find exactly what they want can talk to the front desk and ask to order the exact product they want.


Old Country Medical Apparel accepts Apple Pay as well as major credit cards. The store is reportedly very clean, neatly organized, and well-maintained. It is filled to overflowing with scrubs for medical and dental or food service workers and fashionable shoes and clogs. There are a variety of sizes in stock to fit every body type.


Old Country Medical Apparel is not located close to a subway or bus station so it’s necessary to drive a car or take a taxi to their location. They provide ample parking for both cars and bikes in a private lot. The store is located on the corner of Old Country Road across from the Costco.They are located at the following address:


451 Old Country Road

Westbury, NY 11590



7.    Ideal Uniforms


Ideal Uniforms provides high-quality uniforms at affordable prices. They offer a pleasant atmosphere with staff members who understand the unique needs of each individual customer. They offer a selection of medical scrubs and uniforms to fit any size or shape, male or female. The staff is friendly and helpful and they can help customers find the exact product they’re looking for or suggest other options, if necessary.


Ideal Uniforms accepts all major credit cards and Android Pay. Customers report that the prices are not the lowest in town, but they’re acceptable. There is a special, separate area of the store where medical uniforms are stocked away from the school uniforms area. This area even has its own separate cashier so health professionals don’t have to wait in line behind people buying other types of products or school uniforms.


A number of customers have reported that orders may be delayed and that it’s better to go directly to the store to purchase items directly.


Ideal Uniforms offers street parking for cars as well as parking for bikes. There is a bus stop right across the street at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue K. The store is located between Avenue K and 37th Street in Marine Park at the following address:


1816 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11210



8.    Blue Angels Nurse’s Uniforms


Blue Angels is a family-owned business and a nursing goods store that offers a variety of top-of-the-line uniform brands in styles and sizes for both men and women including Cherokee, Baby Phat, Dickies, Dansko, Skechers, New Balance, Timberland, Nurse Mates, Littman stethoscopes, and White Cross. They stock lab coats along with Grey’s Anatomy, Prestige Medical, and White Swan products. Blue Angels can do screen printing or embroidery to customize uniforms as needed.


Blue Angels Nurse’s Uniforms accepts major credit cards. Their store is wheelchair accessible and they offer bicycle parking. It’s possible to order their products online through their website. The store itself is clean and very well organized according to customer reviews..


Blue Angels Nurse’s Uniforms is located within steps of the Beach 20 Street and Mott Avenue bus station. They are located in Far Rockaway at the following address:


1052 Beach 20th St.

Far Rockaway, NY 11691


[email protected]


9.    Fashion Uniforms


Fashion Uniforms may not have the widest variety of uniforms in the city, but they reportedly have excellent customer service. Some customers report that they stock a much wider array of women’s medical uniforms than men’s, but other customers say that the men’s selection is quite respectable and the low prices make up for any deficit there might be in terms of product selection.


The Fashion Uniforms store is clean and well-maintained according to customer reviews, though some customers have noted that, because of the huge selection of products, you may need to ask for help to find the right size or brand of different products. There is street parking nearby.


Fashion Uniforms is located near the Community Green Market about 1 block from the Pelham Parkway subway station or about 1 block from the Boston Road and Pelham Parkway bus stop in Pelham Gardens at the following address:


2204 White Plains Rd.

Bronx, NY 10467

(718) 881-3695


10. Scrubs and Beyond


Scrubs and Beyond offers a boutique atmosphere with high-quality customer service. Staff are knowledgeable about the individual needs of different types of healthcare workers. They offer scrubs featuring antimicrobial fabrics and pockets that are well-placed for healthcare workers along with a broad selection of medical accessories and nursing shoes. Medical professionals can find everything they need at this store.


Prices at Scrubs and beyond are affordable and there’s a broad selection of sizes and styles available. Customers rave about the friendliness of the staff and the clean and enjoyable atmosphere in the store. The products are high-quality and Staten Island customers say they wouldn’t dream of shopping anywhere else. Scrubs and Beyond offers a website where customers can order products online.


The store offers plenty of parking and is located in the Heartland Village Shopping Center at the following address:


2301 Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10314