Getting your blood work done regularly is an important way to keep track of your overall health. Routinely going in to get your blood tested allows you to see how your health is changing over time and that can empower you to make good decisions about which additional diagnostic tests you may need and which treatments to pursue.


Ideally, you should get your blood checked at least once every year, but you may choose to have it done more often than that depending on your health status and your doctor’s recommendations.

What is checked in routine blood work?

Routine blood work often includes the following tests:


●       A complete blood count

●       Thyroid panel

●       Blood chemistry panel (also known as the Basic Metabolic panel)

●       Nutrient tests for B vitamin and iron levels

●       Enzyme markers that may indicate that you’re at risk for certain diseases like cancer, stroke, celiac disease, or liver cirrhosis

●       STD/Sexually Transmitted Diseases tests (these are especially important if you have multiple sexual partners or a new partner recently)

What should you do before a blood test?

Before a blood test, it’s best to fast for at least 8 to 12 hours. If you don’t fast before getting routine blood work done, everything that you eat and drink can disrupt the results and cause elevated levels of certain blood elements and reduced levels of others. By not eating for 8 to 12 hours before your blood test, you can ensure that your blood test results are free from confounding variables.


Fasting is especially important if you’re having any of the following blood tests done:


●      Glucose tests

●      Cholesterol tests

●      Liver function tests

●      Basic metabolic panel testing

●      Kidney function tests

●      Blood sugar tests

The Ten Best Blood Labs in NY

1.    Elitra Health (5.0 Stars)


Elitra Health is a Mount-Sinai-affiliated medical facility and a leader in preventive healthcare and longevity. The facility was established in 2016.


Patients can receive any of the following diagnostic procedures during their visit:


●       Intensive testing and evaluation

●       Detailed medical history

●       Complete physical exam

●       Complete cardio-pulmonary exam

●       Comprehensive blood profile and lab analysis

●       Comprehensive review of the results

●       Nutritional and lifestyle analysis

●       Imaging services

●       Fitness exam and analysis

●       Women’s Health Exams

●       Advanced testing options

●       Physician consultation with healthcare recommendations to empower patients to achieve greater control over their healthcare options

●       Early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, neurological functioning, cardiovascular functioning, and more


The Elitra Health facility is located in a luxurious space appropriate for offering the world’s finest and most comprehensive medical assessment. The exam goes beyond the common annual physical workup, offering such an extensive and thorough evaluation of the patient’s health that at a normal clinic, patients would have to return for 6 different visits on 6 different days. The Elitra Exam, in contrast, is completely on-site, in a beautiful, immaculately clean, spa-like location, that takes only 4 to 6 hours.


Most patients rave about the customer service, the knowledgeable physicians, and detailed exam reports that are available at this facility, but some patients have had some scheduling problems that were eventually resolved by the front desk staff. Call to confirm your appointment in advance to avoid these issues.


Elitra Health is located just two blocks from the Park Place metro station. There is also on-street parking near the facility.


The cost of a full workup for the average patient is approximately $10,000.

2.    Patient Service Center (5.0 Stars)


Patients report that the Patient Service Center is very conveniently located and they offer efficient service and care, getting patients in and out of the facility as quickly as possible. Blood draws are quick and painless.


There are a number of Patient Service Centers throughout the city and they vary in terms of their accessibility via public transportation. But because there are so many different locations to choose from, most patients can find a location that suits them.


Testing at Patient Service Centers are available to assess the following:


●       4KScore Prostate Exams

●       Allergy testing

●       Chronic fatigue testing

●       Gastric distress exams

●       COVID-19 testing

●       Diabetes testing

●       Heart disease testing

●       Hepatitis testing

●       Hereditary cancer testing

●       Sexual health exams

●       Zika virus exams

●       Tuberculosis exams


Customers mostly report that the service they receive at these facilities is fast, efficient, and the customer service is excellent although each facility throughout the city has a different customer service reputation. Some locations report long wait times and poor experiences with the front desk staff. Locations also vary in terms of cleanliness and general maintenance.


In some cases, insurance will cover the cost of Patient Service Center exams. Financial assistance is available for some eligible patients who elect not to use their insurance. Tests are offered at reasonable prices so that average patients who don’t have health insurance can afford them.

3.    RapidX Mobile Diagnostic Services (5.0 Stars)


RapidX has been providing mobile diagnostic services to medical facilities, home-bound patients, and nursing home residents since 2010. Customers say that the service provided by this company is fast and reliable.


RapidX is a mobile testing and diagnostic service so patients who are not able to go to a facility can order tests from their home. They are open 24 hours offering:


●       Ultrasound imaging

●       Diagnostic Imaging

●       Portable x-rays

●       Bloodwork


Both patients and doctors consistently give this company 5-star ratings with excellent reviews because they offer good customer service and front-door service at affordable prices. The cost of their services are rated as two dollar signs on Facebook.


4.    SimonMed Imaging – Carnegie Hill (5.0 Stars)


SimonMed offers a comprehensive lineup of radiology and diagnostic services to patients in New York City and throughout the nation. SimonMed Imaging offers an elite clinical experience to patients and ultra-high quality care that includes the following service options:


●       CT Scans

●       Pet/CT Scans

●       MRI

●       Mammograms

●       Bone Density Testing

●       Ultrasounds

●       Nuclear Medicine

●       Fluoroscopy

●       Interventional Radiology

●       X-Rays


Patients report that the customer service at the Carnegie Hill location is excellent. It is easy to access this facility from the 77 Street subway station which is only a half a block away. There is on-street parking available outside. Customers say that the facility is clean and that the staff makes a concerted effort to make sure patients are comfortable during the procedures. Wait times are reasonable.


Pre-visit estimates are provided to patients based on their insurance provider. For individuals without insurance, a cash price is available. Out-of-pocket costs are typically much less through SimonMed than they would be through a hospital.

5.    Raisler Testing Center / Northwell Health Labs (4.9 Stars)

Northwell Health Labs provides convenient blood work and clinical testing for patients throughout New York and Long Island. Customers report that the staff at these facilities are extremely friendly and professional and that lab results are accurate. Wait times are extremely reasonable and the facilities are clean and well-organized.


Northwell Health Labs offers numerous locations throughout the city so patients can drive or take public transportation to a location that’s most convenient for them.


Northwell Health Labs offers a variety of different assessments including:


●       COVID-19 testing

●       Blood tests

●       Urine tests

●       Bodily fluid tests

●       Tissue tests


Fees for laboratory tests and blood work is reasonable and all major insurances are accepted. Patients can all pay in cash or with check or credit card. The exact cost of each procedure varies from patient-to-patient depending on whether they have insurance and the type of insurance they carry. If you have questions about the cost of treatment, contact the Northwell Health Labs offices directly for more exact information.


6.    CityMD Urgent Care (4.2 Stars)

CityMD is noted by customers as an excellent blood test option for minor concerns that are time-sensitive, but not particularly serious. They can do x-rays, provide vaccinations, and basic physical exams but they don’t have a lot of sophisticated equipment. They offer basic lab tests with quick results in a clean facility with excellent customer service.


This is an UrgentCare facility with doctors on staff to perform very basic services. The front office staff is reportedly very organized and friendly. The cost of services depends on the type of insurance the patient carriers and the amount of coverage offered for each specific test.


CityMD offers a range of tests including:


●   COVID – 19 testing

●   Blood draws

●   HIV testing

●   Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing

●   Influenza testing

●   Mononucleosis testing

●   Strep tests

●   INR tests

●   Pregnancy testing

●   EKGs

●   Urinanalysis


There are multiple CityMD locations throughout New York. Some facilities are located near parking while others are conveniently located near public transportation such as buses or trains. Choose a location that best meets your needs.


7.    Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories (4.1 Stars)

Lenco labs works directly with customers as well as with healthcare facilities. They provide the following services:


●   COVID-19 antibody testing

●   COVID-19 PCR testing

●   Allergy testing

●   Bacteriology testing

●   Chemistry

●   Cytopathology

●   Endocrinology

●   Hematology

●   Histopathology

●   Immunology

●   Parasite testing

●   Toxicology

●   Urine tests

●   Tumor markers


Customers give Lenco excellent reviews for their precision, accuracy, safety protocols, and customer service. Representatives at Lenco reportedly work tirelessly on behalf of clients. They offer a phone app that’s easy to use and easy to read. Turnaround time is extremely fast.


Lenco offices are clean and well-maintained. Customers report that wait times are minimal. On street parking is available outside the facility. The Kings Highway metro station is located about 10 blocks away.


The cost of lab tests at Lenco Diagnostics is dependent on the following factors:


●   Your insurance

●   Your age – for ages 65 years and older, Medicare will not pay for certain tests

●   Your healthcare provider’s agreement with Lenco


Contact Lenco Diagnostics Laboratory directly for more detailed pricing information.

8.   Quest Diagnostics (3.9 Stars)


Quest Diagnostics offers the following testing services and medical procedures:


●       Bloodwork

○       Blood type exam ($39)

○       Complete blood count ($29)

●       General health exams

○       Basic Health Profile ($149)

●       Women’s health exams

○       Pregnancy Test ($39)

●       Men’s health exams ($199)

●       Digestive health

○       Celiac / Gluten Intolerance exam ($119)

○       Seafood Allergy Panel ($149)

●       Heart health

○       Cholesterol panel ($59)

●       COVID-19 exams

○       COVID-19 Active Infection test ($119)

○       COVID-19 Antibody Test ($119)

●       Infectious disease tests

○       Chickenpox / Shingles exam ($59)

○       Lyme Disease Test ($89)

●       Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) tests ($199)

●       Metabolic Exams

○       Comprehensive Metabolic Exam ($49)

○       Diabetes Management Exam ($69)

○       Diabetes Risk Exam ($99)



There are a variety of Quest Diagnostics facilities throughout New York City and each one receives different reviews in terms of customer service, accessibility of location, and overall ratings. This facility offers transparency in terms of pricing which is appreciated by customers, though some customers report that there are long wait times and special challenges that have presented themselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Customers report that the facilities are generally clean and the staff at the various locations in the city are friendly. Most customers can find a location that’s accessible to them either via public transportation or private vehicle.


9.    Labcorp (3.0 Stars)


Customers report that wait times are extremely reasonable at Labcorp and the staff is friendly and helpful. A number of patients report that they get into their appointments early, but a few patients reported wait times of 30 minutes or longer. Some patients have experienced miscommunications with the front office staff. Customer service is variable according to reviews, but the lab technicians are rated highly.


Some customers report that these facilities are not as clean as some of the other facilities on this list and the check-in process is sometimes disorganized.


Labcorp facilities are available throughout the city. Patients can choose the most conveniently located facility near public transportation or on-site parking lots that meets their needs.


Labcorp offers tests in the following categories:


●       General health

○       Allergy Tests

○       Blood tests

●       Women’s health

●       Men’s health

●       Digestive health

○       Amino Acid Tests

●       Heart health

●       Infectious disease

○       Parasite testing

○       Virology

●       Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing

●       Genetic testing

●       Paternity Testing


The cost of tests at Labcorp vary depending on whether or not the patient has insurance or not and what type of insurance the patient has. For detailed information about Labcorp prices that are specific for your situation, you can contact them directly.

10.                   Enzo Clinical Labs (2.8 Stars)

Enzo Clinical Labs has several locations throughout New York so patients can choose the facility that’s most accessible to them. Patients report longer wait times at these facilities than at other laboratories in the city. The clinics are reportedly tidy, and the front staff is reasonably friendly but some of the technicians aren’t well-trained.


Enzo does not currently allow patients to self-order tests, but due to recently enacted legislation, the patients will be able to self-order a limited number of tests in the future. The cost of tests will depend on the patient’s insurance carrier, if they have one and which procedures are covered. The cost of Enzo tests varies depending on the type of insurance the patient carries.


Enzo offers a wide-array of different tests including:


●       General health screenings

●       Women’s health tests

●       Pregnancy testing

●       Men’s health tests

●       Digestive health tests

●       Nutritional deficiency testing

●       Heart health

●       Infectious disease

●       Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing

●       Genetic testing

●       Drug testing

●       Paternity Testing