Are you looking for a way to reduce stress, strengthen your bones, improve your balance and posture, and alleviate pain? Then, yoga could be the answer. With so many physical and mental benefits, yoga is an ideal choice for CDS patients who want to get healthier.

Find out about the types of yoga that are best for seniors. Then, get the details on the best yoga studios for seniors in St. Louis.


What Type of Yoga Is Best for Seniors?

Yoga studios have schedules full of classes. Some of the classes are a better fit for seniors than others. Let’s dive in and see which classes are best for you.

Restorative Yoga

You can restore your body and spirit in a restorative yoga class. Unlike most types of yoga, this doesn’t come from India. Instead, it’s an American version of the practice.

You will work slowly through various poses during class, using props when needed. It’s so relaxing that you might even start to drift off to sleep. Don’t worry about it being too relaxing to be effective, though. It’s an amazing stress reliever, improves mobility, and can help you recover from injuries.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga has a lot in common with restorative yoga. Like restorative yoga, you will move slowly. However, you’ll hold the positions longer with the style of yoga, so you’ll stretch your muscles even more.

By holding stretches for several minutes, you should notice an increase in flexibility. It can also help you recover from injuries.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a fantastic option for seniors with mobility issues. You don’t have to stand on your feet or get on the floor. Instead, you’ll sit in a chair.

There are two different types of chair yoga classes. Some only use chairs, while others give you the option. If you choose a class that provides an option, you can get up and down as you wish.

You’ll go through an assortment of poses while sitting in your chair. These poses will help you relax and improve your flexibility.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga doesn’t refer to a specified style. Instead, instructors blend various techniques from different styles of yoga. So if you attend a class, you’ll likely encounter breathing and relaxation exercises from at least two styles of yoga.

If you want to relax and relieve stress, this is a fantastic option for you. Hatha classes are accessible to people of all ages, so you can dive right in.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is an excellent choice for seniors and beginners. The class moves slowly, giving you ample time to get the proper form. Your instructor will also provide you with props to help you reach the correct position. The props will increase your range of motion, so you’ll stretch your muscles during class.

Because Iyengar yoga is slow and safe, you don’t have to worry about taking a class. You know you won’t be rushed or pushed beyond your limits. Instead, safety is the focus.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is more fast-paced than most types. You will practice six poses in all, including sun salutations.

If you’re new to yoga, this isn’t a good place to start. It’s athletic in nature, so you need to work yourself up to Ashtanga yoga. Also, it takes time to learn all the poses. You need to dedicate five days a week to class at first, so you can slowly incorporate new moves.

However, if you’re experienced in yoga and have an athletic frame, you will love Ashtanga yoga. Try it for a week when you’re ready to see if it’s a good fit.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is the practice of linking together positions from different styles of yoga. The various positions flow into one another.

These classes vary by pace. As a senior, you can benefit from one of the slower-paced vinyasa classes.

Bikram Yoga

You’ve probably heard of Bikram yoga before, but you didn’t know the name. It’s often referred to as hot yoga. This style of yoga is growing in popularity in St. Louis and the rest of the world.

The yoga studio is heated to 100 degrees, so you’ll sweat as you work your way through 26 poses. The heat can loosen up your muscles, making it easier to get through class.

However, it’s not ideal for seniors who have issues with heat. If you get overheated easily, you’ll need to choose a different class.

The Best Yoga Studios for Seniors in St. Louis

Now that you know the various styles of yoga, let’s look at the best yoga studios for seniors. These studios have welcoming environments and classes ideal for seniors.

1.     Joy of Yoga

Joy of Yoga is one of those rare studios that pretty much everyone loves. The clean, welcoming environment is perfect for all ages, including seniors. In fact, it’s not unusual to see seniors in various classes throughout the day. If you are looking for a studio where you can take classes and expand your friend group, this is the ideal place.

The yoga studio has a ton of classes perfect for seniors. You can take:

·   Yoga Basics

·   Gentle Morning Flow

·   Gentle Evening Flow

·   Form and Flow

·   Mindful Movement

·   Restorative Yoga

·   Restful Evening Practice

·   Yin Yoga and Mindfulness

·   Chair Yoga

It also hosts a tai chi class, which also benefits seniors.

The studio has some additional offerings as well, including:

·   Massage

·   Reiki

·   Theta healing

·   Sound healing

You can bring your own mat or use one that the studio provides. The studio offers drop-in pricing and class cards. Also, as a new student, you can sign up for two weeks of unlimited yoga classes for $29.

Joy Yoga has a five-star rating on Google. People rave about how kind and helpful Joy, the owner, is. She will help you get into poses, so you won’t hurt yourself. Plus, she’s encouraging and inspiring, so you will be excited about going to classes.

2.     Blue Sky Yoga

Regardless of your age, you’ll feel welcome and at home at Blue Sky Yoga. This yoga studio is clean, accessible, and full of classes for all levels.

Some of the best classes for seniors include:

·   Dynamic Vinyasa (for all experience levels)

·   Blue Sky Basics and Beyond

·   Spiritual Bliss

·   Mindful Movement

·   Chair Yoga

Classes are available at the studio and virtually, and it’s easy to get started. As a new student, you can get the New Student Special and take classes for 30 days for $30. Then, just bring your mat and check out a class.

Blue Sky Yoga has a five-star rating on Google. People talk about how spacious and clean the studio is and rave about the welcoming environment. This is a judgment-free area for people of all ages to do yoga. Also, the instructors are caring and amazing here.

3.     Brick City Yoga

Brick City Yoga scores high marks in all categories, from the welcoming environment to the cleanliness. It’s a fantastic spot for seniors and people who are new to the practice of yoga.

The studio offers an assortment of classes. The best options for seniors include:

·   Chair yoga (by appointment only)

·   Ashtanga

·   Basics

·   Body Positive Flow

·   Deep Stretch

·   Hatha Flow

·   Restorative

·   Slow Flow

·   Yin

Classes are $10 each here, so you can drop in as you wish for some affordable yoga. The studio also has extra mats, so you can borrow one if you don’t have your own.

It has a five-star rating on Google. According to its customer base, the studio and instructions are inclusive, so everyone feels welcome.

The instructors are knowledgeable and will support you through classes. They will take the time to get to know you, and after a class or two, they’ll welcome you by name. You will truly feel welcome here.

4.     Agape Yoga Studio

If you are new to yoga, check out Agape Yoga Studio. Clean, comfortable, and welcoming, you’ll feel right at home at Agape Yoga Studio.

Agape Yoga Studio has a variety of offerings, and it provides equipment if you don’t have your own. The best classes for seniors include:

·   Align and Slow Flow

·   Gentle Yoga

·   Slow Flow

·   Yoga Stretch

You can sign up for the New Student Special and try the studio for a week for only $25. When you try it, you can see what the clients rave about when they visit.

The studio has a 4.7-star rating on Yelp and a 4.9-star rating on Facebook and stands out for modifying poses as needed. The instructors tune into the needs of the students and provide help when needed.

5.     YogaSix

YogaSix is dedicated to providing a welcoming studio for all. As a senior, you’ll feel at home here when you take one of the classes. The variety of classes focus on balance, flexibility, strength, and agility.

The best classes for seniors include:

·   Y6 101 (for beginners)

·   Y6 Slow Flow

·   Y6 Restore

You can bring your own equipment or buy it at the studio. Also, you can take the first week of classes for just $20.

YogaSix is extremely popular in St. Louis. It has a 4.5-star rating on Google. The reviewers talk about how it’s welcoming and accommodating to all students.

The instructors really stand out here, too. They will take the time to know you and your goals and help you achieve them. They can also help you modify poses if necessary.

Enjoy the Numerous Benefits of Yoga

As a senior, yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body. First, try classes at various studios to find the best option. Then, you can enjoy the many benefits of yoga.