If you are looking for the best Medicaid-eligible dentists in the state of Pennsylvania, this guide is here to help. We will give you all of the information you need about the Medicaid program, and which dentists you should reach out to if you qualify for Pennsylvania Medicaid coverage.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is an insurance program designed to provide free or low-cost health coverage for low-income families, individuals, the elderly, pregnant women, and disabled persons. The program is funded by the federal and state government.


Although some eligibility requirements differ from state to state, there are several qualifications which need to be met in order to benefit from Medicaid. There are financial and non-financial requirements to be met, with certain special exceptions. We will go through them here.

Financial Eligibility

Because Medicaid is designed to give coverage to low-income persons who are in need of financial support of medical resources, qualifying for Medicaid coverage requires proof of low-income status or of financial difficulty. According to their site, eligibility will be calculated based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI).


According to their site, some groups do not require proof of low-income eligibility. These groups include:

●     Persons enrolled in SSI or the breast and cervical cancer treatment and prevention program

●     “Children for whom an adoption assistance agreement is in effect under title IV-E of the Social Security Act are automatically eligible”

●     Former foster care recipient young adults

●     Those who qualify for the “medically needy” program


The “medically needy program” is for persons whose income is not low enough to qualify for Medicaid under the general requirements but whose costs of medical treatment are very high.


According to this program, once “an individual’s incurred expenses exceed the difference between the individual’s income and the state’s medically needy income level (the “spenddown” amount), the person can be eligible for Medicaid.”


Non-Financial Eligibility

There are certain non-financial requirements one must meet in order to qualify for Medicaid. In general, in order to qualify the person must be a resident of the state they would receive Medicaid. The person must be a United States citizen, lawful permanent resident, or legal alien. According to the site, “some eligibility groups are limited by age, or by pregnancy or parenting status.”


Eligibility in Pennsylvania

To receive Medicaid in Pennsylvania, the requirements include being a Pennsylvania state resident, a United States citizen, national, permanent resident, or legal alien, without health insurance, low-income or in financial difficulty, and the person must either:


●     Be pregnant

●     Have responsibility over a child 17 years or younger

●     Be disabled or have a family household member who is disabled


The Pennsylvania medicaid website also provides a table with the annual household income limits per household size (before taxes) for Medicaid eligibility. Attached below is the table:


Household Size

Maximum Income Level (Per Year)


















You can find out more about the Pennsylvania Medicaid eligibility requirements by checking out their website here. If you believe you qualify, don’t wait to apply for the program: begin your enrollment as soon as possible so you can be protected in case of a medical emergency.

How to Apply for Medicaid

If you believe you may qualify for Medicaid coverage, the next step is enrolling. To enroll, you will need to go through your state’s Medicaid program. In Pennsylvania, you can apply either online using the COMPASS website or by submitting a paper application to your local county assistance office.


Along with applying for Pennsylvania Medicaid or renewing your Medicaid coverage, the COMPASS website can tell you whether you qualify for the program. If you still have questions or are not quite sure where to start, you can use the Pennsylvania State’s Information Referral Tool online to help answer your questions.

Here Are the Top 10 Medicaid Dentists in Pennsylvania

1. Frank Falcone Jr.

668 N Church St Suite 10

Hazleton, Pennsylvania 18201

(570) 455-5889

2. Keyur Patoliya

6529 Germantown Ave

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119

(215) 848-8214

3. Eric E Granquist

3400 Spruce St 5th Floor White Bld

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

(215) 662-3580

4. Zoe Amanda Johnstone

584 Springville Rd

New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557

(717) 354-4711

5. Susan M. Chialastri

2002 Westfield Ct

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073

(610) 993-8056

6. Dr. Mark A Sperling

3705 5th Ave

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

(412) 692-5172

7. Anthony M Kibelbek

850 Main Street

Coalport, Pennsylvania 16627

(814) 672-5480

8. Dr. Ramakrishna R Seelam

2600 Wilowstreet Pike

Willow Street, Pennsylvania 17584

(717) 464-1198

9. William Dale Hammerlee

5158 Peach St

Erie, Pennsylvania 16509

(814) 868-3647

10. Anagha Sadashiv Pathak

584 Springville Rd

New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557

(717) 354-4711



Receiving Medicaid does not mean that you do not deserve top-quality professional medical service. This is why Medicaid is a fantastic program to sign up for if you are facing financial difficulty and meet the eligibility requirements.


Once you are signed up and covered by Medicaid, you can go ahead and call one of these dentists to book an appointment today. You can rest assured that the dentists on this list provide top-quality care and treatment at little cost to you.


If you still have questions about your eligibility to receive Medicaid, or questions regarding the program itself, you can always go online to the Medicaid government website to find all of the information you may need to answer your questions.