Are you one of our Personal Care Services patients or caregivers with some free time in your schedule? How would you feel about using that free time to make a real difference in your community? There are several volunteer opportunities at non-profits in Vegas that can give you a constructive way to spend your time and do some good in the community.


Volunteer opportunities in Las Vegas are numerous and available. So we put together this list of the 20 best volunteer opportunities in Las Vegas. Every non-profit organization we have listed has a range of gigs for volunteers and have good reviews from volunteers.

1. Conner and Millie’s Dog Rescue


If you love animals then you can hardly do more good than volunteering at a rescue shelter. Conner and Millie’s Dog Rescue is one of the most well-known and successful shelters in the Las Vegas region and has helped home hundreds of dogs to hundreds of loving families. They have a wide range of activities for volunteers including feeding, caring, and playing with rescue dogs at the shelter. Conner and MIllie’s Dog REscue also emphasize senior dog care to make sure that they can live out their golden years in peace and love.

2. Assistance League of Las Vegas


The Assistance League of Las Vegas is dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children in the Las Vegas community and establishing long-term growth and presence in those communities. Every year, the Assistance League of Las Vegas ensures that thousands of children have clothes for school and other necessary supplies to get through the year.


The Assistance League also has its hands in several other support programs aimed at various ends, such as college education scholarships, maternal assistance and care, and more. Volunteers have several different organizations to work in and have different volunteer programs depending on age and time you have available.

3. Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth


Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating homelessness among the minor population in Las Vegas. The organization not only provides shelters where homeless youths can stay and live but also provides resources and opportunities to secure their future wellbeing. NPHY is open for any youth between the ages of 12-20 and is focused on children and adolescents who live in unstable home conditions or need housing supplies like food, clothing, or hygiene products.


Individual volunteer opportunities include restocking food, sharing skills/talents with youths, participating in projects, mentorship programs, and special projects. You can also volunteer time to cook meals for individuals at the shelter.

4. Opportunity Village


Opportunity Village is dedicated to serving those in the Las Vegas community with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Opportunity Village offers a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities to help them achieve great things. Volunteers at Opportunity Village can work with individuals to help enable them, give them pride in themselves and provide resources for employment and life skills. Opportunity Village also has a Fine Arts program to promote self-expression, social interaction, and peer relationships.

5. Three Square


Three Square is a volunteer organization and food bank devoted to supplying children and at-need families with food and nutritional assistance. Three Square operates several pantries around the Las Vegas area that always need volunteers to help stock shelves, donate food, work with individuals, teach cooking lessons, and help distribute food. Three Square allows volunteers as young as 15 years old to help out and also allows workers comp and court-ordered community service. You can also create a volunteer group and schedule sessions together rather than just as individuals.

6. Las Vegas Rescue Mission


Las Vegas Rescue Mission has been serving the greater Las Vegas community for the past 50 years and originally started as a chapel, kitchen, and small shelter. Today, the organization helps hundreds of men, women, and children with food and provides over 30,000 meals every month. Their mission reaches thousands every month and also offers spiritual guidance in addition to their material services. Las Vegas Rescue Mission partners with several local businesses and organizations to offer services.


Las Vegas Rescue Mission allows volunteers for all kinds of services, including food distribution, counseling, thrift store operation, and more. Volunteers have several opportunities to make a difference.

7. Vegas Roots Community Garden


Vegas Roots Community Garden is a community garden located just off of North Tonopah Dr in Las Vegas. Members of the community can rent a  plot to grow their own produce and purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables from others in the community. Volunteer opportunities range from gardening, creating visual art for the marketplace, writing for their website or blog, and social media operation. It’s a great opportunity to get involved and to make sure this community garden gets off its feet and becomes a sustainable project in Las Vegas.

8. Discovery Children’s Museum


Discovery Children’s Museum is a 58,000 square foot 3-story museum with interactive exhibits and attractions for children of all ages. The point of the museum is to make and create a fun and engaging experience for children to set them up for a lifetime of learning and education. Through hands-on projects, the museum also seeks to create a community cornerstone to enhance the experience of community members.


Discovery Children’s Museum allows volunteer positions for a wide range of tasks including cleaning, stocking exhibits, hosting special events, and many more. They are always on the lookout for creative and expressive individuals to work with and foster a genuine learning environment.

9. Ayden’s Army of Angels


Ayden’s Army of Angels is a non-profit dedicated to providing financial and nutritional resources to Pediatric Cancer patients and their families. They benefit thousands of families every year and help them manage things while their children are being treated for pediatric cancer. Volunteer events for Ayden’s Army include donating items to families, housing families while in town, and more. They are always looking for people to get involved.

10. Neighborhood Alchemist Projects


The Neighborhood Alchemist Project is dedicated to spreading the positive benefits of holistic health to the Las Vegas community. The organization offers programs and classes for at-risk youths so they can make good choices and find personal success and empowerment. They also have various opportunities for local youths to get involved in business ventures and they have a program dedicated to providing meals to nutritionally at-risk children.


Volunteer opportunities at the Neighborhood Alchemist Project are diverse and include many tasks from cooking meals to mentoring youths to hosting events and PR. They accept volunteers from all walks of life.

11. Fatherhood Support Network


The Fatherhood Support Network is dedicated to providing men with the resources and know-how so they can support their children and be effective fathers. The goals of the organization is to help men maintain an active role in the lives of their children and provide one-on-one mentoring with individuals who need help, support, and counseling. They also focus on building community events for families and dads.


Volunteer opportunities include mentorship and organizing roles for individuals and communities. They are always looking for fathers to offer their support and guidance for raising children and maintaining an active role as a parent.

12. Communities in Schools of Nevada


Communities in Schools of Nevada is an organization that focuses on providing community support and resources to local schools with the goal of empowering students. CISN works with nearly 5,000 professionals around the state and works in elementary, middle, and high schools around the state. Volunteer opportunities include mentoring and tutoring students and they are always looking for volunteers with teaching experience.

13. FIRST Nevada


FIRST Nevada is a non-profit organization meant to inspire young students to engage in science and technology to build skills and foster their capabilities. The organization organizes opportunities for students to engage with technology and learn about STEM topics, with a focus on practical applications and demonstrations.


FIRST Nevada volunteer opportunities include hosting events, tutoring and one-on-one instruction, and hosting events. They are always looking for volunteers that have previous STEM experience either in industry or teaching.

14. After My Heart


After My Heart is an international organization that is active in over 5 countries and has its headquarter in Las Vegas, NV. The organization is dedicated to providing assistance and aid to impoverished international communities. Volunteer opportunities involve running donation drives, stocking pantries, organizing boxes for shipment, and more.

15. Moonridge Foundation


The Moonridge Foundation is an organization that focuses on delivering high-quality meals to needy families in the Las Vegas Valley. The Moonridge Foundation’s main project is called Delivering with Dignity to deliver meals directly to the doors of vulnerable families. Volunteer opportunities involve delivery driving, meal planning, community outreach, and more.

16. Foundation for Positively Kids

The Foundation for Positively Kids is an organization focused on providing services and meeting the needs of children with specialized care due to medical conditions. Positively Kids hosts events for children and resources to parents that need extra resources. Foundation for Positively Kids is also focused on organizing and providing care coordination.


Volunteers for the organization can involve providing care, meeting with parents, organizing and hosting events for children, and more.

17. Paw Partners


Paw Partners offers animal rescue and support services in the greater Las Vegas area. Paw Partners are dedicated to providing education and care to our favorite furry friends and to provide rescue services for at-risk animals. Paw Partners also focuses on rehoming animals and finding medical care.


Volunteer opportunities at Paw Partners include collecting donations, providing community education on animal care, and handling rescue with feeding and general care. They also offer community programs to help pet owners in need by providing pet items, food, projects, and more.

18. Bunker Project


The Bunker Project is a non-profit organization devoted to making sure veterans returning from abroad have the resource and care that they deserve. The Bunker Project works to provide stable housing to military veterans and also offers counseling services and education. They also work to provide basic life goods and products for hygiene and healthcare.


Volunteer operations involve providing education, community outreach, peer mentoring, and leadership opportunities. They are always on the lookout for veterans who are willing to offer their services.

19. Clean the World


Clean the World Las Vegas is a 501c3 organization dedicated to recycling and community clean up efforts. Clean the World collects and recycles used products and provides donations to those who are in need of hygiene products. Their broader goal is to prevent the spread of preventable diseases through sorting recycled goods and redistributing them.


Volunteer opportunities include organizing donations, sorting items, delivering donations to homeless shelters, and more. Volunteers can also schedule group volunteer sessions with groups greater than 5 people.

20. Goodie Two Shoes


Goodies Two Shoes is an organization dedicated to providing shoes to at-risk and impoverished children. The organization provides shoes and socks to needy children for free and also items deemed essential for positive growth and development. Goodie Two Shoes also organizes events for shoe collection and distribution.


Volunteer opportunities for Goodie Two Shoes include organizing shoe drives or distributing and placing shoes with children. Volunteers can also sign up for group activities.


Volunteering is a good way to spend your free time and give back to your community. When you volunteer, you not only help out your community but you do something good for your character. There are several locations in Las Vegas where you can give back some time and effort to your community.