Are you a NYC resident looking for jobs that can be done on the weekends? Many people work weekend jobs to pick up some extra cash. These weekend jobs are perfect for students or workers with a regular 9 to 5.


CDPAP Home Health Aide 


CDPAP, also known as the New York Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, makes it possible for family members and friends to provide care for loved ones and get paid for their time through Medicaid. But even if you don’t have a loved one who requires home health care, you can seek employment as a home health aide on the weekends to provide care to elderly or disabled individuals who are in need. Home health aides can sign on to work through an agency to be matched with patients during the days and hours that work for them. Home health aides who work for an agency on the weekends provides family members and friends with a much-needed respite from work. If you’re looking for weekend work, there is often a high demand for home health aides who are available during these times.


As a CDPAP aide, you would provide assistance to patients with their activities of daily living such as cleaning, cooking, dressing, bathing, and more. Every patient is different so there’s a lot of diversity in the work that home health aides do. You may be responsible for making sure patients get to and from doctor’s appointments, but you may also make dinner for them and help them bathe or get dressed.

CNA (Certified Nurse Aide)


Certified Nurse Aides are always in high demand. To become a CNA, you must first meet certain requirements that have been established by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). CNA’s must complete training at a state-approved facility and then take and pass an exam. Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, your name is listed as active and approved on the Nurse Aide Registry in New York and then you can apply at long-term care facilities or hospitals for work.


In New York, CNA’s are in high-demand particularly on the weekends. CNA’s may work in long-term care, assisted living facilities, or hospitals. Though initially, CNA’s may need to sign on with one healthcare facility, after a year or two of experience, it may be possible to get a job working for an agency that can place you for work in multiple facilities throughout the city or even the state. Working for an agency may mean a higher rate of pay and greater shift flexibility. Becoming a CNA is a first step toward getting a degree in nursing which can lead to even higher pay. So this is a weekend job with a lot of upward mobility if you enjoy the work and you’re willing to get a higher education.


Custodial Worker or Janitor

Part-time custodian jobs are available throughout the New York area. Hospitals, nursing homes, and schools are often in need of weekend custodians, but hotels, offices and other types of work-places typically are in need of cleaning on the weekends too. Custodial work is an excellent way to earn extra income if you’d prefer to have some quiet time to yourself while you make extra money.


Custodians generally have more responsibility than janitors. As a result, custodians often get paid a higher wage. Custodians are typically in charge of the care and maintenance of a building or property during a specific time of the day. Janitors, on the other hand, go to their place of work to clean it during their shift, which is usually in the morning or at night. You may need to shop around for janitorial companies that offer weekend hours in New York City.

Construction Work

In New York City, construction activities are permitted between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. On the weekends however, contractors must get a special after-hours construction permit. Construction work that has been permitted by the city is a potential source of employment for weekend workers who want to earn some extra cash. This is a great option for people who want to spend their weekend work hours moving around instead of being stationed behind a desk.

Weekend Daycare

People are always in need of daycare, especially over the weekends, so if you’re looking for a weekend job that would not only allow you to make some extra money, but also make it possible for you to stay at home with your family, weekend daycare is something to consider.  Special registrations or licenses are necessary for daycare providers depending on the number of children in care and their ages. For example, in New York, a DOH permit is required to operate a daycare that provides services to more than six children who are under 6 years of age. And a special permit is necessary if your daycare services involve children under two years old. For a weekend daycare business, it would be wise to get licensed to provide care to school-age children as well as younger children.


Daycares that operate during abnormal hours, such as overnight or on the weekends provide parents with an essential service that’s always in high demand. If you enjoy working with kids, you have a home environment that meets the proper specifications laid out by the state, and you’re able to obtain the necessary permissions to operate, this is a business opportunity that could be fairly lucrative. To be successful, you’ll need to get the proper permits and licenses to operate and then market your services in your neighborhood.


Restaurant Work

Cooks, hosts, waiters, and waitresses are always needed in New York City, especially on the weekends! To get a job in a restaurant, you’ll need to get a food handler’s permit. If you plan to apply for a job as a waiter or waitress, it’s important that you enjoy working with the public since a lot of your income will depend on tips. Restaurant work on the weekends can be fun if you work with the right team of people. At high-end restaurants, it’s possible to make a very decent stash of extra cash in tips, especially if you’re good at your job and the customers feel like you took good care of them during their dining experience.

Respite Care for Foster Children

If you love kids, but you can’t spare time throughout the week to be a full-time foster parent, you could get licensed to provide respite care to foster children instead. Respite care gives full-time foster parents some much-needed rest on the weekends. Payment for services comes from the state and is based on the level of care required by the foster children. To become a foster parent in New York, you’ll need experience raising children and experience with issues regarding child abuse and neglect.


To become certified to provide respite care, you must be older than 21 years of age, in good health, and you’ll need to become certified and approved as a foster home in the state of New York. A social worker will perform a home study and evaluate your family and your home to make sure that you’ll be able to provide adequate space and support to foster children. As a respite care provider, you’ll work for the state of New York and you must abide by their rules and regulations, but there’s always a need for weekend respite care in the city.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers perform a variety of different duties at warehouse distribution centers in New York City. They’re responsible for receiving and processing incoming items and they’re also responsible for filling orders from stock. If you’re talented at organization or if you know how to operate a forklift, then packing, shipping, and managing orders in a warehouse may be the perfect job for you over the weekends.

Weekend Security Guard

Security guards are responsible for patrolling and monitoring buildings and sometimes outdoor areas to prevent problems like violence or theft. As a weekend security guard, you may need to answer alarms or even apprehend individuals who pose a threat to security. A number of large New York City organizations hire security guards and directors to enhance the safety of a building and prevent loss as a result of theft during the weekend when the business is closed. Most security guards work for businesses such as museums, banks, hospitals, office buildings, and retail establishments.


Though security work can be very dull at times, it can also be exciting and extremely rewarding. Some security shift work involves nothing but stationary work staring at closed-circuit monitors. Other security jobs involve monitoring employees or patrolling a particular area of a building or the grounds on foot. Security guards may at times be asked to appear in court if they intervene to prevent a criminal act from taking place. This type of work can be an exciting change of pace for the right person! Weekend shift workers are always in demand to do security in the New York City area.

Hotel Front Desk or Housekeeping


There are hundreds of hotels in New York City, and the need for front desk receptionists or housekeepers over the weekends always exists. While the pay for working as a receptionist or housekeeper may not be quite as much as that of other jobs (depending on the hotel you work for), this is a fairly simple job to get that has comparatively flexible hours. As a receptionist, you will need to be able to comfortably speak with guests during check-in and check-out, manage payments, review schedules, take calls (and direct them elsewhere when needed), retrieve packages for guests, and monitor the lobby area at all times. Front desk receptionists must also be available occasionally to help with housekeeping. Housekeepers must have a good eye for detail in order to ensure that each room is cleaned and organized. Different hotels have different standards and requirements, so some willingness to learn is also needed.

AirBnB Experiences

Airbnb Experiences give New York City locals a platform on which to market unique activities and experiences to visitors and tourists in the area. The Experience Host decides the rates, activities, and schedules of each activity, so this is a highly flexible weekend job that can also be highly engaging and interesting. There are many different things that a host can do! Airbnb reviews each experience before it’s posted and there are only two primary requirements: First, the experience must be truly unique and stand out among the rest, and second, the activities in the experience must comply with the laws and regulations of your state and city (for example, if you need a license to be allowed to perform a specific activity, you will need to provide Airbnb with proof that you do indeed have this certification).


Airbnb Experiences can be anything from an intriguing ghost tour to offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the backstage of a local music festival, or even a wine-tasting class on the outskirts of the city. And, because you choose your own rates and schedule, this is a weekend job that is honest-to-goodness under your control.

Give Classes or Lessons

For people who have a specific skill or knowledge base, giving classes or lessons on the weekends is a practical and fun way to share your expertise while earning extra money on the side. You can give classes and/or lessons from the comfort of your own home, or you can rent a suitable space by the hour somewhere in your neighborhood if needed. If you choose to give classes from home, you’ll have the advantage of not having to pay extra for rent, but there are also likely to be space limitations if you decide to do group classes. And besides, it’s not always possible for some people in certain situations to do work from home.


Most people who choose to give weekend classes or lessons do so on their own terms as their own business. No matter what you plan to teach, it’s likely there’s a group of people who will be interested in what you have to offer! Music lessons, language lessons, school tutoring, dance classes, and professional development classes tend to be among some of the most popular class and lesson types, but there’s plenty of room to be creative.

Landscaping Work

If you love the outdoors and enjoy working with plants, it might be worth it to consider doing landscape work on the weekends. Landscape work may sometimes involve only lawn mowing and basic trimming services. At other times, customers may need more detailed, artistic work done with shrubs, trees, and flower bushes. This is a job that you can do on the weekends as a part of your own landscaping business, or it’s possible to offer your services through a preexisting NYC landscaping company. One New York company, BrightView, regularly hires new, talented, dedicated recruits to be a part of their landscaping team. With this company you’re able to choose your availability and work out a schedule that works for you!

Retail Sales Work

There are many retail stores that are open on the weekends that require a willing weekend staff to help out on the sales team. As a retail sales worker, you will be responsible for helping customers by answering their questions, providing advice and information on various products, informing customers on current deals and discounts, and demonstrating how the products work (when necessary and relevant). You may also sometimes need to add up totals and process customer payments. This is a job that’s best for individuals who are social and enjoy working with other people, since retail sales work is a highly interactive job. The pay range for retail sales work varies greatly depending on the sector in which you work, but many retail sales workers enjoy a base salary pay along with a percentage of each sale they make.

Photographer/Videographer for Weddings

Do you have photography or videography skills that you want to share with the world? Consider finding your niche in the wedding industry! In New York, there are hundreds of weddings taking place all across the city every weekend, giving you numerous job opportunities to pursue. Doing photography or videography for weddings can be a fun, heartwarming, and lucrative weekend job that can fit into almost any schedule. Many couples are extremely grateful to find high quality photographers and videographers who can document and produce their wedding with care and attention to detail, and a lot of people are willing to pay a higher price for truly excellent work. Thus, if you’re hunting for the perfect weekend job and are just dying to use your camera, this may very well be the perfect weekend job for you!


To work as a bartender in New York City, you must first apply for a bartending license. The process is simple, but it requires that you attend the ATAP (Alcohol Training and Awareness) certification, that you be at least 18 years of age, and that you have not been convicted of any felonies. New York doesn’t require this license, but it’s recommended to put you a step above the rest during the job hunt. Once you have all your certifications and paperwork ready to go, you’re ready to apply for your first job. There are a wide variety of bartending jobs available in NYC, and everything from working as a bartender for weddings or events to working in underground bars and pubs is up for grabs. Plenty of bartenders choose to only work weekends, and it can be an interesting way to meet new people and observe the bar scene from a different perspective.

Handyman Work

Handyman work is in high demand everywhere in the world, but especially in New York City. If you’re skilled and do your job well you can easily make a good chunk of change doing handyman work on the weekends! This can be a great way to use your hands and get some exercise, too. And, it’s a good way to help people in need. Handyman work comes in a variety of forms, including plumbing, electrical, construction, house repair, and painting jobs. Nany handymen primarily do odd jobs, frequently on the weekends. Put out an ad in the newspaper, hang up flyers, or get listed on one of the many sites advertising handymen in New York City, like Handyman NYC, and you’ll be sure to get work fast.

Golf Caddy

Being a golf caddy in New York is a job that’s often reserved for the younger population, but that doesn’t mean that adults aren’t allowed to work on the course too. Given, this job isn’t for everyone; caddying requires strength, stamina, and endurance, and walking on the golf course in the heat of the day can be quite the workout. But, if you’re looking for a weekend job that will allow you to choose your own hours, work outdoors, and be active and (potentially) lucrative, then caddying might be for you. Lots of golf caddies report making no less than $100 per 18-hole round, with many making around $150 or more over the course of four hours. The pay all depends on the tips given out by the players; sometimes the pay is a lot more, sometimes a little less, but nonetheless many young people find that work as a golf caddy is an excellent way to supplement income over the weekend.

eBay or Amazon Seller

On eBay and Amazon, there are 2 different options that potential sellers can choose. If you have your own products, such as craft pieces, artwork, or print books (to name a few possibilities), you can sell these items on Amazon or eBay for profit. The other option is to become a seller who distributes products from other companies. Through this option, you choose products from a list of designated items and then attempt to sell the products at a profit to not only the company, but also to the website and to yourself. Because there are often other sellers on both eBay and Amazon who will be selling the same products, this can be a competitive weekend job. Becoming an eBay or Amazon seller is a great option for people who like a challenge and would enjoy working with business and sales from home.

DJ or Wedding Musician

Being a DJ or wedding musician can be a great way to showcase your musical talent and use your equipment or musical instruments to make some extra money. Plus, playing at weddings can be an entertaining and rewarding experience as a musician! DJs and musicians who are talented and charge reasonable rates are always in demand in New York City, and it’s possible to make a reasonable amount of money if you successfully market your services.


There are a number of websites where you can advertise your services, including SPN Events, Wedding Wire, and more! Word-of-mouth marketing and flyer marketing can also be highly successful for securing wedding gigs for the weekend in New York City. And of course, the value of a personal website or Facebook page advertising your services can never be underestimated!