Exercising as you age is important for overall health, including joint and cardiovascular health.

However, hitting the gym or running aren’t the only ways to stay healthy. Yoga is one of the best ways to stay in shape because it also promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.


Yoga can also give you better balance, improve flexibility, enhance breathing, make your bones stronger, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Therefore, in order to help our PCS patients we have put together a list of the best yoga centers in Las Vegas.


What type of yoga is best for seniors?


Many types of yoga are great for seniors. The type you choose, and the duration of the class will depend on your personal goals and fitness level. With the numerous styles existing and all the choices, you may feel overwhelmed about what type to choose.


Use the guide below to learn about all the yoga options and which one might be best for you.



This type of yoga is best for relieving tension. It often uses props or other materials to support you and your body. There is not too much stretching, so it’s perfect if you aren’t very flexible or need practice with your flexibility.


Simple poses are held for several minutes to ensure contentment and relaxation. Some people even meditate or fall asleep during class.



Yin is similar to restorative yoga in many ways. It’s slow and focuses on holding poses for long amounts of time. However, Yin also has active stretching so it’s better for people who want to practice their flexibility. The stretching will focus on your deep connective tissues.


Yin yoga is the best choice if you experience muscle stiffness or joint pain. The stretching poses are not held for too long and you don’t need to be extremely flexible at the beginning. This yoga can also help you relieve stress and help you feel more relaxed.



Chair yoga is another amazing option for seniors because it doesn’t involve too much up and down moving. It’s best for seniors who experience mobility issues or have issues with balancing. It also doesn’t involve you having to get up and down from a floor mat constantly.


Some yoga centers specially made for seniors will also offer normal yoga classes with the option to modify the poses with a chair. This allows you to choose which positions you want to use the chair for. Then, the ones you feel comfortable doing on the floor, you can use the mat for.



Hatha is slow-paced yoga that has both sitting and standing poses. They focus more on breathing and stretching and not just on getting your heart pumping and losing calories. Hatha is considered the best kind of yoga for beginners because it is not fast-paced.


If you are looking for yoga as a weight loss mechanism, Hatha might not be the best choice. It is a great choice though for those who want to really learn the yoga poses and not just go through the motions. The instructor will also work with you to help you get into the right positions and ensure you are not damaging your muscles in any way.



Iyengar is about precision. Proper form should always be considered, and movements are small and methodical. Correct alignment can be ensured with bolsters, straps, blocks, and incline boards.


This yoga also has several opportunities for modifications so don’t get discouraged if you are having a hard time getting into certain poses or positions. It’s an excellent choice for seniors who are having trouble with arthritis or other chronic conditions.



This is fast-paced and physically very challenging. It’s not the best option for beginners or those who may have mobility and joint issues. The poses are all pre-determined though and are done the same way every time. This means the poses are pretty easy to learn and are easier each time you perform them.


It will boost your heart rate and burn more calories than other forms of yoga. It will also help with circulation and weight loss. If you are already physically fit and are looking for a more challenging workout, you can try Ashtanga yoga.



Vinyasa yoga covers several different types of yoga. All of them focus on breathing in and out in rhythm with the movements. The pace is usually very fluid and quick, which means your breathing will also be quick-paced.


The transitions between the poses are just as important as the poses themselves. Some people even say Vinyasa yoga is almost like a dance. Like Ashtanga, it’s not best for beginners. You will more likely benefit if you have some experience with yoga or are physically fit enough to be constantly moving.



Bikram is a form of special yoga that is aimed at making you sweat and flush out toxins. The yoga room may be heated to about 100 degrees and have about 40% humidity. Since the heat can be a cause of concern for some, it’s best to avoid Bikram yoga if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure.


Bikram is great if you want to learn to focus on breathing and learning to hold poses. It’s also the best choice if you want to concentrate on having a sweaty workout. With the intense heat, your body will naturally bring out toxins from the organs and skin. Make sure to hydrate extremely well after Bikram yoga.


The best yoga studios for seniors in Las Vegas


Starting yoga for the first time may seem intimidating and finding the right studio can ensure you feel comfortable. While the yoga classes might not be specifically for seniors, many studios have slower-paced yoga or yoga for beginners.


Pilates + Yoga


Pilates + Yoga studio located at 500 E Windmill Ln, Suite 135, has several options for beginners and seniors. The atmosphere is described as warm and relaxed, and the teachers are very friendly.


Tetiana and Jodi are the top-rated teachers at the studio and teach classes at various times of the week. You can view all the teachers and class schedules on their websites. They have restorative yoga and vinyasa flow yoga, both perfect for seniors.


They also have a senior yoga class which is a perfect class to try for your first time. You can meet other seniors in the area and get accustomed to the practice of yoga.


20/20 ChiroYoga


20/20 ChiroYoga is located at 6125 S.Ft.Apache Road, Suite 208. Their mission is to improve strength, stabilize weak joints and ligaments, and prevent chronic pain from returning. All their class missions are aimed at helping seniors and focus on healing the body.


You can schedule your first class for free. They offer restorative yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, and gentle yoga. Most of their classes focus more on healing injuries and getting fit, rather than losing weight.


Body N Brain


This studio focuses on yoga and tai chi. The classes focus on your mental health and relieving stress. You can take your first class for just $15. They even offer private classes as your first class so you can get to know the instructor and feel comfortable practicing.


They are located at 8480 W. Desert Inn Road, Suite 4. All experience levels are welcome. Their most popular class is Body and Brain Yoga which is for all levels and is gentle flow.


Yoga Sanctuary


Yoga Sanctuary is located at 7915 W Sahara Avenue Suite 101. You can sign up for an unlimited month pass for $125. The cheapest option is to get a year-long contract and only pay $89 a month.


Their most highly rated teachers are Kelly, Angie, and Kim. They have Vinyasa classes for all levels, yoga basics, and Ashtanga. They also have a gentle flow yoga class which is easy on the muscles and the joints. You sign up for membership plans on their website and even try your first class over Zoom.


Club Pilates


Club Pilates is located at 5060 S Fort Apache Road. They offer classes for all ages and fitness levels, making you feel right at home even if you are a beginner. You can sign up for your first class for free to try it before you begin you paying membership fees.


The Pilates classes are combined with yoga flow classes, so you get to have two experiences in one class. Natalia teaches beginner classes and has amazing reviews. Chelle will teach the intermediate levels if you aren’t starting at the beginning.


Final Thoughts


Yoga for seniors is a great way to stay in good physical condition and prevent pain. Yoga can also promote healing within the body and the mind. Yoga does not have to be hard or leave you out of breath and feeling tired. Picking the right class and the right yoga studio can ensure you enjoy the practice and keep returning. Remember to start with beginner or gentle flow yoga classes before moving to the weight loss methods.